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  1. Reclaiming Petrol

    HI Peter, two ways spring to mind, you could disconnect the supply line from the discharge side of the fuel pump, clamp a length of hose to it, and then switch on the ignition and let the pump do the work,or disconnect the pipe on the other side of the pump and create a suction through it and let it siphon out into a container on the floor. You do say if it is petrol so don't forget the precautions like doing it in a ventilated area Del
  2. Rav4 Query

    Hello Ellen, you have joined a great and friendly club, My first impression is that as you mention dog transportation is you mean some sort of barrier between you and the canine cargo. I think Toyota do sell such an item but would probably be expensive I assume they are not something like Great Danes which would necessitate quite a solid screen to protect you and the dogs in case of an emergency stop. You could probably find in an auto accessory shop something like I used with two extending upright poles that enable you to adjust to push fit between the roof and floor.Removing the seats instead of just folding into the footwell would give a step down in the floor which the dogs could fall into as you hit the brake pedal Hope this is of help. Del
  3. Alarmo

    Greetings Alan and a big welcome to the club. Myself I would first checkout that the cable connections are sound like the battery earth where it is fastened to the body An alternator produces an AC current that the rectifier alters to DC that the battery needs. A voltage regulator then monitors and corrects the output.Often these two units are combined It sounds as if the fault may lie there.I would suggest finding an independent auto electrician and let them check this out as they would have these parts as replacements saving the cost of a new unit Del
  4. Hesitant, Stuttering in Low Revs

    Dave, up to the end of '97 BKR6EYA are listed and after that BKR6EKB11. So it could possiblybe thatthe first one is right as Ithink the lists are mainly related to the reg year rather than the build year. Might be worth noting the engine model and serial number and ringing a Toyota dealer to see what they say.The colour of the plugs is fine so the air filter will be ok Del
  5. Hesitant, Stuttering in Low Revs

    Watcha David,if the plugs were not tight enough you would hear the hissing,I screw them down till I feel resistance and then give about a 1/4 of a turn I would first suggest removing the air filter cartridge and then try a short run to see if that does anything in the way of improvement Fitting the,what you say,are the wrong plugs does not give much confidence that they fitted a decent air filter, there are some cheap ones on the market.maybe they thought it looked clean and justused the air line on it which I personally would never recommend What colourwere the business ends of the plugs,that should give aclue to the mixture of fuel and air being sucked in,a light brown is best Del
  6. Remove indoor front passenger trim while door shut ?

    Approaching from another direction, can the seat be removed instead, that should give some room to work? Del
  7. Thud / Bang under car when onrough road

    Hi Dave, your ears tell you there IS a problem. An initial inspection was carried out and this was not found, could it be time for a second opinion ? Del
  8. RAV 3 dr

    Seen in passing in the NG 16 area for sale, think it was an '02 PM me if interested and I will get more details as it is just at the end of the street next to where I live Mods please redirect if needed Del
  9. Skittering

    Weak tyre sidewalls ? Maybe been affected with all the potholes ? Del
  10. Tsunami in my footwell

    Hello Liz and welcome to the club At the top of the screen there is a red band and on the far right of it you will see a search box.Click on that and type in water in foot-well, this will give you some info on your problem. again welcome Del
  11. Hi John and a big welcome to the club Ifthe vibration felt just through the steering wheel it will point to the problem being somewhere between the wheel in your hands and the front wheels or do you feel it through the seat? The prop shafts sometimes have strips on them as they need to be balanced also. Might be worth checking if the are any small shiny patches on them where they have fallen from. Del
  12. 2006 model front cup holders

    Off the top of my head I would probably try a thin rubber layer or two maybe (bike inner tube?) stuck around inside with double sided tape although there are inserts on Ebay Just a thought Del
  13. Tailgate checkstrap WANTED

    I remember changing one of these and used a simple roll pin which was a good fit in the bracket and which has never caused any probs
  14. MOTed

    Just to reinforce how good the old un's can be, my old gal has again sailed through her test with flying colours Del
  15. How long is it supposed to take to start a diesel?

    Hello Sammy, this sounds like one of the cylinder pre heaters has stopped working. I have come across this in the past where the engine coughs and splutters on start up and then evens out. My method of testing was to remove the units from the engine and connect a thickish wire to the top of the heater then onto either one of the terminals on the battery then clip another cable onto the threaded part which then goes to the other battery terminal.A working heater will glow red hot very quickly so fingers well away from it when testing as well as anything else flammable Hope this is of help. Del