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  1. Presumably its a 2011 Avensis, rather than a 2100.
  2. The Toyota website states 1st May - One can probably pre-order now, for delivery on or after 1st May.
  3. Moved to the Yaris club
  4. It is the Yaris that was shown at Geneva -
  5. There is a thread in the Guides section of each club that details the specifications of oil for the various engines - In the case of the Aygo for pre February 2009 models, 5W-30 oil is the preferred oil, and for post February 2009 models the preferred oil is 0W-20. As far as I'm aware, PSA have continued to state 5W-30 is their preferred oil. Presumably this is for the convenience of their dealer network, as their other petrol models, which have PSA engines, have 5W-30 as the preferred oil..
  6. Would have thought it would be.
  7. The Official Toyota Store is Toyota GB's online outlet for selling official Toyota parts and accessories. The site is managed by Pentagon ecommerce management, who also manage online sales for BMW, Eurocarparts, Sports Direct, Co-op, Halfords, etc.
  8. Opie oils are one of the club's sponsors -
  9. Not a 2013 Auris 1.6 Sports as per your profile?
  10. The 2AD engine was never particularly economical - see the Honest John Real mpg info for the first generation
  11. Depending on the model, in approx 2008/09 Toyota introduced a range of improvements to their range of engines under the 'Optimal Drive' scheme. This included the use of 0W-20 oil in petrol engines. So your car is designed to use 5W-30 as per the manual - as was my 2006 Corolla. However, my 2009 Auris, 2012 Auris and my current 2016 Aygo, all had 'Optimal Drive' engines and use 0W-20 as the preferred oil.
  12. No. The three main selling points of the service plan are: 1. You fix your servicing costs for the duration of the plan 2. You can pay for the plan as a one-off or monthly - and usually there are no interest charges 3. You can tailor the plan to meet your requirements - ie include MOT's, specific maintenance or repair options, etc. Dealers sometimes include extra benefits - mine provides 10% off any accessories, parts and labour costs for the duration of the plan. Your deal was exceptional.
  13. As the second generation Auris is a reworked first generation, and carried forward the same Type Approval, it may well be possible. Presumably you will be upgrading the brakes, etc. I would be inclined to check the likely insurance costs of the modification(s) beforehand.
  14. Presumably the services you've paid for are 1 Full service and 1 Intermediate. Toyota revised the costs of their fixed price servicing last year, and revised the service schedules (changed what the services covered) - see An Intermediate service for the Yaris currently costs £160 and the Full service £290. So the cost of the service plan is correct at £450. I would speak to Emac, explain that you were told your local dealer was being taken over by Steven Eagles and the takeover hasn't occurred as yet. I see there are two options - 1). transfer the plan to your local dealer with the proviso that if the takeover does get approval, your service plan will be transferred to the new company, or 2) seek a refund. If Emac try to charge an admin fee, take this up with Toyota GB customer services. Bear in mind that the service plan fixes the service costs for you, so if Toyota make changes, for example, this year, your costs won't increase.
  15. Hello Thanos - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.