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  1. Everything is new!

    Big hi Duarte Welcome to the club may all your questions be answered which I am sure they will in time Del
  2. head gasket fixed its self

    Hi Ade welcome to the club I am pretty sure that the pressures that blew the gasket are to high for it to repair it's self. So what led you to the conclusion that was the fault? Was water being blown out of the overflow from there? A faulty radiator cap can cause this or something like a blocked a blocked matrix. A few more bits of info may help our more learned members on here to help you as I am sure they will if they can Del
  3. c diff lock/unlock

    Maybe jacking up one wheel. If the wheel spins a fraction as it leaves the floor that may do it
  4. kblevis

    If I am doing something where I might drop it down somewhere I can't reach I find a piece of string useful and then cut it off. Is it possible to just detach enough of the door card to do what you want to if you do not want to remove it. I think it is held on with plastic pins which if you are careful can then be popped back Del
  5. Turn ignition. Nothing?

    Not sure if the engine management light would show it's self in this case. Think it may be worth seeing if the two nuts on the solonoid, which I think is causing the click, but before you check this disconnect the battery as you will have a firework display if the spanner slips and touches both nuts at the same time and could give you a nasty burn ,
  6. Turn ignition. Nothing?

    Loose/dirty connection on the thick lead on the battery to starter soleniod, also same on the earth side If this is the case this can cause the connections to warm up and expand resulting in a better connection on the second try. Intermittent fault on ignition switch. As mentioned by David have the battery tested by HRDT (High Rate Discharge Tester) which any decent battery supplier should have as it simulates the heavy load needed by the starter, not a standard volt meter. these suggestions only help if the engine is not being turned over. You merely say the car does not start. It could mean the engine is being loathe to fire Del
  7. phil

    Welcome to the club Phillip, May your stay be enjoyable and instructive to and from you I am using your full name today as it is a Sunday so expect it to be "Phil" after OK Del
  8. New member

    Hi to you Ang and a big welcome to TOC. you will learn there is a lot of members on here that can and will help with any problems so just you let them know Del
  9. Slow starting Rav 4

    Hello Beth and welcome to the club. the above answers cover a slow turn over when trying to start. Is it possible you mean that it is being slow on the starter or that you have to keep the key turned all the way longer than you would expect before it fires up. A poor turn over can be caused by a lower voltage reaching the starter by loose connections on the thick cable running from the battery to the starter and also loose or dirty connections on either end of the earth cable Del
  10. Aircon error

    I am lucky to have found a very good non franchised garage local to me who I asked about A/C charging and he had answers that I knew were correct from info gained from this club, like the lubricant and the dye that he used to test the system first. Guess what I am trying to say is it is sometimes this service can be found if it is not handy to visit a dealer Del
  11. Brake drum check-up

    A useful guide Paul. One point I would like to add is that not all brake linings are asbestos free so may be safer to wipe down with a damp cloth instead of risking your health by risking breathing in the lung damaging dust
  12. Longest drive in 1 day

    Is that from the speedo reading or does that include the ferries you three ? That might be seen as stretching you know Del
  13. Rough Idling and Stalling

    Hi Sandy,this could also be the spark plugs. How long have they been in or checked. Then there are the plug cables,sometimes they as they age can develop cracks in the insulation which open due to the vibration of the engine. One thing that may check this to start the engine in the dark,beware any clothing that may get caught in the moving parts, and see it there is leccy sparks lurking within.You could also spray the cables with something like WD 40 or the one I like,GT85 which has additives if that is the problem. If so change them as spraying is only a stop gap measure Del
  14. Electric Window 'Falling'

    Similar to a fault I had. Found the culprit was the glass securing bracket on the mechanism (front) was broken. On mine this could only be seen through a small cutout at the bottom of the door when the door card was removed and the window was at its lowest point. Del
  15. cylinder head

    Welcome Mohummed to the club. Do you mean the pressure in the radiator and you are losing coolant ? If so this may simply be a faulty rad cap or maybe the rad is blocked, which is stopping the coolant flowing through Del