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  1. Yaris Engine Wraning Light Dtc

    Blimey, talk about raising something from the dead But thanks for coming back and letting us know how you got on
  2. Good luck; It's disgusting that they can hold you hostage like this
  3. Toyota Roadside Assistance

    Yeah, I don't get it; Before, when they were with the RAC, it was a definite bargain - IIRC <50% of the full-whack AA/RAC cover at the time and the price stayed static for ages and on top of that there were lots of discount offers - Admittedly mostly useless stuff like airport parking and car rental; The usual kind of random discounting offers you tend to get! - But still it was nice stuff thrown in. When they rebranded it from Club Toyota to Toyota Roadside Assistance and changed to the AA, the discount offers were all removed but the price has gone up a tiny bit almost every year! I thought it would have been cheaper without all those offers! The problem is, if they push the price up much more I'd be more inclined to go with the AA or RAC directly as I don't need Home Start (Yay for travelling mechanics!) and you get the advantage of the breakdown cover applying to any car you are in and not just yours!
  4. Mk1 Yaris - have you replaced the OEM horn?

    If Frosty pops in with his suggestion, please ignore it.
  5. Poor Yaris Hybrid Mpg?

    The situation when they run out of petrol, pay attention man!
  6. Poor Yaris Hybrid Mpg?

    Oooh, nice! I didn't think the Yaris HSD was too bad for the torque tho'; I know the HSD's I've driven have been fun to launch off the line, plus the ICE can redline almost instantly if you floor it instead of having to wind up like engines mated with fixed-ratio gearboxes. They do tend to get noisy as heck when you do that tho'
  7. Poor Yaris Hybrid Mpg?

    Partly that, but the basic problem with the 1.5 is that it doesn't quite have enough torque to drive the car at a low RPM so the HSD either needs to take power from the battery or run the 1.5 at a higher RPM which obviously uses more fuel. I reckon the change to a 1.8 was in response to this, and most people who've gone from a gen2 to a gen3 have remarked how it's quieter at speed (The aerodynamics probably helps a lot there too tho' as you say!) re. running out of electricity/petrol, if the traction battery hits Zero then it is game over with the HSDs; You can't start the ICE to recharge it and you can't jump it; The battery needs to be recharged with a specialist recharger, or changed. If you run out of petrol, but still have battery charge, you can just put more petrol in and it should be okay. I forget which ones do what exactly, but IIRC the older HSDs will just stop dead if you run out of petrol, even if you have charge, while newer ones will let you run for 10 miles or down to a certain level of charge before shutting down completely. I didn't know that there were some that would let you run until the traction battery is dead tho', that's new to me! I suspect that is not intentional given how much more catastrophic draining the traction battery is vs draining the fuel tank!
  8. Poor Yaris Hybrid Mpg?

    I just did 468miles on 35 litres in mine, although this is pretty sub par for me (I also just broke 80,000 miles on the odo! I'm slowly but surely climbing that Who's got the highest mileage Yaris table )
  9. Corolla seems 'ropey' on road

    The usual causes are the tracking, toe etc. need adjusting, or the tyres are wearing out
  10. Now the sun is out....

    Quite a common problem; I remember this affecting me when I had a C1 as a courtesy car! I had polarised glasses and they didn't help at all - It was driving me mad as the pattern of the dash made it look like there was rain on the screen that you couldn't wipe away. I got around it at the time by draping a black cloth over the affecting area - This worked very well! (Hint: Don't leave it there when you're out of the car as it gets stupidly hot! :eek:) In the thread, a few people suggested using a matt coating like ArmorAll to cut down on the reflection. See also:
  11. Best score, mine is 88/100

    The way I drive I think I'd have a hard time breaking 10
  12. Diesel Hybrid?

    Are these hybrids you can buy here??? I can't believe I could have missed that many...
  13. Diesel Hybrid?

    I dunno, I think the Atkinson (Well, really it's a Miller cycle without a turbo but now I'm just being pedantic ) thing is just a Toyota thing; I'm not aware of it being used in other hybrids. But it isn't more fuel efficient than a diesel engine by a long shot - It is in a lab, but engines have to pull load in real life and that's where it falls short; The lack of torque means it can't push the car along at high speed and low RPM, which means the engine has to spin faster which means its noisier and uses more fuel and is why the HSD now has a reputation for being worse on the motorway. They didn't fix this until the Mk3 Prius where they started using the 1.8, and it's noticeably nicer on fast long roads as the engine can put out enough baseline torque to run the car without having to trade RPM for torque like the old 1.5 did. (Although we get those complaints from the 1.5-equipped Yaris HSD instead now ) I do wonder how much mpg the Atkinson cycle gets you; I reckon the 1.0VVTi could replace the 1.5 in the Yaris HSD with some ECU tweaks and get better mpg for extra-urban cycles.
  14. Diesel Hybrid?

    Yeah, I saw that; I wonder if they're going to give all their citizens driveways too so they can charge them
  15. Diesel Hybrid?

    Oh don't worry, I'm sure that won't be a problem for them! I'd wager they'll either just charge a flat fee similar to what they're moving to now, but have it affect all cars, or if they're feeling particularly arsy they could base it on the kWh of the battery or the peak kW delivery of the electric motor(s). I just hope they don't figure out a way of taxing 'automotive electricity' vs 'heating electricity'!!!!