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  1. Hi Malc,I know you posted this a little while ago but my Rav has just come up with this code along with 627.What was your outcome?
  2. Thanks 54 plate XT3 D4d 2.0
  3. There is ALWAYS an alternative But who has said it needs a new pump + why? a second opinion from a diesel specialist might be worthwhile.. Stew Hi Stew Thanks for the reply,the car was loosing power on acceleration so mentioned it during the MOT and so he referred me to a diesel specialist,apparently there are two valves on the pump and if those can be sorted it will ONLY cost £100 per valve plus fitting,will find out Tuesday.I wouldnt mind if it had high mileage but its only done 38.000 miles!!!!(wish Id taken out a warranty DOH !!)
  4. Evening everyone,Took the Rav for an M.o.t and described the problem he then referred me to a diesel specialist,apparently there are two valves on the pump and if its these that have gone its ONLY £100per valve plus fitting.Everything crossed.

  5. Hi Guys Just found out I might need a new fuel pump for my Rav.£870.00 Is this right or is there an alternative ????
  6. Agree Dave, the 4.3 does do it, but nothing like as bad the 4.2. You have to listen very hard to just hear it. Glad it's sorted mine still makes the noise my wife thinks it's the rav singing I will find out for sure Tuesday when its fitted..Fingers crossed
  7. Oriana Your my new best friend,that is exactly the noise and apparently its the fuel filter cap. Thanks and I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Nice one Dont spose you remember the link??
  9. Thanks I'll check that out
  10. Again thanks Anchorman Returned to the garage today they did all the work in front of me seems like the noise is coming from the fuel pump.Any ideas on the cost of a new one?
  11. Thanks anchorman Yes they changed all filters and fluids.Could it be something as simple as a left off clip or something.There is no change in the cars performance or anything tell- tale at all.
  12. Hello Everyone First time "RAVER" and poster so be gentle....Bought a 54 plate 2.0 diesel in September 27000 mls and love it.Fantastic in the rescent snow and ice BUT I now have a problem.She had a "Big" service in December but since then It's had a Whoosh Whistle,it can be in any gear,it can be idling or at any speed, seems to be less frequent if I use it a lot.The local Toyota dealer has never heard it before nor the garage where serviced,although they are going to check it out for me next week.Any ideas anyone please?