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  1. Weird. Keep us posted! I'm also curious as to what the cause is!
  2. Floor Mats

    Yeah, so many details to think about when buying a car; You need a checklist! That said, your space saver's a way better deal than some mats
  3. Floor Mats

    I find they're usually a haggle item when buying a car. I hate carpet mats tho' so tend to go for rubber mats...
  4. Does it respond to the accelerator? Could be the idle needs adjusting, an issue with the MAF sensor or something's gotten blocked, but tbh if it's easily to reproduce it's easier to show a mechanic and let them figure it out.
  5. Tell Me About The 2015- Yaris Cvt

    Very smooth but takes some getting used to if you're used to a manual as the engine behaves like the clutch is slipping in a manual car if you give it the beans
  6. Corolla 2.0 D4D Cold Starting Problem

    It is worth triggering the glow plugs a few times before trying to start the car; I normally light them up 2-3 times before trying to crank the engine. Older Corollas with the 1CD-series engines have a known issue with the starter motor having trouble starting, but only when the engine is hot. Still, might be worth checking in your case even tho' this is the opposite problem
  7. Bonnet Catch Failure At Speed

    Yikes! Scary! Glad you're okay!!
  8. Is It Possible To Programme A Used Remote Fob

    Weeeeell it's a good excuse to go for a hoon... :D
  9. 3 Door Vs 5 Door

    Good choice; I went with a 3-door originally and quickly started to regret it when ferrying other people around. It got so annoying that when a 5-door appeared I flogged my 3-door to my brother and bought it The 5-door is just so much more practical!
  10. Toyota Auris Hybrid... Fuel Consumption During Winter

    Woah, do you mean the regen when you press the brake lightly there is no brake light, or do you just mean the regen when lifting off you get no light? Because the latter is fine but the former is definitely not! Edit: Didn't see this reply; That's fine, it works as expected! On a side note, at least you lot have electric heaters... my car's engine takes so long to heat up... it's sooo coooooolllld in there!!
  11. Is It Possible To Programme A Used Remote Fob

    £300 seems a bit high; Our Verso was £210 all in! Might be worth speaking to another dealer as remotes is something dealers can price at whatever they feel like. (For comparison, my bad dealer quoted me £250 all-in for the remote)
  12. Just to add extra confusion, I think it might have a throttle body if it's like the 2.0 and 1.4D4D's! They serve a different purpose than in petrols tho', and are there to regulae (I assume) intake from the EGR and turbocharger. Certainly on earlier D4Ds, they are quite prone to getting sooted up, which causes uneven idling where the car feels like it's about to stall, then catches itself, then starts to stall, then catches itself etc. Once you figure out where the thing is and how to get it out, it's very easy to clean using the magical powers of Carb Cleaner!
  13. 1999 Mk1 Yaris Alternator Belt Issue?

    I'm not sure how it is on yours as mine is a diesel but assuming the engine layout is similar, near and above the alternator should be a longish bar with an arm bolted to it that has some belt pulleys and the alternator attached; You literally just loosen the bolt and pull the arm toward the front until the belt is tight enough and then tighten it up. That said, if the squeal is only occasional and when you first use the car on cold/wet mornings and goes away after a few minutes driving, you can also ignore it. That is only for tightening the Aux belt tho', which drives the alternator, air con and other ancillaries; It turns out the Mk1 Yaris has ANOTHER belt which drives the power steering pump - I think on mine that is the source of the squeal but I got fed up with all the palava and now can't be bothered to replace it
  14. New Clutch Kit

    Is it a full clutch kit with the plate, the cover/spring and the bearing? I had a Valeo put on my Yaris some years back and it was okay. Last time I checked Valeo and LUK were OE suppliers for clutches for Toyota but this may have changed?
  15. Wandering On Motorway

    How bad is it? I do find my Yaris is less 'locked' in a straight line than it used to be since I changed tyres, but I don't know if that is due to the tyres themselves or just the garage that aligned it using an old machine that was itself slightly out of alignment. If a garage doesn't calibrate its machine regularly they can drift out; I came afoul of this when I got my wheels aligned ages ago and found the car tending to drift toward the curb slightly noticeably. Took it to another place that had just opened and had a brand new machine, and they found the front wheels were actually slightly out. I have had to get mine realigned more frequently too due to this !Removed! obsession with speed cushions everywhere. I swear have actually raised the number of incidents along my road!