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  1. Yet Another Problem On The 'rolla...

    Sound like a short somewhere, someone may have more info than me about this though since I wouldn't no where to start with electrics. I had an odd issue with my headlights which turned out to be a bad earth but I took it to an auto electrician to find the fault. I know exactly what your talking about with reliability though I've had my fair share of issues. Nothing like my old s**troen paxo though lul
  2. Fog Lamp Bulbs

    I wish I'd seen this thread earlier! Had the exact same problem ttoday with my pfl fog bulbs 100% NOT Hb4..... To confuse matters a little more the other side was a H10 not H11 or Hb4 and was a perfect fit. Rang a number of motor factors and nobody had ever heard of a H10 but there it was in my drivers side fog light. Anyway, long story short Hb3 was a fit but not absolutly perfect like the H10. Very very strange.
  3. What After-Market Discs?

    I had a VERY 'spirited' drive in the T-sport at the weekend after all of the problems i've had with it have finally been solved and i well and truly cooked the brakes. Since the pads are low and the discs look as though they could do with being renewed i've decided to upgrade but i'm not sure what to go for. The Pads will be EBCs possibly red-stuff but the discs i'm not so sure. I would have gone EBC for some drilled and grooved jobbies but the last EBC discs i had (on my Leon cupra R) warped after about 15mins.... Anyone have any advice or experience with drilled/grooved discs on the CTS?
  4. How much are the MAFs? With my previous cars (mostly VAG) they cos a fortune! I keep mine clean using isopropyl alcohol, brings them up like new! The first time i took my MAF out the sensor was caked in black dirt, cleaned it up and the car pulled much better and MPG went up. IMHO cleaning the MAF is essential when you're running an after-market induction kit since the oil they use to trap dirt coats the sensor and blunts performance. The thing with MAF sensors is that they can be very very poorly and not throw a code until they have completely stopped functioning. I'd say your best off cleaning once a year/10,000miles to keep it sweet!
  5. Fidanza Flywheel

    I love mine and would recommend it but it depends on how you drive your car.... Yes it is more difficult 1st to 2nd but it is still doable, Just have to be hard on the clutch!
  6. Key Vs Rolling Road... Again...

    That is a very nice gain! I'm strongly concidering a MIJ system when i get the money together, i will going for a 2.5" though and i will get a before and after dyno run too. Who cares about torque in the mid range anyway, it's not like we drive dirty diesels ;) I saw the vid on youtube and it sounds fantastic.
  7. What Do You Use?

    I use Merguires too. For the price, can't beat it! And to bridges: detailing thread please! :D
  8. Wind Deflectors

    I would recommend JJautomotive too. Thats who i got mine from. The first set i ordered had been thrown about and broken in transit (typical parcel force), i contacted JJautomotive who dispatched a new set the same day for free. quality service! If you can't find them for the 3dr on their ebay page try their online store: I ordered direct from them without going through ebay because they didn't have 3drs listed when i was looking.
  9. Hong Kong Visit.

    I've never been to China or Hong Kong but if i was you i would only go to highly reputable places for parts. The kind mentioned above. There are a lot of fake parts floating around and >95% of these are made in China. I would be especially careful when buying things like clutches, brakes, springs or tyres since fakes like that could end up destroying your car and killing you or bystanders. I'm not just being negative btw I'm sure you will find some bargains! It's just something worth thinking about.
  10. Where Does Your Cts Idle At?

    1500-1200 cold 800-1000 warm
  11. Santa Pod Rwyb - 7th March

    Wish i could make this :( It's my fiancée's due date on the 9th of March so it's cutting it a little fine i think! Count me in for the next RWYB though
  12. 3sgte Engine?

    I looked into this when i had problems with my 2zz. Same as above really. It's possible but will be very very difficult. i was quoted £5500 for a 3s-gte it to be fitted professionally and i had to supply the engine, that's more than the car is worth and i think it was quoted short and would have cost more than that. I say the best swap would be a 2zz-ge, a supercharged one if you found one but i very much doubt it! For the time and money involved in a 3s-gte swap you would probably be better of building a 2zz-ge and running it with a garrett GT2871R. 400-500bhp to be had there i should think ;)
  13. Light Bulb, Still Cant Unplug It

    I pulled harder when i was taking a bulb out and broke the connector! Pull hard, don't twist though
  14. How Does A Tte And Focus St Compare

    I've driven an ST before, in fact i've driven nearly every recent hot hatch that's been sold in the UK! ST is a fine choice mate. Only things i can think of wrong with it is the steering doesn't feel "right" to me and you can feel the weight of the engine at the front but it makes a fantastic noise. Other than that it's great, one of the better ones imho, felt VERY similar to my old leon cupra R. They aren't as tunable as i would have thought for a big 2.5T, about on par with the BAM or AMK VAG 1.8 20vt but that's not really a problem. I was thinking about an ST before i found out my mrs was pregnant and opted for the CTS for it's cheapness and low running costs. I'm sure you'll love it
  15. T Sport Miles Per Tank?

    I agree with the above! I've been driving gently (like a normal person) for the last couple of days since i am uber skint atm and the avg. MPG is sat at 41. Thats 450 miles/brimmed tank to 100% empty or 400 miles until you're on reserve fuel. Normal driving with plenty of lift and it sees 26 MPG or less. Thats just 280 miles until empty, or 200 miles between fills! Scary the amount of money lift burns! LOL