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  1. IIRC, you have to turn on the automatic copy option in settings.
  2. I was told 2 hours, took them 25 minutes.
  3. It used to amuse me when I was looking into electric cars and conversion some years ago when converters used to just take the engine out and mate an underpowered electric motor the the existing gearbox (and clutch IIRC), what a palava having to change gear.
  4. I stand corrected Pete, you're right about entering the space. TBH I don't use the nav much and I must have been thinking of another earlier version.
  5. Correct, it automatically puts the space in and if you enter a space you end up with two spaces and no room at the end for the last digit.
  6. Prius is bigger, foot operated parking brake, more techy dash and slightly better mpg. Auris has less boot space, conventional handbrake and dash. both have the same, very easy to drive, synergy drive hybrid system and an electric parking brake as well. I used to do a 3.5 mile commute in my old Gen 3 and got mid 40s mpg in the coldest winter months (which included some days waiting 15 minutes stationary with the engine running for the front screen to demist) and high 50s mpg in the summer on the commute. On a long run to the coast I used to get high 60s mpg cold weather and just over 70 mpg warm weather. I disagree with Alan that the mpg would be similar to a non-hybrid, I had a 1.8 petrol Ford Mondeo that did 35 mpg in the summer and 28 mpg winter on the same commute and that was a manual transmission, an auto would do a lot less.
  7. I think it was when they changed to Touch and Go audio they added the USB. I had a 2012 Prius+ T-Spirit with T&G Pro Nav that had a USB port, IIRC you could play songs on it (I only used it for updates TBH) but I don't know whether the T3 and T4 without nav had a USB.
  8. There were no USB ports in the 2010 I had and the next facelift and audio change was the 2012 model, so maybe the 2012 facelift gen 3 ? 2010 has foglight under indicators, 2012 has foglights in lower grill and DRLs under indicator 2010 2012
  9. As you found out, speed camera warnings work without the Nav or audio.
  10. This any good Barry? 13-pin to 7-pin adapter (you could maybe get one locally)
  11. You're welcome, why they can't put "Menu" or "Options" instead of "..." on the tab I don't know ?
  12. deleting the destination just removes it from the list of choices when selecting a destination, you have to select stop guidance to halt the route: Touch the "..." button, bottom right corner of the Nav screen, touch the red "STOP" sign on the menu that pops out.
  13. That link is an inverter for the Prius+ (Plus), which has a Li-ion battery so will be different.
  14. Didn't the 2010 have 8 years hybrid warranty, inverter is part of the hybrid system ? Or was the 8 years just the battery ?
  15. What do you mean by "Most insurance companies will not accept cameras that be removed" ? Are you referring to the theft of the camera or something else ?