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  1. 4a-ge And 2e Gearbox

    Bit of a random thought query this but could you put a 2-E gearbox on a 4A-GE engine (including 20v variant)? I've seen a 4A-GE 20v for sale minus gearbox and wondered what i could stick on it to get it working. Cheers Mo
  2. Looking For Corolla Gti Engine

    Hi can i ask what springs and dampers you used? I too want to upgrade the handling on my 5 door (partly out of necessity, i think the shocks are orignal from '87!) and am looking about for products. Cheers Mo.
  3. Looking For Corolla Gti Engine

    Will a later 20v not run without the cat then? I was hoping to ditch it (with a conversion) as i dont have one now. Why not get a normal GTi? Well its partly because I love the shape and look of the Gl 5 door but also its metallic gold with a brown/yellow tweed interior which is well kitch. The other reason for doing it was beause they never released a hot version of the 5 door over here (i read that there was a Gti version in Australia called the 'SECA') It would make an ultimate street sleeper. Was planning on doing nothing to the exterior except some black spindly alloys (and suspension of course). So far i'm still doing bodywork, getting under the car with the ol' drill and wire brush getting rid of surface rust (it is 20 years old!) Thanks for the help and advice!
  4. Upgrades For A Ae92 Corolla 1.3 Gl

    Hi i'm looking to do the same as you with an '87 GL 5 door E90 same as NDR008's. I'm looking at fitting a 4A-GE variant to mine but its looking to involve some cost, ideally i want a 20v job from FenSport, they're in Chatteris. Let us know how you get on, at the moment all i'm doing is getting rid of rust and saving for some suspension components. adios, Mo.
  5. Looking For Corolla Gti Engine

    I'm afraid i can't help you with finding a breakers motor but i'm curious as to what corolla your going to put it in. Its just that i'm wanting to do the same to my 1.3 '87 GL E90 5 Door 'Rolla. I've seen that Fen Sport have lots of parts: Keep us posted as to progress, i'm trying to save money for a black-top 4a-ge 20v with 6 speed gearbox. adios, Mo.
  6. Tips For Stripping Suspension On An E90

    Right got me some spring compressors, now need to find a polybush kit. In fact, anyone got recommendations on new springs/dampers package for an E90 (87-94?) 'Rolla? Want to get it a bit lower and tighter, but on standard wheels for now. Whilst in Halfords, with fuel bills on my mind, i ended up getting some bosch 4-point/electrode spark plugs to try and improve fuel efficiency. I've got some new HT leads on order too as I have no idea how old the ones on the car are! I guess i ought to look at electronic ignition too. Cheers Mo.
  7. Tips For Stripping Suspension On An E90

    :) Thanks guys, I'm going to have a look for a spring comrpessor this weekend in a few shops, the rest of the stuff i've got. However the job may have to wait a bit as the old girl is going into the shop for some welding work (something i can't do...yet). I was thinking of taking it into a shop to have it done but I like messing about with the oily bits and it'll be cheaper! You may be wondering why i'm spending all this cash & time on an old e90 GL but the long term (pipe dream) plan is to get a black top 20v 4AGE in it to create a street sleeper! Cheers Mo.
  8. Hi I am planning to pull apart the front suspension on my '87 E90 GL 5 door Corolla to give a re-painting but have never attenpted the job before. I'm pretty handy with a spanner but am aware i'll need tools like spring compressors etc. Can anyone give me a list of 'must haves' for the job? Also while the suspension is in bits i might as well polybush it, anyone know of a kit available for the e90? Any advice would be gratefully recieved! cheers adios, Mo.
  9. Cambridgeshire People

    Cool my Corolla is sadly lacking in power at the moment (dreaming of a black top 20v 4age) but it would be cool to see some modded rides for inspiration.
  10. Cambridge Toyota Owners

    Hi just a quick question, is there any Cambridgeshire group of the T.O.C.? Cheers Mo.
  11. Cambridgeshire People

    Hey i only joined a couple of weeks ago and wondered if theres anybody from Cambridge and the surrounding area and whether there are any meets going on? Cheers Mo
  12. 4a-ge Engine Swaps

    Wiked, i'll give em a shot. Also i've found somewhere to get engine stuff from, FenSport is just up the road from me, i've read about them in Banzai but didnt know how close they are, d'oh! Cheers Mo
  13. 4a-ge Engine Swaps

    Yeah the 4A-GZE does look interesting, but wont it be a bit more 'stressed out' then the 20v? I'll keep it in mind for sure. I've also come across references to a 4A-GTE engine which seems to be a factory turbo variant for the Mk1 MR2? On a side note, does anybody have recommendations for insurers for modified cars? cheers Mo.
  14. 4a-ge Engine Swaps

    Wow didnt think i would get as quick replies as this, cheers guys! That info is really helpful, i guess as long as i get the full engine loom as well i should be ok? i guess i'll prob need some of the instrument pod bits out of a 4age corolla too. Unfortunately i don't have the room for a whole other car but do have a bit of space for gathering bits. Cash is a bit short at the moment so cant go wild with the spending, so first am trying to work out what i need and then will start getting a few bits at a time. Does anyone know a good scrappers in the east anglia region? Am kinda set on the 20v as the propect of 160bhp is too tempting, in an old 80s tin can like my car it should fly! What toyotas do you guys drive? Cheers Adrian
  15. 4a-ge Engine Swaps

    Hi, this is my first post as a new member. I was hoping somebody might have some advice about performing an engine swap on my old corolla. I run an 87 GL 5 door, (the 6th generation E90 i think, mine is a very early edition from Novemebr 87), with the 1.3 engine (the 2E i think, i've not got my manual with me). Its in top condition and its a nice little motor but needs more oomph! i know that the 4A-GE 1.6 16v was available in this car (96bhp) and in GTi spec in the 3 door version (121bph). Also I've looked about and i think a GTi version of my car was available in Australia as the 'seca') Anyways, i want to drop a 4A-GE variant into my car as in know it'll fit, hopefully not require custom mounts and will make my car into a serious 'sleeper'! What i'd like to do is put in the 20v variant from the late 90s for 160-ish bhp. Is it possible? i know i have some serious wiring issues as the 2E uses carbs. I was thinking of using 'parts bin' parts to upgrade suspension/brakes and chassis braces for cost and ease of fitment, again is this a sensible approach? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, please correct errors in my facts above, i'm not precious about them, its just what i've picked up here and there so far. oh yeah, final questions, if the 20v will go in anyone know where i can get one? (black top would be nice) and the going rate for one? cheers Mo.