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  1. Only the UK gen3 (2009-2012) t-spirit Prius had the hard disk drive.
  2. My gen3 was fun to drive if I didn't mind burning some fuel. Slow it wasn't. It was pretty good off road although ground clearance wasn't that great. And in the snow with winter tyres on, it was brilliant. But keep it a secret. ;)
  3. 7 miles each way a day is not really what a Prius is designed for. Your mpg will not be that much different to a non-hybrid petrol car because the hybrid system needs to warm up to get going. That requires petrol (although not so much is needed in the summer). Do you need such a big car? Do you need an automatic? Also have a look at the other threads in this forum. There are several from prospective hybrid buyers.
  4. Got an email from MrT yesterday. TOYOTA REDUCES LAUNCH PRICES FOR THE NEW PRIUS PLUG-IN MODEL OTR PRICE OTR PRICE with Government incentive Business Edition Plus £31,695 £29,195 Business Edition Plus Solar Roof £33,195 £30,695 Excel £33,895 £31,395
  5. You would think so but in my few months of plugin ownership I have found that big organisations are clueless about EV charging points on their premises. Many charging points are installed but seem to be in limbo. A lot of these seem to work with a CYC [Charge Your Car] card and if you find one that does you can email CYC to find out what they know about it.
  6. Hook it up to a suitable secondary 12V battery and when the battery is full, you can boost the plugin's HV using the supplied 3pin charging lead and a 12V-230V inverter (in theory).
  7. See the other post you made about this... The NHS chain will know nothing about it.
  8. Aftermarket for a gen3 isn't too bad. It has a double din hole which will take standard units but you will need some special trim pieces to make it look nice. The dashboard is curved and comes in left hand and right hand flavours. You can get OEM style units that are a straight swap but most of these are for the LHD (USA/Europe) market and don't fit our RHD gen3s. Aftermarket for gen2 is not so easy. Have a look over on Prius Chat forums for in depth information about headunit replacements. Note: The gen3 model II in the USA is similar to our T3/T4 (ie no touch screen as standard). Here is my installation write up (on this forum)
  9. With my plugin, 3 miles requires about 1kW. Assuming the new plugin to be at least as good as that, and with say average daylight of 10 hours, the panels will be about 100W (seems about right for the size). If you keep the car for 3 years then solar generated electricity is approx 1000kW. Initial cost £1500 so over 3 years the per kW cost could be £1.50. Way more expensive than the 9p it costs from the mains.
  10. Finchley Memorial Hospital not showing up on ZAP MAP as having a charge point. Could be a new one. You can submit it. Shows up on Open Charge Map. Looks like it will work with a CYC card. Type Finchley Memorial Hospital into the search box.
  11. The later gen2 prius is possibly a better buy than an early gen3 prius. As for miles, 100,000+ is not unusual. My gen3 had 135,000 after 6.5 years. The facelift gen3 prius in 2012 had the new touch and go headunit which came with USB. The original T3 and T4 only had a 3.5mm jack aux socket (and no screen). The T Spirit with the hard drive satnav had a USB. I fitted an aftermarket head unit on my 2009 T3 gen3 (as did some others). As well as the usual Prii, there are also the Prius+ and the PlugIn Prius models around. If you are just after the hybrid technology, you could look at the Auris which can also come as an estate (could be handy for your dog), and the Yaris (might be too small).
  12. "Membership/access fees and aditional cables will only make sense if there are enough charging points where you want to go assuming they are working and someone else has not got there first!" And if it works out cheaper than using petrol.
  13. The first 6 months free is ok but at £7 a month I would need to charge 7 times a month to make it cost effective. Otherwise it is cheaper to buy petrol for the miles it gets me. I am not near a Polar charge point that often. I guess I could cancel after 6 months then rejoin. If you have a handy Polar charger you can use a lot (supermarket, work, etc.) it will pay off. Same with the CYC card at £20 a year. Same with buying a type2 - type1 cable.
  14. Road work speed cameras move all the time. When I took the gen4 for a test drive along the m27, the camera beep was going ballistic because a year earlier, there had been a 50mph limit for major road works.
  15. If the solar panel charges an intermediate battery rather than the HV battery directly, how come it only works when the the vehicle is parked and not plugged into a charging socket? Surely the solar panel will trickle charge the intermediate battery all the time? "Customers buying a new Prius Plug-in can take advantage of the UK Government’s plug-in car grant, which provides £2,500 towards the vehicle purchase cost." So the prices are before the grant. Does it have the charging socket and the fuel cap in the same housing? Or is that two different charging connectors (like on the leaf)?