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  1. I am talking about afterwards when you get to the bottom of the hill and the brakes are off. The hybrid system wants to get the HV battery SOC down below the upper limit. I meant to say MG1 uses electricity from the HV battery to spin the ICE when you are stationary. It does this to get the HV battery SOC back down below the upper limit.
  2. Now you mention it, it might not. But it does show ICE to MG flow so I assume it will show it going the other way when it happens. I haven't had it happen and now I have a plugin, I not likely to.
  3. The 'wasting electricity' happens when the HV battery SOC gets too high. MG1 will spin the ICE to use up electricity in the HV battery.
  4. Do you have anything to monitor the OBD port? Like scangauge or hybrid assistant? Or the energy flow screen will show if the ICE is burning fuel or the electric motor is spinning the ICE (to burn off electricity).
  5. The only bad thing about the hybrid Yaris vs the older auto Yaris she had is the vanishing storage spaces. Old Yaris has loads of storage (and sliding rear seats). New Yaris is a bit bigger but has less storage space.
  6. When i was looking to replace my Astra with an automatic hatchback (or estate) with decent mpg, i was looking at a gen2 prius (as well as diesel automatics). When I was ready to buy, the gen3 prius had just arrived in the UK. An afternoon test drive in a gen3 and there was no contest. The order was placed when I got back to the showroom. For a reliable automatic, a Toyota hybrid is hard to beat (my wife now has a hybrid yaris rather than an auto petrol or diesel car).
  7. It's a lot easier to work with the metric system. Much better than inches->feet->yards->chains->furlongs->miles or ounces->pounds->stones->hundredweights->tons etc.
  8. It sure does. In the days of the stuck accelerator issue, it was the P for Panic button.
  9. "you just put it in D at the start of the journey and turn it off at the end, which puts it in P" Might need R once in a while. It's not really a gear selector, it's a direction selector.
  10. "There is no reason why it should be more efficient then than a normal petrol car of equivalent drag, weight & thermal efficiency." If the motorway was flat I would agree but motorways are not flat. When going uphill, the hybrid will use the ICE similar to a normal car. When going downhill, the hybrid will turn the ICE off and effectively coast. If the hill is particularly steep, the hybrid will generate electricity which it can then use later instead of petrol.
  11. On the gen3 prius, the trip A and trip B meters have mpg and av speed as well as miles. They all reset to zero. I found a straight flatish empty bit of motorway. Held the speedo at 70mph, reset the trip B meter and kept the speedo at 70mph. The av speed read 64-65mph same as the gps on the satnav.
  12. " Any energy drained from the battery must be replaced and ultimately that comes from using fossil fuel to run the ICE" The energy drained from the battery doesn't HAVE to be replaced. The only time the HV battery HAS to be charged is when the charge level goes below the lower limit. The ICE will fire up and will charge the HV battery until it is above the lower limit. Any other charge above this is a bonus which has been scavenged either by regen braking, or surplus from the hybrid system. True it came from the ICE originally (= fossil fuel) but this fuel wasn't burnt specifically to charge the HV battery.
  13. Is WR looking at a new Prius (gen4) or a used Prius (gen1 / gen2 / gen3)? "f you are going to do the majority of your mileage at 70-80mph you are going to get mpg like a petrol as the car is going to be running on ICE the majority of the time" Not true. MPGs will be better with the Prius than a normal petrol car. You can use something like Hybrid Assistant to see how often the ICE is used. It is surprising how much the ICE is not used when doing 70-80 over long distances.
  14. "The RSA looks for speed limits signs e.g Red outer rim, white background and black text stating speed" There are a number of these on the backs of vans and lorries. "quite where 130 mph is coming from is a mystery though" Those from the continent have km/h values like 90, 110 and 130.
  15. More trivia: On the prius trip meter, the mpg figures are higher than actual but the average speed figure is spot on. Does Yaris trip meter have average speed?