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  1. Prius Gen 4 Horn

    I've only opened my fuel filler door twice in two months.
  2. This is another reason I bought my new Gen 4 this year. I was originally going to hang on to my Prius+ a couple of years longer then buy a gen 4 and the VED change next year swayed me into buying earlier.
  3. I think you've totally missed the point of hybrids Mark. Hybrids are primarily to reduce emissions in town and cities, which is where they excel. On the motorway a modern manual diesel will probably match or beat a hybrid on mpg, even though it's putting out more of the obnoxious NOX emissions, but you're wrong about hybrids being worse "like for like". The Prius is a 1.8 litre petrol automatic which will easily achieve 55-60 mpg on the motorway and there is no other 1.8 litre petrol automatic that can match or beat that. A 1.8 or 2.0 Litre diesel automatic may just match it but then that's not "like for like" and around town the diesel auto is reduced to 30-35 mpg, whereas the Prius will easily get 60-70 mpg.
  4. Prius Gen 4 Horn

    My Gen 4 Excel has twin horns. They are located between the radiator and the front bumper panel at the top, probably accessible by removing the top black plastic panel that is over the radiator. You can see them via the bonnet catch hole. Although they look small, mine are very loud outside the car. FYI the soundproofing on the Gen 4 is excellent, a lot better than any previous models and versions of the Prius. I see your sig says 2016 Prius, do you have one now Phil ?
  5. Prius Gen 4 Horn

    I too thought the horn was a bit quiet, but if you open the window you'll hear that it's not too bad. The soundproofing on the new Gen 4 is very good.
  6. Toilet seat for 2016 Prius.

    Whilst I wouldn't say I like it, it doesn't bother me, I hardly notice it when I'm driving. SWMBO on the other hand absolutely hates it and keeps telling me to paint it or something.
  7. Driven Gen4 Prius today

    Glad you got it sorted Dave It took me 3 attempts, 1st one I hadn't got my V5 doc so couldn't register the car on My Toyota, 2nd go I downloaded the 4.0 version same as you, third time I tried the buy it now option, as I haven't registered a payment method I thought I'd try it and stop if it asked for payment.
  8. There might be a "screen off" setting somewhere in the menus. Before turning the audio on press the menu button and turn the screen on, it may be remembering the last selected mode.
  9. Driven Gen4 Prius today

    Nothing happened because the free version you downloaded, 4.3.0, is the old one. The proper one is 6.7.0. It's not difficult but it is confusing as you have to follow the correct sequence of events. Assuming you have registered your vehicle ok. 1. Go to My Toyota, 2. Make sure you are logged in, 3. Go to the e-store, 4. scroll down and select the "Maps" tab. 5. Click on the 6.7.0 update £99. The £99 should then change to "Free Via MapCare" and a drop down list appears below it to select your vehicle. If it doesn't then your vehicle is not registered correctly. Select "Buy it now" and follow the instructions. IIRC you can download/read an installation guide whilst you are waiting for the software to load. P.S. there are times when the car screen goes blank (black) whilst you are downloading (quite scary), but what ever you do, don't turn it off, just let it do its thing.
  10. Driven Gen4 Prius today

    You have to register your car with the ID number from your V5 to get it free
  11. Gen 4 mpg

    Took the Gen 4 on its second long run out today, ambient temps 19-24 deg C, 200 mile round trip, adaptive cruise set to 60 mph most of the time to keep up with traffic and it showed 79 mpg on the trip computer. I'm well pleased, the best I had out of the Gen 3 on the same journey was 74 mpg (trip reading) and that was with a great deal of hypermiling and average speeds of 45-55 mph.
  12. Driven Gen4 Prius today

    Yes, on those screens it's easy to miss the fact that there is a scroll bar on the right of some of them and not on others.
  13. Tyre technology has changed quite a bit over the years, I'd stick with the pressures recommended for the beer run.
  14. Driven Gen4 Prius today

    Don't get me wrong, I love mine, but I wouldn't say the touch screen is intuitive, if anything it's the opposite. Items you would expect to find in one menu, in a different menu etc. Luckily there aren't too many places to look which makes it quite easy to learn, but I found it frustrating at first having to hunt through illogical menus for things. Then it has to be learned again when you update the system as it's slightly different.
  15. Gen 4 Handbooks

    I weighed the Prius+ manuals they weighed just under 1kg, two pounds in old money.