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  1. What happens with the plug-in if you never select any of the modes ? Does it just behave like a normal Prius and save the charged up EV battery until you decide (select) when to use it or does it use the charged up EV battery first then behave like a normal Prius or does it decide when to use the charged up EV battery as and when ?
  2. Your price seems to be comparable with dealer prices for the same year and mileage. Even though it's probably the best out there, I don't think you'll sell it very quickly at £8400, people would rather buy from a dealer if paying that price with the dealer warranty etc. One sold on Ebay for £7100, same year same mileage, so if you want to sell it quickly you may have to drop it some more. If you're in no rush then stick to your guns, I'm sure someone somewhere will be willing to pay top price for a top car if it's as good as you say it is.
  3. In the pictures it's an 09 not 59, I didn't think the Gen 3 was out then (09) ?
  4. What you say is about right. The 3 sensitivity setting basically change the detection rate, You may as well just use the highest setting all the time. I think originally the 3 settings on the switch were for delay, 1st and 2nd speeds on manual wipers and have no real function on auto wipers. IIRC you can have the auto wipers reverted back to manual by the dealer using Techstream.
  5. The AC pump is electric and gets noisier the more work it has to do. So when it's really hot outside and you set the temperature low, then the pump will normally be noisy. To test this turn the temperature up, if the noise decreases then it's normal.
  6. I've put mine on the passenger side of the windscreen, it doesn't really obscure the passengers view as they sit quite low down in the 2016 Prius.
  7. Although a valid argument, better tyres to the rear is only really necessary when cornering in the wet and pushing the car to the limits, not something most people do everyday. I personally would argue that if most of the braking, all of the steering and on a FWD vehicle all of the driving, is done by the front wheels, then that's where I want my grip and that's where I would put my best tyres. On the other hand if I wanted to wear the tyres out quicker, to replace them to even up the tyre wear on the whole car then I may put nearly worn out tyres on the front as they will wear faster there. BTW I always replace tyres when the tread is down to 3mm so there's usually still plenty of grip in them before that.
  8. I find, not fully in and around the 4 o'clock position with the nozzle works best.
  9. The top half of the light cluster unbolts from the rear panel. Open the hatch, pry off the black plastic cover, remove the two bolt headed screws and slide the top half of the light cluster out to the rear of the car. You may have a problem finding LEDs to fit the indicator as its a large amber wedge type bulb.
  10. Your link seems to go to Amazon USA, $96 Try these: Http://
  11. I find the waterless Wash & Shine products work very well on bugs and tar, spray a bit on rub it in with a finger and wipe off, repeat as necessary. I don't think it'll work on cement but there are products that remove cement splashes from house windows that can be used on cars. If you get a non-acidic environmentally friendly biodegradable one like, Easy Clean Concrete remover, it can be used on car paintwork without harm.
  12. I got the shortened version of the manual & a service book. I updated my Nav with the latest version and have no problems, it shows and indicates (beep) speed cameras ok. IMO your dealer is being a bit lazy.
  13. That explains why I don't have the "FUEL COST" display, I already entered the mpg figure for the other car.
  14. Mine doesn't have the "FUEL COST" display shown in the online owners manual, it only has the "SAVINGS" display, which shows the fuel saved in monetary terms (£).
  15. The computer shows you how much you saved compared to the mpg you put in for the other vehicle.