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  1. Are the OEM discs made of any different metal than other makes? I suspect not. Non Toyota pads are available and using say Ferodo or other decent makes would be more economical Just the way I see it Del
  2. Suggest also visually checking the fine filter in the washer bottle as air can go through where water will not Del
  3. Hi Mike, If I can add to the good advice given,belt squeal or slippage can be checked by, with the engine running and standing out of the line of fire (spray) pour some water on the belts. If it goes quite then check that none of the belts are running in the bottom of a pulley. modern pulley are made lighter so can spread
  4. Hi Paul, have you considered rubbing with wet and dry paper and painting them?
  5. I am wondering why these points are greased to that extent, they are not continually moving parts or exposed to the elements are they ? Del
  6. Hi John and welcome to the club.Mine is like that and it gives no problems by being so, it just seems that that is how it wants to be. Don't worry about it and just enjoy driving a great motor Del
  7. The OP says she "assumes the rad had been topped up" but no mention as to if it is full of coolant or if there is in fact enough in there. Also would there be any reason for them to drain it ? Are there any signs of leakage. Is the rad cap faulty and not holding pressure?
  8. Big welcome to the TOC Mark, are there any small panel cutouts on the dash that do not seem to be of any obvious use. There may be fuses lurking there Del
  9. Bye bye cheap air con Del
  10. I find the one piece Denso blades the best in my opinion,Roger Del
  11. I was just wondering if this would prohibit the fitting of the "old" bars if you own a pre '07 if you wanted to today, Mike
  12. As I park on the street I have to take mine down when it is there and I find mounting and removing it from under the mirror ever time no big deal and do not suffer from any noticable loss of forward vision when in situ and there is plenty of room to stash it in the centre box but I do appreciate that people like to be able to drive straight off Del
  13. As I don't push my tyres I am using a mid range Nexen as recommended by my local indie and have no complaints about them.They were also fitted my last RAV and served me well Just my opinion
  14. Hi Nils, my son is just in the process of doing this and he said that he thinks one of the wiring kits you can buy to accommodate different radios will do this.He hopes to do this shortly so if it works I will pass it on Del
  15. A BIG welcome to this friendly club where the more knowledgeable members always seem keen to help others with problems I run an older petrol auto and do not do a lot of mileage now and find it a very easy motor to drive, nice and smooth but I now have settled into that kind of driving, tempus fugit and all that. The general feeling seems to be petrol if doing short hops all the time but diesel power is better for lots of long runs. There are people who would not dream of owning a diesel even if they only stay local and vice versa One opinion says up to 13000 annual mileage petrol ,over that diesel The read out on mine states 25.6 MPG but that is a bit optimistic but the way I look at it I love the car (my third) so if that MPG comes with the car then I accept that.If consumption was so important I would have looked at other cars. Different strokes for different folks and all that .Should your heart or head rule, that can only be down to you Come on chaps and chapesses lets have a discussion on this to help Adam out here Del