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  1. You should get perfect reception if you're in the DAB reception area, can you listen to FM stations ok, that probable will rule out an issue with your aerial. Finally get a cheap £20-30 portable DAB radio from the supermarket and turn it, if you get stations on the portable but not in the car there's probable an issue with the car, in which case I'd be taking it back to the dealing for them to sort out under warranty.
  2. Yep, top deck, dead centre - perfect fried egg
  3. Saw the new yellow aygo on the motorway yesterday, although it was on a car carrier on it's own in the middle of white aygos. Re profile, not yet got over passing it on, gave me 190,000 miles of trouble free motoring :)
  4. Not my cup of tea, will eagerly be looking out on the motorway for see my first one out on the road, see if I warm to the colour. I'm not struck on the X design, blue xcite being the only one I like, I prefer the more rounded shapes of the other manufacturers - I've recently switched over to the darkside ;)
  5. When below the set speed you can accelerate, once at the set speed the power from accelerator stops or is maintained depending on the road surface. No braking is ever automatically applied, that's still the control of the driver so don't worry there are no auto break lights going on to confuse drivers behind. If the limiter is turned on when you're above to set speed or it's already on and your speed increases above the set speed without you using the accelerator (ie going down a hill) then the limiter display flashes and an audible continuous bleep warns you're above the set limit - these warnings stop once you're back below the set limit.
  6. Bargain basement, £10 for 4.5 litres - my car is coming to the end of it's life this year having done over 180k miles in it paying double for the top recommended grade isn't a priority - I started topping up with oil at 100k miles with 5W-30 then switched to the 10w40 grade from 125k miles - I was expecting my mpg to reduce but that hasn't been the case, the same consistent peaks/troughsthrough each year.
  7. I use 10w40 oil in my aygo all the time, hardly makes any difference to my economy - my aygo has raked up the miles so not bother at using the preferred rating, happy to go with the next of the list in my toyota manual. Switched to this for similar reason to yourself, struggled to get it at my local supermarkets and didn't want to fork out for the expensive stuff at halfords.
  8. Looked through my bluetooth hands-free system owners manual Hands-free system does not respond. UIM buttons not lit — check UIM connection — check the connection to the electronic module. Tomorrow I'll check the wire into the User Interface Module, but where will I find the electronic module
  9. Already unpaired on the phone, can't access the car side, no response from the Bluetooth button above the rear mirror, think no power is getting to it
  10. I hardly ever use the bluetooth in my 2008 aygo blue but noticed today that the light on the controller unit no longer glows and no response from the buttons, my phone can not see the Bluetooth device to connect to. Is there any trouble shooting I can do to try and pin down the issue, has the Bluetooth setup got a fuse I can check.
  11. It's an easy diy job, only bit which may cause trouble is if you don't have the tools if the bolt to the bracket is rusted away, I had to get the angle grinder to make light work of getting the old bracket of. I got my backbox and bracket from my local europarts, they were out of stock on the rubber hangers at the time, I was worried that I wouldn't get the old rubbers off or they wouldn't be in good enough nick to reuse, but applying good gollop of washing up liquid get them of the enlarged nipple easily and looked as new. Hope all these photos I took at the time help
  12. Have a look a my fuelly page, have 160k miles of journeys logged, shows what range you can get motorway driving with a light foot.
  13. Customer service is the number one thing I look at, closely followed by cost. I've had various bad experiences from main dealers of various brands, one memorable one was when a local company lost their franchise in the town to a new dealership to the town but large in the region had won it. I booked in my car for a service and MOT with the new guys, said my brakes needed looking as didn't feel right and that I needed a courtesy car to get me to work 60mile away. Problem one, they couldn't find my courtesy car, keys gone, one of the engineer gone awol - turned out with traffic outside being bad (roadwords) the engineer had decided without permission to give another customer a lift to his work, engineer took a hour to get back making me very late for work, didn't even get a simple apology. Next issue, get a phone call half way through the day "We've put you car in for MOT and it's failed because of the breaks", me: you don't say sherlock, when I said the brakes needed looking at which bit didn't you understand common sense. Needless to say I didn't use them again and it looked like I wasn't the only one as 12 months later they lost their franchise and closes up. My nearest toyota dealer has given me excellent customer service, they recently were bought out by the vantage group, was a little concerned service would be impacted, there was a blip at first when the new owner tried to centralise all service phone calls which was a little rubblish in that they messed up my booking but my normal local service manager spotted the cockup and reconfirmed with me, after that it was back to being managed locally. Sadly the previous owner still owned the land and has sold it for a supermarket so the dealer is shutting up at that location, think they'll be using there nearest other sites, so will bit a little unknown whether the service is to the same standard.
  14. Ok not exactly an aygo demo but it's a demo presented from inside an aygo of a new box of tricks (looks like a prototype to me) from the Radioplayer UK guys. I love using the radioplayer app on my android phone and the web app at home, but not convinced to use it yet whilst mobile as tests I've done so far take too much of my allowance for regular use but mobile data signal can be ropey Not convince a car manufacture based system is the way forward in a world with updates are needed especially when DAB in cars still isn't standard.
  15. I've currently passed the 145k mile mark on my aygo, maybe looking at a change next year, I wouldn't rule out another aygo, but I'm not sentimental on brands/models so will be casing the net open to what's out there (saw the new C1 last week - nice). Top 3 things I look for in order are reliability, running costs (maintainance/insurance/mpg), purchase price. Doing mostly motorway driving I probable should be including comfort, but my thinking is I can cope with a hours drive at a time in it no problem, also the noise has probable given be mild tinnitus :) Only problem I have at the moment is with the number of miles now on engine it likes it's oil, currently taking 1 litre every 500 miles which it a weekly topup for me