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  1. I reveived a toyota magazine through the post last week. It said the new plug in pruis will be available in the UK from December.
  2. Maybe not if you have an electric car. 20 mins fast charge could get you 50-60 miles. It will discourage slow-charge cars from 'hogging' the charging points which is probably what the aim is.
  3. If you look closely, the toyota hybrid is a simple car that just works. And any car can kill.
  4. There are 2 (or maybe 3) Prius production lines (plants) in Japan. It is is possible that the different lines use different batches of the same component (like air bags). So if there is a faulty batch, it may not affect all production lines.
  5. Lossless formats will produce large files but they are smaller than the original master file. It is a handy way to preserve 100% of the original recording but using less disk space. Lossy formats (like MP3) produce much smaller files because they throw away a lot of the recording. It's a compromise, disk space vs audio quality. If you have lots of disk space, just use the original recording. BTW if you download music, the site provides a wide range of download formats including FLAC and WAV.
  6. Apple have their own lossless format (like Microsoft with lossless WMA) so itunes and ipod won't natively play FLAC. Plenty of info online. For example
  7. FM reception is poor in gen3 Prius as well. Not helped by massive amounts of interference from the hybrid system. :( The facelift gen3 prius has an extra FM aerial on the rear side window which helps a bit with FM reception.
  8. is that just UK sales? I have seen many PIPs in Europe (especially Iceland and Norway).
  9. 2006-2009 Prius = Gen2 Prius However, mid 2009 the Gen3 Prius was launched (but was called the 2010 Prius). Are you looking at gen2 only or considering an early gen3 as well?
  10. The place to look for gen2 prius aftermarket stereo fitting is Prius Chat.
  11. When the current PIP was released, the price kept changing. It started out around £26K (at that time a normal Prius was around £21K) but by the time you could order one (and the gov grant had been launched) it was £31K+. I would like to think MrT will launch the new PIP at a similar price to the normal Gen4 to encourage take up of the PIP technology.
  12. Except for gen1 and gen2 prius for which MrT recommends 5W-30 (or has this been changed recently?). Gen3 Prius was the first to use 0W-20 (don't we know it :) ). All Toyota hybrids since the gen3 Prius also use 0W-20.
  13. Perfectly normal and loads of threads about this from a few years ago. The gen3 Prius had a software mod to (try and) reduce the noticabilty of this. It is to with the switching from regen braking to friction braking and ABS. As you apply the brakes, your body anticipates the decceleration. When the regen/friction/ABS kicks in the decceleration changes and your body detects this. You think you are suddenly accelerating and it can seem it is for a long time but the reality is, there has been a change in decceleration for a very short period of time. If you ask your passengers, they probably don't notice because they are not applying the brakes so have no knowledge of what is about to happen (if that makes sense). This is how those off road simulators (and suchlike) work. You are convinced you body has been through the works but the reality is you haven't actually gone anywhere or done anything.
  14. You can use the gas laws to get a rule of thumb value for the tyre pressure increase per degree C (or F).