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  1. In my experience it's unusual for rear-disc cars because of that whole mini drum-brake thing, but on cars with drums (Like mine!) I do find the handbrake needs to be adjusted over time as the drum shoes get worn. Since yours doesn't have the mini drum and is clamping the calipers, presumably it'll have the same problem, i.e. as the pads wear the handbrake will need to be adjusted. Assuming the rear pads are in good shape, that would point at the handbrake needing some adjustment...
  2. Ahh, thanks for the clarification Devon. I wonder if this is becoming more common? I always thought it was a bit weird having an extra drum for the parking brake, but I was told the reason was because a handbrake lever can't exert enough pressure on a disc caliper to 'lock' it. Apparently that problem's been solved!
  3. If you have rear discs, it might be normal; The handbrake in most cars with rear-disc brakes (Although not all!) is connected to a tiny drum brake inside the rear disc hub and it will hold the car when stationary but be next to useless in stopping the car unless you pull it hard enough to lock the wheels. That said, if it worked better previously and haven't worked properly since they had gotten stuck at some point, it would be worth getting them looked at as it's not unheardof for the brake shoe lining to shear off! It's possible they just need adjusting, but unlikely - on rear-disc cars they should last the life of the vehicle as they don't contribute to the stopping force and thus get little to no wear.
  4. I was giving the car a going over today, dug the leaves out of the air box, changed the filter etc. and am puzzling over how to clean out the intercooler and possibly radiator. Radiator wasn't so bad - Brushed it with a soft brush and gave the rest a good blast with a can of compressed air. The intercooler is another matter; It looks like every insect I have been near has been sucked into it! I brushed off the worst of it, then vacuumed out the rest (All hail the almighty power of the Dyson!) but I can still see there is dirt packed in between the fins. Does any one have any tips or tricks to clear that out? I've blasted it as much as I can with my compressed air can and I think it's just packing it in more... Is it safe to take a pressure hose to these things or will that just break all the delicate fins? Or damage whatever's underneath?
  5. Blimey, that stuff must be like water! I imagine on a normal engine it would just run easily right past the piston rings!
  6. I wonder if the battery voltage is too low? The Start-Stop system has a bunch of params it has to meet before it kicks in; One is engine temp and another is probably level of battery charge... If the battery was flat for a long time, it might be worth replacing it as car starter batteries don't like being dropped below 50% charge as it damages the lead plates.
  7. It's not as bad as it is in some cars to do, and since it's not going wrong yet you have plenty of time to shop around for a good price and reputable garage/mechanic! I had mine done about about half that mileage I think (Was trying to sort out the damned cat-screech belt-squeal problem, and my dad's Verso's water pump was leaking so I figured buy all the bits from our friendly forumhood dealer PartsKing and get both of them done in one go!) BTW, if you're doing the water pump and the alternator belt, and yours is a Mk1 Yaris, get the power steering belt done as well as they're all in the same place.
  8. Are those new new? I thought they were just tweaks to existing designs, like how the current 1.4 D4D is a slightly tweaked version of the one in my 12 year old Yaris, with extra emcon bits bolted on, not like the major re-designs the petrol engines are getting like the new atkincycle 1.5 that'll replace the 1.3, and the new 1.2T in the Auris!
  9. The most common colours I see are Black, Red, Sky blue and Silver. Some lessor seen ones are a kind of metallic beige (Usually on a T-Sport!), gold and a sort of metallicy green? I have a bunch of brochures and stuff here that show the colour choices of the post-facelift models: There were also Colour Collection ones which had even more colours to choose from. Alas I don't have any of the pre-facelift model blurb which had more colour options too! Who knows, maybe PartsKing or DevonAygo can get their hands on some old brochure PDFs for us...?
  10. Yeah, I'm clinging onto my Mk1 D4D with a death grip! You won't find a more economical and reliable car in that class! It sucks that none of the newer cars beat it without compromises... It's made finding a successor an impossible task for me so far! It's lucky you prefer the dash in the conventional location; I'm the opposite - I like it in the middle where it isn't obscured by anything, and in that wonderful collimated tunnel so I can glance at it without refocussing my eyes and that makes finding an alternative even harder! As for the diesel hybrid thing, well it sounds good in theory but diesels need to be run hot for max economy - The on/off duty cycle of the HSDs would lead to it getting clogged with soot because it never runs for long or hard enough to get to optimal running temp to burn it all off. That and with diesel being blamed for all our environmental woes means most manufacturers will shy away from it now; Heck, Toyota massively reduced R&D into diesels to concentrate on the HSD long ago, so they don't even have their own new engines now - They're doing a cross-trade with BMW for them!
  11. Yeah, sorry, not sure what else to suggest atm; Not that clued up about specific issues with that engine alas; Don't recall anyone having major oil consumption issues. One thing - pretty sure the Aygo should be using 5w30 so you might want to check that...
  12. Running dry's much worse in a diesel than a petrol because the injectors run at such insane pressures. Also, you can't just fuel up and go - you need to re-prime the whole fuel system! (Thankfully Toyota thought of that and put in a handy priming pump in the D4Ds! No so with some other manufacturers...) TBH you have to be exceptionally inattentive to run out of fuel in a Toyota - Heck, we have people here *complaining* that their cars have *too much* reserve fuel!! I must admit, if I see a tanker in a fuel station I will skip it and go to another one because I'm paranoid any crap in the tanks is swirled around when the fresh fuel is poured in! I also always brim my tank because I'm scared if I don't the water in the air will condense on the walls of the tank and I'll get a layer of water sitting on the top which leads... to MICROBES! (Petrol is toxic as heck and lighter than water so microbes can't survive in it; Water floats on diesel so if any gets into the tank microbes can live it in between the air and the diesel inside this layer of water!). I never bothered in my old (1.3 petrol) Fiesta and only half-filled it because the extra weight from filling it all the way up impacted the car's performance so much... (Man that was such a **** car...) This is mostly stupid paranoia - In the first case, a tanker could have just left and I'd be none the wiser; In the second case, air gets into the tank anyway as the fuel runs down so it makes no sense... but I still do it!
  13. Mmmmm... it might have been that and I'm just mis-remembering I guess...
  14. That's kinda weird... I swear we had another person semi-recently who had a crack develop on their windscreen from a corner a bit like that... damned if I can find the post tho'...
  15. What kind of oil are you using? Also, how's the car driven? I find with my Yaris it doesn't generally burn oil, but if I've been hooning around at the upper end of the rev range repeatedly I do find the oil level will be lower than it would otherwise be!