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  1. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone would swap a standard TS rear bumper for mine, which has got a compressor skirt fitted. Plus a little cash my way of course and in alsace granite colour. Looking to change most of it back to standard before I move away :)
  2. Apexi Power Fc

    I'd be interested depending on the price
  3. Selling 2 Backboxes

    Has been updated with pics in the for sale section
  4. Selling 2 Backboxes

    Hi mate, will get some pics next few days. I still have the original flange that was cut, so if anyone wants to fit it to a 1.4 or 1.6 then I have no problems sending the flange as well. Just means you will have to cut and weld the flange on yourself ;)
  5. Selling 2 Backboxes

    Just letting people know, I have 2 backboxes for sale. See the for sale section
  6. Advise On Quick Shift/ Short Shift Kits

    I've tried all three ;) Had the TTE in my previous corolla, and it was shorter, but quite stiff. The TWM is the shortest, but also the stiffest. Depends what you use the car for I suppose, because it would be perfect for drag racing. Very short shifts, but daily driving can be a bit of a pain. If you find it really stiff then a weighted gearknob will help counter it. I have the TRD now which I personally prefer. Although it has the least reduced throw, it is easier to shift and I find it suits my driving style. It is also the easiest to install, but tbh I didn't find the other's too bad. Depends on the individual I guess, but I think whichever one you go for will give you more precise shifting. However, I wouldn't say it would be better than an EP3 lol. IMO there is nothing you can really do to get the gear changes of a civic, but installing a short shifter will bring you close ;) Hope this helps, Chris
  7. Few Bits For Sale :)

    Unfortunately not, forgot to take any before removing it. I had a a TWM 600g gear knob on it, but the standard gear knob will fit fine. It would be quite stiff though since the standard knobs not weighted at all.
  8. Few Bits For Sale :)

    Hi guys, got a TWM short shifter and facelift rear spats in the for sale section. Also will most likely have a custom backbox for sale soon if anyone's interested
  9. Air Pump / Air Injection System

    As in the rolla? If so, yup it's a facelift :)
  10. Air Pump / Air Injection System

    I've fitted a manifold with no air injection on my facelift..the lights do pop up now and again but tbh it hasn't happened in a long time now. And when they do pop up, performance isn't affected at all. Forgot which gasket the exhaust company used, but they made sure the flange was big enough to cover up the holes. At first we did have a few problems with the gasket blowing, but then they changed the material of the gasket and no problems now :)
  11. Corolla T Sport On Ebay

    :o Did it really sell for 3k...?
  12. New Rims + Immense Drop!

    :o The spacers are illegal? Wasn't aware of that, was gonna buy some soon lol..
  13. 18" Wheels

    Used to have 18 inch Ultralite's, same one's as Bridges in fact lol. Lowered 30mm with 215/40/18 tyres was fine, as mentioned it fills the arches a lot better and if your only planning on lowering it by 35mm then it will be a nice fit, 35 profile tyres left too much of a gap imo
  14. Newbie Here, With A Tte Compressor :)

    Sounds good mate, would love to sit in a compressor ;) Just had a full system fabricated by AAS, but think I may have a small leak at the manifold. Booked in on Monday to get it sorted then gonna get it dynoed see what gains I've made. Although a lad that had the same set up by AAS gained over 20bhp I believe..
  15. Newbie Here, With A Tte Compressor :)

    Hi Kev, nice to see someone from the NE on here. Sounds like you got a good one there mate, post some pics up! Oh and that exhaust company be AAS by any chance? :D