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  1. Hand Brake Switch

    Or you could just hook the light green wire up to +12V or ground, depending on what the head unit wants.
  2. Tyre Pressure Monitor reset not working

    Could it be done with a scangauge II via the xgauges? Might be something on Priuschat.?
  3. Toyota Hybrid Owner - Email flyer from MrT

    update: Toyota dealer has sorted out the issue with the marketting company and my afternoon tea voucher should be in the post.
  4. Poor Yaris Hybrid Mpg?

    Over the last year, my wife's hybrid yaris has ranged from low 50s to high 50s. This seems to be par for the course looking at the other yaris hybrids on fuelly. While not in the same league as the Prius, it is pretty good for an automatic yaris. The one thing I did notice when she got the hybrid yaris was the tyre pressures. In the yaris glovebox is the tyre pressure sticker and there are 2 values for tyre pressures. There is one for normal and one for ECO (I assume they mean the type of tyre rather than the hybrid ECO mode). The ECO PSi is a higher than the normal PSI but, from MrT, the lower PSI had been used even though the tyres were low rolling resistance (ECO) ones. It is well documented that running LRR tyres below the recommended pressure causes a major drop in mpg.
  5. Driven Gen4 Prius today

    You may be right. I find that if I run my finger around the edge of the door (at the top) before opening it, it doesn't drip into the car (but I do get a dirty finger).
  6. Toyota Hybrid Owner - Email flyer from MrT

    Found phone number for the company doing the recommend toyota promotion. They were pretty helpful and said the gifts haven't been despatched because MrT hadn't updated the system to say the test drive had taken place. :(
  7. Driven Gen4 Prius today

    Gen3 prius does that too. :(
  8. Toyota Hybrid Owner - Email flyer from MrT

    Update: Still no sign of my friend's gift (or mine) :(
  9. GAP Insurance

    Happened to me when I bought the gen3. I said no to everything then on the day I was picking the car up, at the 11th hour, I got offered all the extras for £99 (originally £1000+). YMMV
  10. Hybrid air con recharge

    Don't toyota hybrids use a different aircon gas to normal cars? My gen3 has never needed the gas recharged unlike my old astra which needed it ever couple of years.
  11. GAP Insurance

    If you hold out and say you don't want it you may find that just before you take delivery of the car, MrT can suddenly do you a deal on the GAP insurance (and SuperWax or whatever). It is worth checking what is available so you have an idea of prices.
  12. New 2017 Prius Plug-In Prime

    I know in the USA they call petrol gas (even though it is a liquid) but I can't imagine it being used as a refrigerant. Nice find on that article.
  13. New 2017 Prius Plug-In Prime Doesn't sound like they are using petrol to heat the cabin.
  14. New 2017 Prius Plug-In Prime

    Reading the blurb on the new plug in prius, it says it can heat the cabin without using the petrol engine. Sounds like MrT are using a heat pump (powered by the HV battery) for cabin heating (like AC in reverse).
  15. 17" tyre recommendation?

    The factory and production line might be the same but the compounds used will be different / cheaper.