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  1. That's what I've been doing, but it's a even more of a faff on A roads where the limit keeps changing.
  2. Prius is Windows 11, 4 down each side, 2 rear and one front. I find it very annoying that the speedo is 10% out when I'm using the dynamic cruise control. The speed adjust increments are in 5mph steps, so for example if you're on the motorway you can't do a true 70mph, if you set it to 75mph you're doing a true 68mph and if you set it to 80mph you're doing almost 73mph true.
  3. Is there a button to press on the gear knob to move the selector out of "P" or does it just move freely (with foot on brake) down the slots.
  4. Thanks guys, makes sense really.
  5. I tended not to crash mine if i could help it, hence I'm still here. The old cars taught me to drive safer because of the fact that I knew that I could easily be killed if I didn't. I always knew my limits and the car's capability and always kept my old bangers in perfect mechanical condition.
  6. I miss the old cars, always breaking down but easy to fix.
  7. I know HSA is automatic on the Gen 4, but I was under the impression that it only worked going forward, but today I had to reverse up a hill in a car park from a standstill and the car didn't seem to roll forward as I transferred my foot from the brake to the accelerator, in fact it shot backwards at such a rate that it surprised me a bit. Does it work in reverse on the Gen 4 ?
  8. I usually create routes on my desktop PC via the My Toyota portal and save them to a memory stick then upload them into car via the USB, it's easier on my old eyes than looking at a phone screen. I also noticed that I sometimes had to re-enter my email and password a few times at first, but I've not had to do it since the NAV/System update.
  9. Trev, you can save your routes, so to suspend one just save it and recall it later. BTW it automatically suspends the guidance if you stop and switch of the car during the journey. Most of the connection issues I've had were down to the phone. On my previous Prius+ with T & G2, my Nokia would connect to internet and music but automatically start playing music when it connected, updating the phone cured this. On the Gen 4 the Nokia performed perfectly, connecting to the internet and music (and reading texts), make sure if you want to connect automatically, that you have the option selected on the car and your phone supports internet tethering. Remember though if any of the apps on the car are running then you are using your data up. I deselected automatic internet connection through the phone and set it to auto connect through Wi-Fi where available. If there's no Wi-Fi and I need to use the internet or apps then I connect through the phone manually. I now use an android phone which works ok but doesn't read my texts out, I think that was feature of the Nokia phone rather than the car (it has a driving mode).
  10. Being even more pedantic, it's a Touch 2 with go Plus
  11. Result Maybe it's a new thing Toyota brought out to counteract the fall in predicted sales of the Prius, I got mine back in March.
  12. Just a glitch in the Matrix
  13. Nah, there's loads of teeth to go at on there
  14. With regards to the free servicing, that's a dealer offer not a Toyota offer, otherwise we would all have got it (I didn't), so unfortunately you will have to go to the dealer that gave you the offer. If it's not convenient to wait for the car, ask for a courtesy car or ask if they do a pick up and return service from your home or workplace, my dealer does.
  15. With your wife as a witness to the promise that a spare wheel would be with the car, I would think you have a very good case to go back to the dealers and ask them to get you one.