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  1. Don't forget better range of replacement tyres for 15 inch wheels.
  2. New Prius IV in Autocar Shock Horror!

  3. Disaster strikes

    My wife's previous automatic 1.3 yaris did that sort of mpg (38ish).  Her current hybrid yaris is doing 56mpg.
  4. Auto Express feature - buying a used hybrid

    There are some exceptions (like 2009 Gen3 Prii) but the HV battery warranty on the Prius is generally 8 years/100,000 miles. But MrT has introduced the Hybrid Health check which adds another year/10,000 miles each time it is done.
  5. Auto Express feature - buying a used hybrid

    Any particular version of the Prius (gen1, gen2, gen3, facelifted, plus, plug in)? Auris hybrid gen1 has been around for a while so there will be used ones of those which could be owned for 2 years or more but I guess you need a Prius.
  6. Just got an email from MrT saying that as an existing hybrid owner, I know how great they are and if I refer a friend and my friend books a test drive in a hybrid, I get a free gift and so does my friend.  T&Cs at Looks like you have to receive the email to take part.
  7. You could be right. When the Prius engine is revved, it doesn't go rrroooooaaaaaaarrr.    
  8. Toyota Prius Owner From Singapore

    Have you been to Prius Chat? The forums there are worldwide. This forum is mainly UK.
  9. Only One Reversing Light?

    My mini also had no syncromesh on 1st gear but it was a lot newer than yours. It was an estate and the 12V lead acid battery was under the back seat!
  10. Only One Reversing Light?

    You can get LED replacements, fewer watts more light.
  11. Only One Reversing Light?

    You forgot to mention the choke and lack of syncromesh gears.
  12. Only One Reversing Light?

    You could always use a reversing light bulb that is twice as bright. BTW my first car had no reversing lights. I had to fit a set myself.
  13. Prius Versus Golf Gte Mpg

    The solar panel on the gen3 prius only powers a ventilation fan. It doesn't charge the HV battery (or even the 12V battery).
  14. Gen3 Prius - Is The Heating On When It's Off?

    I thought the same, but like kithmo, I noticed that the temperature setting seems to be honored even though the auto system is off. If you set the temperature higher than air temp then turn the system off you still get warm air until the cabin has heated up.
  15. After a few years and many miles, I have often wondered if the cabin heating is still on even when the unit is OFF. When the OFF button is pressed, the fan controls, temperature setting etc. all vanish from the display giving the impression that everything is off. But, there is still warm air coming from the vents. Also when it is cold and I have left the temperature setting unusually high (say 22C) the day before. The next day, the car still gets very warm and the mpgs drop even though the heating controls are still off.