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  1. Anyone owned a 1.3(3) Mk1 and Mk2 Yaris?

    The 1.33 was introduced part way through the life of the second generation Yaris - think in 2008. So some second generation Yaris will have the same 1.3 engine as the first generation. The 1.33 will have the six speed gearbox and stop/start - stop/start will contribute towards the lower VED. Toyota deleted stop/start from the third generation citing cost as the reason.
  2. See and
  3. Engine oil

    There is a school of thought that Toyota engine oil is made by Mobil (Exxon).
  4. 'Aux Belt' Confused

    As far as I'm aware the 1KR-FE fitted to the current Aygo has a timing chanin rather than a timing belt. The 1.2 PSA engine fitted to the 108/C1 is, I think, belt driven. Wonder if Toyota GB are thinking about this engine for the UK market Aygo - the 1.2 is available in the Aygo in some markets Looking at the Service & Warranty booklet, timing belt replacement for the Aygo 1.2 is listed as being due at 110,000 miles or 10 years.
  5. Toyota avensis - headlights t25

    Bit cheaper -
  6. The Future Of Our Diesels

    As I said Nissan replaced the Almera and Primera with the Qashqai crossover - the current version of which is between 17 and 19mm longer than the C-HR. So if Nissan sees the Qashqai as a suitable replacement for the Primera, Toyota could also see the C-HR as a suitable replacement for the Avensis. It is also rumoured that the replacement for the Prius+ will be an SUV - fitting in between the C-HR and the Rav4. There are five seat versions of the current Prius+ on sale in some markets (eg the Daihatsu Mebius), so the replacement could offer both five and seven seat versions.
  7. 2018 Plug-in Driving Mode?

    Profiles show 'Toyota Year' which refers to the year of first registration, not 'Toyota Model Year'. Using the model year makes it far harder for members to comment on warranty queries, etc. So please change it to the year of first registration - or I will.
  8. Howdy

    Hello Karen - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  9. Toyota avensis - headlights t25

    Those members with Premium membership should be able to get a further 15% off with the Halfords discount card.
  10. The Future Of Our Diesels

    Toyota have previously said they won't be doing a hybrid version of the Avensis - suppose partly to do with the age of the current platform, the fact that for Europe they're reviewing their presence in this market sector (which continues to shrink), the fact that the Prius has the same size wheelbase as the Avensis, and is already Toyota's hybrid offering in this market sector. Whether they do the same as Nissan did by replacing the Almera and Primera with the Qashqai, and effectively replace the Avensis with the C-HR is a possibility. As regards the C-HR, according to Toyota's UK sales figures for the year to date 2017, the C-HR is already outselling the Avensis by just over 4 to 1 (13,054 C-HR sales compared to 3,206 Avensis sales). 71% of the C-HR sales were hybrids.
  11. Seller beware as well as Buyer beware?

    Doubt whether there is any legal precedent. I would be inclined to seek proper advice rather than rely on a friend, forum, or similar. Could consider asking the question of, for example, the Honest John website, the AA if you're a member, or similar. Depending whether the device is a Tracker or another make, the initial cost may be anything from £250 to £800, plus the annual subscription.
  12. Two questions: Fuel Gauge and Exhaust.

    As regards the fuel gauge, in common with a number of Toyota models, the gauge operates in a non linear way so the fuller the tank is, some bars on the gauge seem to extinguish more slowly than others. You will soon get used to it. The Aygo has a three cylinder engine, which does sound more raspy or throaty than some other cars.
  13. Howdy.

    Hello Paul - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  14. CVT Paddle Shifters

    Don't know about returning to D mode, but one would have thought if one wishes a lower ratio (ie change down for slowing down or climbing an incline) one uses the '-' paddle, and the '+' paddle when one wishes a higher ratio (ie change up).
  15. 2013 - Auris 1.4 D4D - service advice required

    Toyota services are due at 1 year or 10,000 mile intervals, whichever occurs first. So the service history is OK up to and including the February 2016 service, with services having been completed on the mileage basis. The July 2016 service was done late - should have been at 60,000, not 66,000 - so that was 6,000 miles overdue !! However, to maintain the new car warranty, the service you say is due should have been completed either in July 2017 (12 months since the last service) or at 76,000 miles - whichever occurred first. Toyota allow a leeway of 1 month or 1,000 miles, whichever occurs first. As the last service was overdue, and the current service is overdue the remainder of the new car warranty may be affected, as the car hasn't been serviced according to Toyota's servicing requirements. As regards the service plan, the price quoted is for a Full+ and an Intermediate service under Toyota's Fixed Price Service scheme, with the free MOT as an inducement. See However if the car is over five years old when the next service is due, Toyota's Essential Care scheme could be used, where the Silver service (equivalent to Intermediate) costs around £100 and the Gold service (equivalent to the Full) costs around £180. Having a service plan that covers the Full+ service and the Essential Care Silver service reduces the probable cost of the plan by around £85.