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  1. prius gen 2 reverse beep

    I did do it on my 2008 Gen2 in the UK. There were a lot of posts on PriusChat on it at the time. Too long ago for me to remember now, but it involved a series of button presses, foot pedal control and shift lever manoeuvres! Try this one:
  2. Gen 3 versus Gen 4, from new owners point of view

    It is possible to vary the sensitivity of switching, according to the amount of ambient light detected; and also to vary the brightness of the instrument cluster when responding to the same. These and several other options are available as a DIY choice using the Carista App and a suitable OBD2 port dongle if your dealer won't do it for you. I posted a list of choices available for the Excel model in the UK here: After the single reverse beep, I particularly like controlling the sensitivity of the parking sensors and silencing them after 3 seconds (an irritating problem at red lights when a bike pulls up next to you and sets them off for the duration of the time waiting for the lights to change!)
  3. SG2 is primarily designed to be used as additional gauges and a trip computer on the dash. It will also help you decipher and clear any error codes, but (touch wood) I have not had reason to use those functions. The trip computer does a variety of different calculations, many also available on the Gen4 Prius, but it is also reassuring to have an independent and differently calculated 'distance to empty' verification when running low on fuel. SG2 can be used for some limited reconfiguring options once someone figures out and posts the XGauge codes for them. At the moment there are such codes for the Gen 3; single reverse beep for example, but nothing yet for the Gen 4. The reconfiguring options are few and not as extensive as using Carista. It is pricey, but you can take it from car to car. You can also daisy chain them together, so over the years I ended up getting two; which I now have mounted using sticky back Velcro on the dash, to show eight gauges on permanent display as I drive. Some of these I use as a substitute to having to switch screens on the main car display. Others to get information not available on the standard car displays. RPM informs reliably when the engine is on, particularly when the road noise makes it difficult to tell. Coolant temperature helps to decide the right time to heat the cabin if you want to use as little fuel as possible. Battery temperature helps you monitor someone / something accidentally blocking the vents around the rear seats; or when you should be using cabin air-con on really hot summer days. Torques displays look much better on the colour LED phone screens. SG2s are very basic monochrome LCD displays.
  4. Ticking sound under the hood of Toyota Yaris Hybrid

    Is it looking like you think this could be a dripping noise rather than a ticking? Seems more likely to me, if everything in the car was off. Logically, it must be coming from a higher level and falling to a lower level, so you should be looking for clues as to where the water source could be (from the light drizzle) and what kind of material would make that sound when tapped.
  5. I'm not an expert on Carissa, but my understanding is that it is a App that allows you to configure your car's settings, including the 'dealer only' settings like the reverse beep and sensitivity of the proximity sensors. I have not explored any functionality relating to the continuous monitoring of the car's functions during use. ScanGauge comes with a number of basic monitoring displays like RPM and coolant temperature. You can then program additional gauges (called XGauges) to monitor other communications from the car's computer (ECU) like this one. SG also allows you to see your true GPS speed as opposed to the indicated speed! One important different I am aware of. SG switches off automatically as soon as the car is switched off. The Carissa Bluetooth OBD connector remains on and will drain your 12V battery over time, so I suspect will not be as suitable for daily or continuous use. HTH
  6. The first XGauges for the 2016 Gen 4 Prius are just being published.Here are my initial observations with a new XGauge for HV battery State of Charge (SOC).
  7. Gen 3 sold privately

    I see it was described as 'Congestion zone free'. I thought this no longer applies to the Gen3. Was there any issues with that?
  8. Prius Mk 4 Mpg

    I do miss the quick access to the 'recirculation' button from the steering wheel though. Hypermilers on earlier generations used to over-pressure their tyres to around 42-44 psi (some even more). Apparently the ride is harsher and there might be risks with road grip, but I did it for several years in my Gen2 and experienced no problems in the driving conditions of the London area. I have my Gen4 currently set 3psi above recommended. On earlier postings there is apparently a small gain and an approximately linear relationship to fuel efficiency up till the tyre sidewall pressure limit. I try to hold off heating the cabin (using heated seats if needed) until the car naturally gets to around 40-50C. I monitor this with ScanGauge. That way it is possible to maintain the fuel efficiencies as in the summer, so the advice given above seems correct; it is almost certainly the set cabin temperatures on shorter trips which is a significant culprit in the impact on mpg.
  9. The first XGauges for the 2016 Gen 4 Prius are just being published.I have just posted here on my initial experiences with BTA. I hope to post more on SOC in the coming months.
  10. Wrong Multimedia/navigation installed

    There is a long and ongoing series of comments at the bottom of this page on the Toyota website: If there is anyone who has a list of the changes from version 6.7.0 to 6.8.1, would you please post it here? I'm not sure if the potential gains are worth the hassle that some have experienced.
  11. Wrong Multimedia/navigation installed

    Out of interest, what does it say you have on the MyToyota website?
  12. Wrong Multimedia/navigation installed

    It should be Touch2 with Go like my new Excel model and I'm puzzled how you could have been provided something else.
  13. Roadsign assist very inaccurate

    I reckon mine is correct about 90% of the time. Today I was driving past King's Cross in London and it showed the speed limit at 100mph! You would have thought the programmers would at least give it some intelligence about national speed limits.
  14. Toilet seat for 2016 Prius.

    Sorry about the messy reply - my post starts with - Are you sure.....
  15. Toilet seat for 2016 Prius.

    On 20/06/2016 at 7:12 PM, Devon Aygo said: No luck I'm afraid whilst the part will fit and is in the correct gloss Black finish the part is only suitable for models without wireless phone charger Are you sure this definitely won't work? Our dealer has an Excel model with wireless charger and this fitted as an option - although much more expensive then thecaretaker managed by purchasing from the US.