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  1. Iq Spotting

    I too have seen more iQs about recently - at least 3 - 4 a day now
  2. Autoexpress Driver Power

    I have filled in the Driver Power survey and gave my iQ full marks
  3. Iq Insurance And The Iam

    Thank you very much barryc and Tone for your advice which I will follow up. I live in south London and there are plenty of examples of hair-raising driving around there!
  4. Iq Insurance And The Iam

    I would like to do the IAM course but I've been told that you have to be a fairly experienced driver before doing an advanced course. I think that I would benefit from having more confidence whilst driving however and I too probably drive too close to the left some of the time. Since I passed my test the roads in London have been full of roadworks so I seem to spend most of my driving time just inching along in the queues between holes in the road. Does IAM look for a particular length or quality of driving experience before they let someone onto their course? It is really more confidence that I am looking for, rather than lower insurance, although that would be nice too!
  5. Iq 20K Service £56

    I was told that a pollen filter would cost £100 at my iQ's second service. I have now ordered a new iQ and am just waiting for it so did not go ahead with the pollen filter for now, however there seems to be quite a variation in prices
  6. Iq Meet - South London And Surrounds

    I would like to go along
  7. Iq Meet - South London And Surrounds

    I can do the 25th June - assuming this will be Epsom Downs!
  8. Spotted

    White iQ spotted on Waterloo Bridge at 8.30pm yesterday. It seemed to have a lot of passengers, including a cute black and white dog who put his head out of the window!
  9. Spotted

    Today I followed a black iQ (LO 09) from Elephant & Castle to Aldwych (I was on a bus so didn't wave!) This is one of four iQs I've seen around my bit of London recently - it's nice to see more of them on the road.
  10. Iq Interior -Poor Quality Plastics?

    I bought my iQ in July 2009 and had the Guard X applied. I thought maybe that is why there are no scratches on the interior so far. I think that I have read other posts from people who have noticed this as well?
  11. Iq Electric

    I have found this information about the electric iQ:
  12. Iq Electric

    Is it not possible to have a hybrid iQ?
  13. Iq Meet - South London And Surrounds

    9th April looks like a good day for me
  14. Iq Meet - South London And Surrounds

    I would like to go to Epsom Downs too, but am also happy to go to Guildford Not that my iQ is anyting special to look at, not a single modification, but it would be nice to meet other iQ drivers
  15. Spotted

    I saw an amethyst iQ on New Cross Road SE14 on Tuesday 1st February when I was driving my pearl white one in the opposite direction. I almost waved but thought that I might just look stupid!