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  1. I tested some glow plugs ages ago by removing them and connecting a jump lead from the negative post on the battery to the to body of the plug and the positive connected lead to where the cable was fixed when it was in the car. Make very sure that the 2 leads never touch each other and that the plug to be tested is not on any flammable surface, or on a metal one, as if working they will get red hot. If not they need replacing. The fuel is ignited in the cylinder by compressing the air in there. Compressing air enough causes it to get hot enough to do this when the engine is running
  2. Would not air entering the system have some effect all the time or is it self purging ?
  3. Hi Mike,from what you say I would suspect the glow plugs first.They either work or not. Only had petrol ravs so do not know if there is a light that comes on to show the glow plugs are energized. Some vehicles keep the glow plugs on for a few seconds after the light has gone off,maybe 10 secs so might help to wait the few seconds longer before turning the starter Just a thought!!
  4. The Mk1 rav is a very well built motor so do you really want to change it for a part costing less than £30 from a company that is in you're part of the world and anyone with a set of spanners should be able to change in minutes. Turn on your feminine charge with a man or woman who just has to know one end of a spanner from the other and keep the cost down. Just a suggestion Del
  5. Think this one Debs
  6. Hello and a warm welcome to the club I think the part is called a rear mount cushion,not found a part number but some one on here may have it Del
  7. Might be worth giving Timpsons a try, after all you have the working bits Del
  8. Nor seat belts but you may get the nodding toy effect
  9. Could this be something wrong with the tread where centrifugal force is causing it to lift from the carcass you at some point. Just a stab in the dark really as a little more clarification as to the actual noise may be required to pin this down. Have you tried swapping the wheel for the spare one A big welcome also to the club Del
  10. Surely hats and scarves as well as socks and shoes allowed in that plan in this weather in the morning
  11. Might be worth using something like a steel ruler to see if the vertical guides can be full of grime first but not a sharp knife Del
  12. On mine I think the rear seat belts can lock if they are pulled out to the end when secured and allowed to return.Is that not the case?
  13. Watcha David and a big welcome to the club. Generally on here the opinion is that the petrol engine is bomb proof if that is what you have in mind.I am like a lot of owners on here and am very happy with mine.You will find the spec on my profile If you are in the Eastwood area you are welcome to have a look at mine If you want to stick to diesel that is a different matter of course. PM me if you think I can help at all Del
  14. Starting the engine from cold with the rad cap off will give an indication of a faulty head gasket as the liquid will rise out of the rad at once.It should only be done when it is cold as if not there is a very good chance of being sprayed with very hot water if it is indeed faulty
  15. Sounds like the tyre fitter is the one winding up,perhaps they are down on sales this month or simply the way that they operate to get your dosh Get a second opinion mate Del