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  1. Amplifier Power Cable

    Hey, Open the bonnet then iIf you fumble around as far forward as you can reach.. there should be a rubber gromet. Use this. Thread the amp cable through and it should end up in your passenger footwell/underneath glove box.. Sorry about the lack of detail but I'm just getting my legs back.
  2. Did You Know....

    Wtf?! It's not the best thing seeing people pish against shop windows.. Bushes - fair enough Imho.
  3. S700i

    Aye, nice big front screen, swivel to txt etc.. Sony Ericsson have a cool 'theme' thing going on (which you can change) - Free Themes I'm on O2 contract, no problems.. although don't think they are still available (?)
  4. S700i

    I've got an S700i - class.. Everyone loves it. Tidy camera, video is cool, blutooth, the usual stuff..
  5. Playing Games

    Supermario Kart.. Bought a Gamecube purely to play it!.. Worms, classic.
  6. Ntl: Cable Sorted
  7. Song Stuck In Your Head Today...

    James Brown - This is a mans world...
  8. Wmce

    Just wondering if anyone is using it and got it linked up their home hi-fi sytem etc etc, how far have people gone with this.. B)
  9. Wmce

    Anyone using this?
  10. More Help With Another Tune...

    I'll download it later to check that it's the correct tune - pretty sure tho
  11. More Help With Another Tune...

    Will defo have it later.. Unless someone beats me to it. Future Underground Nation - "It's the way"... Try that bad boy B)
  12. More Help With Another Tune...

    Believe that this was on constantly on hols (last week).. :shuffles feet under desk:
  13. Nearly Forgot!

    Bit late, but have been on hols.. Hope you had a good un.
  14. Congratulations!