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  1. try this man I've used him before, he's good, or ask here hope this helps Gman.
  2. Hi mate , I've used this place before, and the're good. Hope this helps. Gman.
  3. Hi mate try here, Hope these help. Gman.
  4. Hi mate, Window problem is more than likely a broken cable in the door harness, where it passes from door frame to the door, have good look with a multi meter. good luck. check BOTH doors tho' Gman.
  5. Try here, they are not cheap, but new. Or here, for secondhand parts. I have used both on occasions with no probs. Hope this helps. Try this other forum. It's great for info. Gman.
  6. While the cover is off, change the water pump as well it will save a lot of bother, not high milers those pumps. Gman.
  7. You need to find out when the timing belt was last changed, the light comes on for every 60,000mls/100,000kms, If you're not sure, have it changed, and change the tensioner,and idler pulley as well. Gman.
  8. Hi Terry, If the ECU reset fails, make sure you have connected the batteries correctly, then have the alternator checked, it's the usual light display for a fail. Hope this helps. Gman.
  9. Hi mate try these, all the best. Steve.
  10. Hi John, 31x10.50x15 were a standard size offered in Japan. I have them on my 2.4, I think most 3.0L have 16" rims tho. Hope this helps. Steve.
  11. Hi Martin, Had this prob my self some years ago, it was a broken wire in the door harness, were it passes from door, to door frame, have a look in that area. Hope this helps. Steve.
  12. Hi Dave, This is a warning that all is not well with you alternator, check the plugs are not coming lose, and also the earths in that area. Hope this helps. Steve.
  13. Hi mate, Stormforce has been able to get these items, look at the link below, I think he had some spare from the last order. Hope this helps. Gman.
  14. It could be that the drive gear on the motor has split off, they can be repaired, but try another motor, use a nearside rear door window motor, it's the same motor in 2.4 & 3.0 surfs, that's how I fixed mine. Hope this helps. Gman. EDIT: click on the link below if you want to repair the motor. Gman.
  15. Hi,Mitchpato, Have you tried tightening the fan belts? (stating the obvious) Water pump is next, the impeller can come off sometimes, also the crank damper/pulley can break up and slip, induction leaks can cause lean running, leading to overheating, Gman.