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  1. Rusty Door Hinge Bolts

    Details sent ;)
  2. Rusty Door Hinge Bolts

    Thanks for the replies I have now got Toyota UK's Email address and sent them the pictures. Hopefully common sense will prevail. It does look like they were not coated correctly. Not what I would expect from Toyota and on a car costing 20K plus.
  3. Rusty Door Hinge Bolts

    The Wife's 2 Year old Toyota Verso D4D rear door fixing bolts are going rusty. I asked about them a couple of weeks ago when it went in for it's 20K service. To me it looks like the 8 bolts which go into the rear doors from the hinges are not painted They look a different colour silver, more bare metal. Anyway they wiped the rust stains off the pillars and told me its only "Cosmetic" so not covered by the warranty :o Anyone else got "Rusty Bolts" ? Even My 10 year old Ford hasn't got rust stains down the door pillars.
  4. 2008 Dimming Mirror Wiring.

    I bought a auto dimming mirror from an Avensis for the wife's car in error. As nobody seems to want ti on Ebay, I have decided to fit it to my Ford. Just need to know the wiring on the multi plug to the back of the mirror. I expect I only need a 12v Supply and earth as the other pins do auto wiper etc. Has any one got a wiring diagram showing which pins what, Please? Thanks Forget it, someone has bid in the last 20 minutes on it
  5. Hid Colour

    I looked in to the colours when I fitted a kit to my Ford. 6000K is the whitest I found. Such an improvement on standard.
  6. Ps3 Mkii

    I only have to wait till the end of the month now for the release of GT5. That will be the deciding factor to buying a PS3. I have been waiting well over a year for this game. :o My car was photographed 3 years ago by Sony for the game :P The previous owner took it along to a recording / photography session. But I won't know if its been used till the game comes out and afull list of cars / add on cars is known. No it's not a Toyota, thats the wifes car. Mine has a Blue oval on the front. :)
  7. Supra Spotted At Colerne Trackday

    Found a picture I took. and
  8. Auto Dimming Mirror Fitting

    Well if they came with one as an option, it can't be too hard to fit :) I'm not collecting the car till Thursday as it's the demonstrator and has to be valetted etc. I will speak to the service department before then about it. Thanks for the info
  9. Scangaugeii

    You can use them on any post 2000 car :) I have one mounted in the dash on my Tickford built Ford Racing Puma, mainly to keep an eye on the fuel economy which is was low as 7mpg last weekend on a race track :o But the wife Yaris Verso came up with a management alarm so I plugged it inot her car, read and googled the fault code. Diesel heater failure. Reset the fault with the unit. Didn't come back so it must have been a spurious one ;) Then fitted the Unit back into my Puma.
  10. Auto Dimming Mirror Fitting

  11. I was at a Trackday last weekend with my car and there was a very tasty looking grey / silver Turbo Supra with a rear spoiler there screaming around. Anyone on here? Also a red Celica.
  12. Well after 3 weeks ownership its going back to the dealer. It's had a starting problem and there are a couple of things we didn't like. They made the mistake of giving us a Diesel Corolla Verso as the courtasy car :P What a fantastc drive The Urban cruiser stalls very easily and on a few occasions the start button just flashed green / red and did nothing . Great if your were in the middle of a junction. Up to 4 minutes before it would start again! That was a fault on the keyfob, but the damage in confidence had been done. Also didn't like the silly rev when you change gear and the need to rev it hard to pull away from junctions at any speed. We loved the looks and styling though.
  13. Auto Dimming Mirror Fitting

    Has anyone fitted a Auto dimming mirror to a Corolla Verso? Of did one come as an option? Next week, the Urban Cruiser goes back and we are having a D4D Verso instead. ;) Much nicer drive :) But it dosen't have the dimming mirror, I have managed to get one pretty cheap. and think it just needs the live and an earth. I presume it will just pop on to the ball mount? and I can take the supply from the interior light etc. Thanks
  14. Hi everyone :) I'm Graham and live in Wiltshire in the UK. After two Yaris Verso's, petrol and Diesel we recently bought a brand new Urban cruiser But after a week or so realised our mistake. So it's going back and the 2.2 D4D Verso will be picked up on Thursday :D We liked a couple of things on the Urban Cruiser, but it had a couple of thing that we decided that we couldn't live with. One thing we will miss is the auto dimming mirror. Does anyone know how easy it is to fit one ? I assume just a live supply to the mirror and a good earth?