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  1. Yeah, my Yaris had this issue too :( I try and use the lock now and then to keep it loose but the damage has been done. I managed to free mine up with some WD40 in the lock, and on the key, and then putting the key in the lock and wiggling it until it turned, but the next day it was even worse. Next I tried electrical switch cleaner - This seemed to help a bit too, but unlike the WD40 it's not supposed to leave any residue so shouldn't gum up the lock with any more oil; So far it seems to have worked - It's not perfect, and still takes a bit of wiggling, but I can at least open my door with the key now!
  2. It's funny you should say that - I just put a load of V-Power diesel in my Yaris as its 4th-fill treat for being awesome, and rather than the smooth quiet purr I'm used to getting from the engine under V-Power it sounds the same if not worse than the Sainsburys diesel I normally put in! On top of that, I'm used to losing some low-end torque when using V-Power, but it seems I've lost even more than expected; Was extremely juddery in the morning and nearly stalled it when pulling out of junction which has not happened in a long time! I remember noticing a small power drop when they went from V-Power to V-Power Nitro so it seems they've been futzing with the formula again, and again made it worse! I'm glad I found your thread when searching as I was wondering if it was just me...! I'd forgotten they'd announced they were changing the formula again until I read this thread so it's very likely that is the culprit. I remember having a similar issue when they went from V-Power to Nitro+, and suspected the problem was down to them putting in more additives and cleaning agents, so there was less % of fuel. I'm going to have to remember to not do full-tank fills of V-Power any more if this is how it's going to run... last time my engine felt this weak was when I used Esso diesel! The pre-Nitro+ V-Power diesel was so much better... why do they have to keep making it worse???
  3. Yeah, takes getting used to, esp. on the Push button start ones; "Wait, is it on?! *peers at displays*" It's a good thing HSDs are impossible to stall!
  4. Cheers Frosty. 2 inches is loads, definitely more than I had on my loaner (That one was more like 2mm ) so maybe freds one does have an issue. Maybe they set them up differently in france??? Well, might be worth asking if it can be adjusted, but since it is only a 3 month rental might just have to get used to it...
  5. Out of curiosity, where does the clutch bite on yours Frosty? More middle or near the top? I was thinking maybe this problem was just with Aygos with the original small clutch and that you had the Yaris clutch in yours and that made it better, but the OP says he has a 2017 which should already have the Yaris clutch...? Hopefully Wiz201 can chime in as IIRC they got a new Aygo recently, and can let us know whether the high biting point is normal on the new ones or not, so fred knows whether he just needs to get used to it or can get it sorted!
  6. Aha, that's quite funny - Most of the other threads on the subject are from people complaining how ridiculously large the reserve fuel is! With my Yaris I once did a hundred miles on the last blinking light before I bottled it and dove into a fuel station, although it probably depends on how the car was parked when it's started! I find on cambered hills, the fuel gauge can be 3 bars if the car's facing one way, or one bar blinking if it's facing the other!!
  7. I wasn't saying that it was a problem with the car necessarily, just that I had the same problem driving it as you! That is indeed a downside with driving a diesel 'tho - all equivalent petrol cars feel painfully gutless by comparison! The pedal travel is weird in the Agyo tho' - In the Yaris the biting point is slap bang in the middle whereas the Aygo's felt like the horribly abused BSM Corsa I learnt to drive in Apparently it *is* adjustable tho', and if I had one I think that'd be the first thing I'd investigate!
  8. Seconded what bathtub tom says - A known 'feature' of the Yaris Mk1 and 2. I actually thought they'd solved this with the Mk3, since it's so much fatter than the first two, so it's a bit annoying that they still haven't done anything about it! What's happening is at full lock the wheels are not aligned properly (Due to the tight space of the Yaris engine bay), so one wheel is being dragged sideways. On smoother surfaces this manifests as squeal - I can get tyre squeal at full lock in the smooth tarmac of a multi-storey carpark by turning at full lock! - but in grippier surfaces it will jump and skip, making a sound not unlike driving over gravel. It's not anything to be concerned with, just a bit annoying. I can't believe they still haven't fixed it yet given it's been a known issue since the Mk1! Given how much bigger the engine bay in the Mk3 is, there should be more than enough space to fix the angle of the steering rack arms!
  9. I hat the Cooper CS2's, which are basically the same as the Avon ZT5s previously. Upsides are that they are quite hard-wearing and lasted quite along time. Downsides are that they had really poor lateral grip as they wore down, and in my naturally understeery Mk1 Yaris it made going round corners in the wet 'exciting'. My current favourite tyres are the Continental Premium Contact 2Es and the Goodyear EfficientGrip/Dunlop StreetResponse 2. They have worn well so far and have good grip and feel in both dry and wet conditions. I will say the Goodyear/Dunlop tyre is 'better' except it is generates loads of road noise and is easily the noisiest tyre I've ever used, despite having the lowest noise rating of any tyre I have used! I suspect they got their noise rating by directing all of the noise into the cabin, which is not measured as part of the noise rating!
  10. I don't have much useful advice but I had the same problem when I had one as a courtesy car too, although in my case I do suspect it was partly due to the clutch being shredded by previous lendees... Stalled that thing sooooo much, esp. tricky situations like moving off on a hill out of a gutter at an angle. Really missed my diesel Yaris there!! I just resorted to Learner Mode clutch usage - i.e. 2000rpm then engage the clutch instead of the see-saw. The clutch has a huge deadzone of travel so I had to release it with my whole leg to just before the biting point, then plant my ankle and roll back on that carefully over the biting point to get a smoother engagement.
  11. Yeah, what you experienced is attempting to brake without any aids or assistance! It's something that is good to have experienced, like trying to steer a car without powersteering, so if it ever happens you know what the heck has happened! Trying to stop a car when the brake assistance has failed is quite scary if you've never felt it before! (Well, TBH it's still quite scary even if you do!)
  12. Bah, booooriiiinng... I want them to bring that 400HP AWD Hybrid-R Yaris concept car to market!!!!
  13. I must admit I'm not a big fan of hydrogen - The amount of energy you waste to extract it is ridiculous; You'd be better off using the energy on James May's solar furnace to turn CO2 into more petrol and diesel! Also, large concentrations of free hydrogen scare the **** out of me - It will leak through almost anything, causes metal to become brittle and crack over time and it will happily combine with any free oxygen with very little persuasion, and do it very very quickly. As in kaboom! That said, I know these concerns are rather ironic considering I was just asking why I don't have a mini nuke reactor to power my car yet The former issues could go away if we can get into Space! and e.g. go mine Jupiter and Saturn for hydrogen fuel (I used to do that in Frontier: Elite 2 so it must be possible! ), or someone comes up with a catalyst. The latter we can engineer around; The hydrogen tanks in the Mirai are so wonderfully over-engineered that I feel content that at least Toyota are serious and aware of what a ***** hydrogen is to deal with! I must admit I was hoping for someone to come up with some kind of super duper quantum stealth turbo mach 7 capacitor battery... (That's a joke for any Dara O'Briain fans )
  14. I think Blitz did a kit... hold on... It ain't cheap tho'!!
  15. Flippin' heck... you'd've thought the fact it was still trying to move was a fairly big hint to them that B was not, in fact, Brake! I also recall someone posted about having their car serviced but the garage didn't switch the car OFF while doing the oil changes and such - Just assumed it was off because the engine wasn't running! It was only by some !Removed! good luck the ICE didn't fire up half-way through to charge the battery or something!!