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  1. *pokes Head In*

    Oooooooooo lots of car changes! Well done on finally getting a red yaris Steve Weeeeeeeeell I'm working part time in a school just to pay the bills (16hrs a week and I get all the holidays off ). But my main "job" at the moment is being an antenatal teacher! I've got a few side lines here and there (also doing birth support, and training to be a birth counsellor), but I'm really loving what I do :D It does mean I'm having the fun of being a school run mum, but I'm also racking up the miles on the poor yaris though...
  2. *pokes Head In*

    Hello new and old (esp the old *cough* ) Glad to see TOCs still here and in one piece! I've been a busy bunny since I last came on here. Quit my job at Future , retrained, and now loving the fact I spend so much time at home! Still got the yaris, plus two carinas now (yes I know, I couldnt stop Nick buying the new one ) Soooooooooooooooo, what have I missed?? Rach :D PS - I promise not to be so useless and visit more often
  3. Guess What I've Gone And Bought.....

    I forgot to mention, my dad liked the car so much when he saw it, he's gone and ordered himself a brand new 07 reg 1.3 Zinc Yaris too I'm sad to see the celica go, but its just one of those things we had to do. Now just have to wait til I hear when I can collect the Yaris :D
  4. Well after a lot of heartache, we've decided with Nicks new job and stupidly long commute, we had to sell the Celica We ummed and ahhed for days over the Aygo, but practicality won, and we ended up putting our deposit on to this! It is a 56 plate Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D T3 We should be picking it up next week once it arrives in the dealership So is there space for a newbie in the oil burner corner?
  5. Should I?

    Nicks just gone for the test drive in one, and he's haggled on my behalf, so by the looks of it, this weekend I'll be ordering my Aygo :D Luckily they have them in Portbury docks so I should be able to have it in about a week hopefully :D
  6. Should I?

    Went along and had a test drive :D Really tempted by the sport but there is a 10wk + wait. I can get a black with aircon within two weeks though... Or should I wait until May 14th for Blue to come out, and sacrefice the alloys? Arghhhhhhhhh I'm going to have a nervous breakdown....
  7. Should I?

    Thanks for your replies :D Lucky as Lucys nearly 4 now, we dont have so much stuff to carry about for her. Thanks for mentioning about the 3dr tilt issue. Its the same as the celi, and I find it such a pain in the backside! Spoken with Toyota this morning, and I'm going to pop along in about an hour or so. They've said they can pretty much get any spec of Aygo for me for under my £7k budget (looking at ex demos on the whole) Ta for the link Steve, was very handy Will let you know how I get on :D
  8. Should I?

    I'm looking at getting a new car at the mo (and selling the celica *sob*) We need to downsize what we are paying in petrol and general running costs, as our commute is going to more than double in 4wks time. I've been looking into getting an aygo, but I'm just a bit wary about the actual size of the car... Does anyone with kids have one (either in 3 or 5 dr), and how comfortably do the fit in etc etc? I'm off to go have a look at one most likely on Monday, but just wondered if there was anything I should be warned about in advance
  9. Blast From Toc Past

    Ta JJ made my day
  10. Having lost a close friend to the hands of an idiot drunk driver, I really believe in a zero tolerance when it comes to drink driving, as even one drink can affect you. And its upsetting how it has to be such a loss to make someone finally realise how dangerous drink driving is...... :( If you can't stop yourself from getting behind the wheel after having a drink, then perhaps you shouldn't have a license
  11. V Day

    I feel sooooooooooo loved! Got back into work today after a week off, and found I had a card arrive from a secret admirer :D Just got to find the joker who sent it now......
  12. V Day

    Nicks just suprised the hell outta me :D He got all 300+ photos of our wedding and wedding prep (ie all my ideas I'd taken photos of) and had them printed off and hes even put them all nicely into a gorgeous photo album. Had me in tears he's been so thoughtful, and managed to keep it a secret for over a week...... Now I feel bad I haven't got anything for him, except for cooking him breakfast in bed lol
  13. V Day

    I havent got Nick anything, as I know hes not got me anything I know he loves me though as he traded in a load of PS2 games to buy me a new DS game :)
  14. Nintendo Ds Lite

    I'm officially addicted to Animal Crossing too :D And to some extent the 42 all time classic games for the bowling. Been having fun playing via wifi
  15. Ds?

    Has anyone tried the DS Browser yet? Its a version of Opera, but I'm not sure on how it'll look on the 2 screens! Also, anyone have the MP3 player? :)