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  1. auto gearbox slipping

    Hi Rod (?) and a big welcome to the club. Some problems with the gears are sometimes down to ECU malfunction                                                                                                           Might be worth looking up the web page of someone like ECU Testing at Derby and contacting them re your problem,but get the details  requested on there to save time.                                      Many members have used them and are satisfied with the way they were treated                                                                                              Hope that helps and again welcome Del
  2. Rav 4 3 door TDI changing gear cocnerns

    Don't think a '03 was available as a diesel autoI
  3. Was Up Time On Heater

    Hi, Ian I would suggest that the thermostat is checked to see if it is operating as it should as one that is stuck open when cold would give that effect Del
  4. Handbrake

    I can't for the life of me how pressing or not pressing the release button can cause the cable to stretch,only if the "strong arm method" is employed and if you have to pull the handbrake lever up that hard then the brakes want looking at As pointed out by Mark there will be wear to the fine teeth on the holding mechanism if mistreated all the time Has you're motor got disc brakes all round? I mention this as if so only use the handbrake when you have stopped rolling as the mounting for the handbrake pads is probably not designed for bringing the vehicle to a stop,merely to hold it Del
  5. Dash Clocks

    Hi Diannie have you removed the two covers on the steering column as this should give enough room to allow the cluster to drop down enough to get to the speedo cable which is most probably what is stopping you pulling the lot towards you. This can be relieved by unscrewing it. hth Del
  6. Glove Box Removal

    Just a suggestion, instead of trying to squeeze both sides together try and squish (lovely word) the side nearest the passenger door first and then the other side as this is easier as you can use both hands on it Del
  7. Spotlight Fitting

    Hi David and seasons greeting to you Can't help with brackets but I seem to remember that if roof bar mounted it is a no no to use on the public highway Del
  8. Do Toyota Avensis Averso Diesel Use Spark Plug..

    Hi there Nico, although my understanding of modern diesel engined vehicles is a little rusty but here is my twopenny worth A diesel or derv (diesel engined road vehicle) as it is also known comes under the class that is referred to as a CI (compression ignition) engine. when air is compressed by the piston in the cylinder to such a high degree ,which is far far higher than in a petrol engine, that it becomes hot enough to ignite the metered fuel when it is injected into that hot air causing an explosion when the piston is at the top of the cylinder to push the piston down on the power stroke so it does not need a spark plug. HTH Del
  9. Ignition Key

    I seem to remember a member in the past offering his or her simple solution of cutting off the metal part of the old key and sticking the part with the transponder in it on to the side of the new one Del
  10. Rav4 05 New Wheels?

    In your position I would first have them checked at a tyre place if they were not the originals as they may be losing pressure between the tyre and the wheel rim. which they can check in a water tank and this can sometimes be rectified without replacing either. Old tyres can look OK but they do deteriorate in other ways allowing air to escape if that is the problem. So much depends,safety-wise, especially now, so you can have lots you can lose. Trust the experts even if you feel you have to consult a couple of them to feel you are not being ripped off. I'll get me coat ready Del
  11. Happy Birthday Guys

    Many thanks for your good wishes Raistlin on the birthday page Del
  12. And not everyone says "Have a nice day" Yet!!!!!
  13. Toc Dealer Survey 2015

    Anyone any suggestions for the perfect decor for Kingo's den that would suit him to a "T" Mine would incorporate speed stripes for what is posted about his service ? Maybe a load of :king:s and Del
  14. What Is This Socket Under Near The Clutch Pedal

    Hi Konrad, this will be where you plug in a tester or diagnostic machine to give you any codes that will point you to any faults that MAY have developed or happened in the past that may have been rectified but the code not erased. There are OBD readers that can be bought on the net for about a tenner or so that many owners have bought to check any codes that show if a dashboard light comes up to indicate any faults Del
  15. Tips And Ideas, Rav4 2004 Granite Automatic 3dr

    Damian you sound just like my 2 sons Del