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  1. Any tips on buying a Prius

    Oooh yes. The 15 inch tyres are so much cheaper than the 17 inch and there is way more choice.
  2. Stopping in an Emergency

    Pressing POWER button while on the move will put the car into N.
  3. 2012 Prius Key Fob Keyless Entry Remote Not Working

    Prius C - Are you in the USA?
  4. Any tips on buying a Prius

    As well as the Prius (new or used) there are a few other options open to you. If you want a lot of room, there is the Prius+ (7 seater) and there is the plug in Prius (a Prius you can also charge up). If you just want the hybrid technology, there are Yaris, Auris, CHR, and RAV4 models. Definitely do a few test drives and used hybrids are well worth looking at. Don't think any hybrids come with full sized spare wheels but on some hybrids there is no spare wheel and nowhere to put one. For others there is a space saver spare or somewhere to put a space saver spare. Don't worry about the engine bay looking cramped. The hybrid drivetrain is basically a single lump. There's no clutch, no starter motor, no gearbox, no alternator, no cam belt, etc. The only things to do here are top up the screenwash and check fluid levels. All easy to get at. Bulb changing can be tricky but if you have LEDs they last a long time.
  5. Remembering servicing dates

    Last time I used MyToyota was when I got the PIP. Had to do this to complete the purchase (apparently). Have just fired it up again to see how it looks now and yet again, there is a new look MyToyota. Unfortunately it has forgotten all about the PIP that it knew I had last year. It really is a complete joke of a website.
  6. No Toyota Prius Commercials

    Recently there were some pics of rich peoples' super cars parked out and about in London. Pretty much all of them had a Prius in the background.
  7. Remembering servicing dates

    The MyToyota website goes through regular facelifts and each one seems to be worse than before. <offtopic> Many web sites (and phone apps) seem to focus on looking good rather than working. They don't seem to teach web programmers functionality. </offtopic>
  8. Night driving issues

    Mine too but I love it. I never have to dip the mirror.
  9. OVO energy are bundling 2 years free Polar Plus membership with their Fixed for 2 years plan and calling it EV Everywhere (details on their website). Might be of interest to PIP owners with Polar Plus membership, or near Polar / CYC charge points (but the fees make them more expensive than petrol). The Polar Plus card gives free access to CYC points because CYC don't charge Polar Plus customers the £1 admin fee.
  10. Remembering servicing dates

    In the service booklet the date and mileage have to be hand written which my dealer does. There is also the paperwork which has dates on. And My Toyota website should show the dates.
  11. No Toyota Prius Commercials

    If you mean the touch and go satnav mine doesn't but many satnavs do and there are EV charging apps. It helps if the satnav can also tell you a bit about the charging point (which network, charge point type, connector type, exact location, etc.). Tesla's satnavs do and they will work out a route for you including charging stops.
  12. No Toyota Prius Commercials

    Even the radio ads are saying you don't plug it in, it charges itself. And the MrT website. Wonder what people make of me plugging in my Toyota hybrid.
  13. Test Drive

    A spirited aqua gen2 PIP drove past me at the weekend. Looked really nice. Wife liked it too (and the colour). Later in the day I saw it parked up at MrT and got a look inside. It had the cool grey 2 tone seat covers which also looked good (better than the all black finish). Still not convinced about the rear seating and reduced boot space. Maybe in a few years when I don't have to ferry lots of people around or shift large loads, I can swap my gen1 PIP. The extra range would be handy and the new heating system.
  14. Test Drive

    Prius Plug In already has a lot of competition. I see a lot of interesting PHEVs while charging my PIP.
  15. Test Drive

    The Prius has a larger engine than the hybrid Yaris and bigger HV battery. The Prius is built around the hybrid engine (there is no petrol or diesel or manual Prius). Whereas the hybrid Yaris is a Yaris with a hybrid engine. With regards gen4 Prius vs gen2 PIP. The big difference is inside the car. Only 4 seats and even less boot space. A bit different to the gen3 Prius vs gen1 PIP. On the plus side, the gen2 PIP gives you heat pump heating. At least gen2 PIP prices do seem to be in line with standard Prius prices rather than grossly overpriced like the gen1 PIP was.