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  1. Corolla seems 'ropey' on road

    The usual causes are the tracking, toe etc. need adjusting, or the tyres are wearing out
  2. Now the sun is out....

    Quite a common problem; I remember this affecting me when I had a C1 as a courtesy car! I had polarised glasses and they didn't help at all - It was driving me mad as the pattern of the dash made it look like there was rain on the screen that you couldn't wipe away. I got around it at the time by draping a black cloth over the affecting area - This worked very well! (Hint: Don't leave it there when you're out of the car as it gets stupidly hot! :eek:) In the thread, a few people suggested using a matt coating like ArmorAll to cut down on the reflection. See also:
  3. Best score, mine is 88/100

    The way I drive I think I'd have a hard time breaking 10
  4. Diesel Hybrid?

    Are these hybrids you can buy here??? I can't believe I could have missed that many...
  5. Diesel Hybrid?

    I dunno, I think the Atkinson (Well, really it's a Miller cycle without a turbo but now I'm just being pedantic ) thing is just a Toyota thing; I'm not aware of it being used in other hybrids. But it isn't more fuel efficient than a diesel engine by a long shot - It is in a lab, but engines have to pull load in real life and that's where it falls short; The lack of torque means it can't push the car along at high speed and low RPM, which means the engine has to spin faster which means its noisier and uses more fuel and is why the HSD now has a reputation for being worse on the motorway. They didn't fix this until the Mk3 Prius where they started using the 1.8, and it's noticeably nicer on fast long roads as the engine can put out enough baseline torque to run the car without having to trade RPM for torque like the old 1.5 did. (Although we get those complaints from the 1.5-equipped Yaris HSD instead now ) I do wonder how much mpg the Atkinson cycle gets you; I reckon the 1.0VVTi could replace the 1.5 in the Yaris HSD with some ECU tweaks and get better mpg for extra-urban cycles.
  6. Diesel Hybrid?

    Yeah, I saw that; I wonder if they're going to give all their citizens driveways too so they can charge them
  7. Diesel Hybrid?

    Oh don't worry, I'm sure that won't be a problem for them! I'd wager they'll either just charge a flat fee similar to what they're moving to now, but have it affect all cars, or if they're feeling particularly arsy they could base it on the kWh of the battery or the peak kW delivery of the electric motor(s). I just hope they don't figure out a way of taxing 'automotive electricity' vs 'heating electricity'!!!!
  8. Diesel Hybrid?

    There is potential for it to work - One of the biggest advantages of diesel is it can be run at lower RPM and deliver higher torque than an equivalent petrol engine; With the CVT-like gearing of HSD, it would be possible to tune the engine to operate solely in its most optimum RPM and even optimise the clatter to a minimum. You wouldn't get that horrible red-line sound you get in current HSD's when a lot of load is put on the engine! However, the biggest problem is heat, or lack of. All engines have terrible efficiency when they are cold and are also at their most polluting. Now, Petrol engines generate a LOT of waste heat, even when idling - Normally this is a bad thing, but in hybrids it helps get the engine up to operating efficiency faster and helps reduce the impact of the on-off use cycle. Diesel engines generate far less waste heat - I think the difference in exhaust temperature is something like 200-300 degrees cooler than a petrol engine?, but this means they take absolutely ages to warm up; An idling diesel engine will take so long to reach operating temperature you'd probably get to where you're going before it happened. Diesel engines need to be run; They like being under load - They get the heat they want, it helps drive the turbo-charger, emissions are better as more stuff is burned off and there is less oxygen to form NOx; Conversely, they tend to be very inefficient when lightly run - They lose heat and there isn't enough pressure to really get the turbo-charger really going. Worse still, particulate and NOx production tends to be worst when they are lightly run as the temps aren't high enough to burn the soot off and there is so much free oxygen that NOx formation is at its highest. All in all, the partial-load cycle that you get in hybrids just wouldn't suit them. Maybe if you put a really really small one in that was run fairly hard, but then you may as well use it as a range extender rather than a proper hybrid unit. I doubt it will be a thing tho' - With all the legislation pressure at this point it's just not worth the R&D - IC engines in general are being forced out; There's a lot of pressure to remove diesel engines now, and it'll be petrol's turn next. Electric motors are better in every regard (Well, aside from the lack of a nice sound) - Their only weakness is energy storage; Batteries are still a good order of magnitude worse - even with the relative inefficiency of ICE they still provide far greater range - but once they crack that governments are going to force everyone to go electric and ICE's will have the same fate as horses as far as their use in transport goes.
  9. Mudflaps, what a surprise

    I doubt the mpg drop would be significant given that there are wheels in front of them anyway. Also, all the people whose windscreens have been saved from stones by your mudflaps thank you :) I don't think the engine will gain much from the high octane tho' (Maybe a bit if you're at sea-level and absolutely caning it)
  10. left my dash cam on for the service

    That's what put me off the service plan; Unless you know in advance everything to ask for then you'll still get stung for extras or things to ask for, and you don't really save a great deal. It's only really useful to help spread the costs rather than paying it in one go.
  11. Hybrid air con recharge

    I think so; IIRC because the HSD's use an electrical pump rather than a mechanical one the gas used has to be certified to not generate static or not be conductive or something like that. The trick with aircon longevity is to use it as regularly as you can and you will hardly ever need to regas it; This is why cars with good automatic climate control tend to keep their gas longer than on/off aircon, as they periodically cycle the aircon to keep it in good shape and to stop the seals drying out.
  12. Replace Windscreen under Insurance

    Yeah, the wording of the policy is typically dense; All I know is that there is windscreen cover and there is a £70 excess, but aside from the phone number there isn't much else in the normal blurb. I'll just keep plugging away for now to try and get through, and try and puzzle through the fine print while it rings ;)
  13. Hey all, Have any of you had a windscreen repaired under insurance before? How did you go about getting it done? I wasn't sure if we could just go to e.g. Autoglass and get them to do it and let them sort out claiming it back from insurance, so we've been trying to go through the insurer directly. Now, I thought this would be fairly easy - It is Toyota Insurance - But they have been a nightmare to try to get through to on the windscreen 'hotline' (It literally rings for over an hour most attempts), and when I did get through they tried to make me pay the excess before even booking it in; I refused, and they said they'd try and sort out a day and then call me back. Surprise surprise 2 days later no call back and yet again I can't get through. So... should I persevere or is going through Autoglass a valid alternative. Or, could I book it in with a dealer and get them to sort out claiming it back through insurance?? (I'm guessing no, but never hurts to ask...?)
  14. How to contact Parts King

    He has his own forum area! You can also PM him. He usually replies pretty quick unless he's on holiday or something :D
  15. Rear View Mirror Vibration......

    First, make sure the mirror is secure; I had this once in my old Fiesta and ignored it, assuming it was just a thing, then one day the whole mirror fell off and hit my mate in the crotch while I was going round a roundabout I also get it on occasion in my Yaris (Nowhere near as severe) when I'm on roads with poor surfaces; Mine is prone to it because I run at higher tyre pressures than standard and I find more of these high-frequency vibrations get transmitted. If it is engine vibration, rev the car higher; The 3-cylinder 1.0 VVTI engine is weird as it seems to get smoother the higher it revs!