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  1. After a few weeks with the plugin vs my previous gen3, one thing I have noticed is the trip (A/B) consumption meter. On the gen3, it starts at 0 mpg and subconsciously, I try to get the number as high as possible. On the plugin, it starts at 999 mpg and subconsciously, I try to stop the number going lower.
  2. I have noticed the lights going up and down when switched on, but with a full load in the boot, they can end up too high. Will mention it when it goes in for a service.
  3. Could be I never saw or found anything to do with fuel prices. I notice the 2013 plugin has a lot of extra stuff popping up on the MFD (like Trip stats, heating settings).
  4. I contacted my dealer.
  5. My 2013 plugin is booked in for the fuel recall next week. Dealer didn't mention about running the fuel tank down. Could be tricky with a plugin. Update: Just checked with my dealer and they said less than half full will be ok for them.
  6. AFAIK there was no fuel price option on the T3 gen3 Prius and I can't find one on the PIP. The OP mentions the MFD (as opposed to the touch screen). Perhaps the page number would be useful.
  7. Welcome. I too have a 2013 plugin (since mid Sept) but I haven't found anything about petrol prices. Before the plugin I had a gen3 Prius and that didn't have anything about petrol prices either. The manuals cover many countries and markets so not all the features mentioned are available on the UK models. I will have a rummage in the manual to see what it says.
  8. Recall checker is working again :)
  9. In one of the photos, the sun is reflected off the black applique making it look white :)
  10. Tesla buyers?
  11. And today Firefox says this about the toyota UK website The owner of has configured their web site improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this web site.
  12. A lot of prius owners I know never use the parking brake. They just leave it in Park.
  13. The Toyota Uk online recall checker seems to be broken. :(
  14. The PIP had its first long run over the weekend which allowed me to compare it with the gen3 over the same route. MPG wise the PIP was better but the gen3 was way better at going downhill. Going downhill in the PIP it seems like B mode is on but I also noticed on the energy flow screen that the PIP is charging even when the HSI is not in the charge zone. In the gen3, when the HSI was at the switch over point between the charge and ECO zones, there was no electricity flow either way and the car would freewheel down hills. I can't get the PIP to do that.