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  1. Shocked By Shocks

    Sorry mate, I was just having a bad day and thought you were having a go, thanks for the advice.
  2. Shocked By Shocks

    Not at all mate, didn't sound harsh. It's kinda what I expected really, I guess I'm just venting a bit. :) Had to replace the two front tyres as well as the other work, and the bill was over £500 all said and done. It's wiped me out this month and I'm sulking. :)
  3. Shocked By Shocks

    I can only assume you are taking the ***** out of what I have said? (If I'm misinterpreting your sarcasm, then feel free to correct me). I have spent over 30 grand on two Toyota's in the last 4 years. The Rav I'm complaining about is 'just' 3 years old, and has done less than average mileage. The most off-roading it's done since we bought it is bumping up the occasional kerb. If I was complaining about a cheap consumable part like wipers, I'd expect to have the ***** taken. Or if I'd ragged the ***** out of the car and done 100k miles in it, I wouldn't have batted an eyelid at the problem, but that clearly isn't the case. Do I love our Rav still? Course I do, it's been a fantastic car and we intend to keep it for a good while longer. Am I dissapointed that 3 different things have failed on the car within 3 years? You bet ya, and it makes me wonder about Toyota build quailty and reliability, that's all.
  4. Shocked By Shocks

    If what you say is true Kingo, then I'm not sure it's worth bothering. I intended to take it to Toyota before the warranty expired, but have been so busy with work that it slipped my mind. When I actually thought to check the date of first registration, it was literally the day after it's 3 year birthday. As for goodwill working both ways, Toyota have had plenty their way as far as I'm concerned. We have had 2 cars (both of which cost us a lot of money) from two Toyota main dealers over the last four years. We've also had several services at said dealers, but this time around I knew it would be costly and couldn't justify the very high labour charges. My last service was nearly £300 quid with them, and it amounted to an oil and filter change ... I guess I'll have to chalk it down to experience, but it's definitely going to make me think twice about wether or not we stick with Toyota when we come to swap the Rav. Thanks for the advice anyway, it's good to hear from someone who's definitely in the know.
  5. Shocked By Shocks

    Don't worry I fully trust my brother-in-law. I do a lot of IT work at his garage and he is 100% trustworthy (we look after each other). I also know the head of servicing and fully trust him also. I was shown the shocks after they had come off, one was leaking quite a bit and the other was also, but to a lesser extent. I guess they would want me to bring the old shocks to them or something? I guess they would still be at the garage, I could also get the failed MOT print out as well. Would Toyota want me to do anything in particular if I ring them do you think?
  6. Shocked By Shocks

    Hi All, Not posted on here for a long time, but my wife and I still have our 2006 Rav4 XT3 and have been very pleased with it over the last two years. Well that was until the last few days when it hit 3 years old and needed an MOT. A little history, previously it's got a full service history with our local Toyota dealer. Last year when it was in for it's intermediate service I thought it was very pricey and wasn't sure if I was going to use Toyota for the next one. While it was in last year it had a water pump leak fixed, and also the front discs were re-skimmed and new brake pads fitted (all under warranty). I thought this was both good and bad. Good that is was all done under warranty, but bad that it needed doing at all (I thought Toyota had a bullet proof reliability reputation). Anyway, since my brother-in-law owns a car dealership that also provides service & MOT work, I decided it would be good to put the business his way. I was shocked to hear (no pun intended) that it failed it's MOT due to the rear shocks both leaking badly. The Rav is only just out of warranty (25-09-09) and I kind of wish I'd taken it to Toyota before it expired, but I don't know if the shocks would have been covered under warranty. I certainly wouldn't have thought that a 3 year old car with less than average mileage (34,000) would need it's rear shocks replacing. It wasn't hugely expensive to replace them, but I feel let down if I'm honest. Am I being unreasonable? Is it worth writing a letter of complaint to Toyota about this or would I be wasting my time? Would be interesting to hear anyone who works for Toyota's thoughts on this, Parts King still does right?
  7. Tyres - Cost - Any Good?

    I was told (when shopping around for tyres for a car recently) that it wasn't a good idea to put 'lower speed' rated tyres on as it's not just top speed that is a factor. The lower spec tyres may not be able to handle the amount of torque that is delivered if they are a lower rating than is recommended for the car.
  8. Lowered Rav

    Those alloys are awful! Drug dealer mobile! :)
  9. Wing Mirror Rattle Fix On 4.3

    Hi, I have looked at the guide in the Maintenance / Improvement thread in order to fix the rattling sound from the wing mirrors. My question is, what type of Silicone is the one used in the guide please? Aren't there multiple types of this stuff? Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks.
  10. Rav Defroster

    Ahh well I guess I broke the law yesterday and also this morning then. :) Where I live is pretty private (most people miss the road entrance) so I'm certainly not worried about people having away with it. I keep an eye on it if I am warming up / defrosting anyway. What you say makes sense about other situations when it's started from cold, then idling afterwards. Thanks Bothwell.
  11. Rav Defroster

    Digging up an old thread here guys. There was a couple of mentions of it not being recommended to have the car running for a few minutes and use that method to de-ice the front screen. Also someone mentioned that when they do this, they don't leave it idling, they run it at 1500rpm. Is there a problem leaving the car idling for 5mins to clear the screens? I have done it with plenty of other cars before and it's never seemed to be a problem. Mind you I have never had a turbo diesel before the Rav either ...
  12. Broker Or Dealer ?

    My brother in law reckons that when he worked for a large car dealership (Franchised and a well known make) that they always looked after customers more who bought their cars at the dealer and also had it serviced there. He runs his own car dealership now and I have no reason to expect that's its changed.
  13. Number Plates

    Thanks guys.
  14. Number Plates

    Can anyone recommend a good and reliable private plate supplier. If it wasn't too expensive I'd consider it for the Rav4. Mainly to take the age off it more than any other reason.
  15. 30,000 Mile Service Experience

    Hi, if you are at all worried about the MOT you could always take it to your local council run test centre. More info here :-