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  1. New Member With A Broken Celica

    Cheerful thing about Rovers is that they can be scrapped too. :D Why not flog it and use the ackers to sort your Celica GT eh? ;)
  2. G'day From Sunny Australia

    Cheers mate! And just to rub it in furhter, today is the second day of summer I think, and it was around 34 odd degrees. Honestly, the car felt so sluggish in the heat :( Be thankful for your cold dense air! LOL :) Thanks mate.. Cheers dude! Just a beginner, but thanks for the warm welcome! A lot more to come, i will be bringing you guys some more shots of some local cars... Got a cruise to Palm beach on saturday (50 50 about going)... So hopefully some more shots :D How I miss the snow :( But I do love your ute... (we call pickups UTE'S here..) Runs a 4 LUG stud pattern?! That's so strange!!! Yes, 4 stud does seem strange on a pick-up (UTE, Bakkie) -- even to me and I don't even have a spare, only a Tyre. Any wheels about here.
  3. Three Word Story...

    old one two
  4. G'day From Sunny Australia

    Thu 4 Dec Welcome to TOC from "up above" Justin, you certainly have some great Photo's of your geat cars! Now tell me, anything like my 1990 Toyota Africa Stallion 2100 pickup ('bakkie' in South Africa) used "down under" Thats our Weather for you and Cheers, TOLDI Eastern UK
  5. Do Doctors Have A Sense Of Humour?

    Wed 3 Dec 08 Had a Hospital appointment today, and the conversation started with the (Indian) Dr. saying: Hello, How are you today? (I decided I would just have to go for it) ------ I'm very well Doctor, but how are you? (Odd look) --- Oh mmmm. yes, I'm fine. Well you look a bit knackered to me, have you been very busy lately? (even odder look) ----- Yes, we are mostly busy You ought to take it a bit easier or you will end up having to see your doctor. Odd, Odd, Odd look then I lauged (Dr. Laughs) :lol: Then I just had to say. "I'm really only doing this because I read somewhere that Doctors don't often have a sense of humour, but good to see that you do." ----- Had a very relaxed consultation then, certainly breaks the ice. Thanks for the idea
  6. Almost

    Ice warning "Cats Eyes" have already been trialled several years ago. I seem to remember they were to be used on bends which were Ice Black Spots -- or was that Black Ice Spots, or even Black Ice Accident Black Spots? They changed to bluish colour when froze. Wonder what happened to the scheme, brilliant if it came about. But maybe I just dreamt it eh?
  7. Traffic Cops New Trick

    how fortunate are you guys or not . do you still have dirty traffic cops :P Dirty Number Plates instead
  8. Three Word Story...

    nae even haggis
  9. Three Word Story...

    sporran with dirk
  10. How Do I Post An Avatar Grrrrrrr!

    Try again, anybody, does it work? Definitely works for me, maybe that is because it is MY PhotoBucket album? As it is a .jpg file is that why it wont go in as an Avatar? You must be holding your tongue on the wrong side of your mouth when putting the link in had no troubles posting on your profile Les :lol2: Les, you are a real true GIDDLEPIN :clap: Thanks a lot. Santa's Sleigh ( ) does look a little fore-shortened tho' --- as though it has been the meat in a Front/Rear shunt sandwich !!! --- << ------- ------- Thanks again for doing it, wish I knew why it did not work for me though.
  11. Three Word Story...

    tantalizing Geographical Phenomenon
  12. Three Word Story...

    muffler and pair