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  1. An annual guide is unlikely to result in large increases in the number of Which? subscribers, especially where, as I described earlier, the amount of space devoted to any one mode in the guide, including the Prius, is limited to just one paragraph. The fact that the OP decided to focus on the reliability score for the Prius from the Which? Car Buying Guide 2017-18 and has taken it out of context of the guide and the revised review, doesn't mean that Which? themselves see the reduced score as important or as a means of increasing subscribers. For example, there is no mention of this on the Which? website. If Which? were trying to sell subscriptions on the back of the Prius' weaknesses, they wouldn't include in their review of the Prius extracts like: "Which? verdict - confidence inspiring hybrid." "Toyota has nailed its hybrid colours to the mast for decades now, and the Prius remains a decent example of the breed, and a solid choice for anyone keen to minimise their costs and their impact on the environment. The Prius is good in other areas, too, with excellent safety, good driving manners and plenty of space inside for families." "How safe is it? When tested by Euro NCAP, the Prius scored a five-star safety rating. Very impressive standard features across the range include seven airbags and a 'Safety Sense' package - including pedestrian detection, emergency braking, lane-departure warning, road-sign recognition and adaptive cruise control. We found that the road-sign detection didn't always work. You can fit child seats in the back (using Isofix on the outer two seats if you wish) or on the front seat." "Should I buy it? If you can maximise the fuel economy potential of the hybrid system (i.e you spend most of your time driving around town), the Prius makes a credible case as a comfortable, safe, large family car."
  2. The Which Car Buying Guide is distributed to existing Which? members, rather than being on general circulation. Previous editions have been available to purchase in retail outlets for a limited time, but not sure whether that is still the case. Which? reviews are only available to non-members on line, and then the full versions are only accessible after paying the guest fee of £1.
  3. The allowable damage is as follows: Windscreen chips or cracks: the maximum damage size is 10mm in the drivers’ line of vision (a vertical strip 290mm wide centred on the steering wheel), 40mm elsewhere in the rest of the area swept by the wiper blades. So the damage to your screen must be outside of the driver's line of vision.
  4. Hello Mel - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  5. Hello Lone - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  6. Just for interests sake, Toyota's own UK sales figures for the Toyota Prius are: 2017 January to June inclusive - 2,562 (six months) 2016 - 5,311 2015 - 3.361 2014 - 2,443 2013 - 2,793 2012 - 4,716
  7. I doubt that, apart from the odd few, many TOC members have actually seen how much space is devoted to each car reported on within the guide. Aside from the star markings (1-5) for ride quality, seat comfort, visibility, boot & storage, performance, and reliability), one paragraph is devoted to each of the top ten cars in each category (eg city cars, small cars, medium cars, etc). Paragraphs summarise the pros and come, and provide the verdict - commonly five or six sentences. Out of the top ten, usually up to 8 of those are identified as Best Buys. Cars not in the top 10 have a single sentence as a brief summary and their scores listed. This is the first year the 4th generation Prius has been included in the guide, and the owner feedback is being incorporated into the Which? reviews for all cars they've reviewed - something that has been done for a number of years. The guide has literally only been sent out to Which? members in the past week or so, and any effect on sales to date will have been minimal. As to whether the Which? reliability score has an effect on Prius sales is still to be determined. Having been a Which? member for just over 42 years, I think there has been an over reaction on the forum to the Which? guide and the owner feedback they've received for the Prius. Conversely if Which? hadn't scored the Prius reliability according to the owner feedback they received, they would be doing their members a diservice.
  8. Think it is an LED unit, rather than having a bulb.
  9. Most of the replies are from members with higher spec Yaris
  10. The Which? Car Buying Guide is based partly on owner feedback, and reliability is one of several categories reported on. If the owner feedback received highlighted reliability issues, whether significant or otherwise, that is what Which? have reported. It is a car buying guide which highlights to people what may be good vehicles to buy. Looking back over previous Which? Car Buying Guides: a) the 2014/15 Guide placed the 3rd generation Prius 5th in the Large car category and had a higher proportion of breakdowns (3%) than the higher placed cars and this was coupled with a lowish average fault count. b) the 2015/16 Guide placed the 3rd generation Prius 4th - high score for reliability, but losing out slightly on other categories (eg boot and storage). c) as the 4th generation was introduced early in 2016, there wouldn't have been enough owner feedback to include within the 2016/17 Guide. However, the guide featured the 3rd generation Prius as the top Used Best Buy. As I posted earlier, the 4th generation Prius came 36th in the Auto Express Driver Power Survey, so perhaps Which? aren't alone in their owner feedback. TOC members may be perfectly happy with their cars, and would have had the opportunity to complete the Which? survey questionnaire (the survey was open to both Which? members and non members). If you didn't take part, it isn't really any use in being upset about how the Prius scored in the latest Guide. At the end of the day, Which? haven't said the 4th generation Prius is a poor car to buy.
  11. According to my service & warranty booklet, which covers most Toyota models, servicing is every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Full services due every 2 years/20,000 miles, whichever occurs first.
  12. I can see why a dealer may refuse to provide part numbers - probably won't buy the part from them, so nothing in it for them apart from costing time and money.
  13. Just out of interest the Prius Generation 4 came 36th in the Auto Express Driver Power survey 2017
  14. Moved to the Prius club.
  15. I've had mine since August 2016, and not experienced any issue with the brakes. Moved to the Aygo club.