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  1. The top half of the light cluster unbolts from the rear panel. Open the hatch, pry off the black plastic cover, remove the two bolt headed screws and slide the top half of the light cluster out to the rear of the car. You may have a problem finding LEDs to fit the indicator as its a large amber wedge type bulb.
  2. Your link seems to go to Amazon USA, $96 Try these: Http://
  3. I find the waterless Wash & Shine products work very well on bugs and tar, spray a bit on rub it in with a finger and wipe off, repeat as necessary. I don't think it'll work on cement but there are products that remove cement splashes from house windows that can be used on cars. If you get a non-acidic environmentally friendly biodegradable one like, Easy Clean Concrete remover, it can be used on car paintwork without harm.
  4. I got the shortened version of the manual & a service book. I updated my Nav with the latest version and have no problems, it shows and indicates (beep) speed cameras ok. IMO your dealer is being a bit lazy.
  5. That explains why I don't have the "FUEL COST" display, I already entered the mpg figure for the other car.
  6. Mine doesn't have the "FUEL COST" display shown in the online owners manual, it only has the "SAVINGS" display, which shows the fuel saved in monetary terms (£).
  7. The computer shows you how much you saved compared to the mpg you put in for the other vehicle.
  8. But in the Prius £5 could get you 60-70 miles worth of petrol.
  9. There's nothing generally wrong with Hybrid residuals, it must be a Yaris thing. I traded my three and a half year old Prius Plus in March against the new Prius and got £17.5K for it, just a 40% drop from the new price of £29K. As I bought it second hand at 6 months old for £25K, I only took a 30% hit.
  10. It sounds like your dealer is a "swap out parts until you find the problem" guy. I would take it to a more reputable dealer who has more skilled knowledgeable personnel on hybrids. P0420 is a catalytic converter fault, nothing to do with the battery. there is a code P0480 (your P0A80 ?) that is a cooling fan fault, I don't know which fan, but if it's the hybrid battery cooling fan then this could be the problem. The other code, P3013, I can't find.
  11. If you can get winter tyres of the same size and rating as the originals, then there would be no reason to inform the insurer. I must point out though, most winter tyres are of a lower speed rating, I'm pretty sure higher rated ones are available, but expensive.
  12. It shows as £99 until you click on it, then it changes to free.
  13. Yes, definitely tack cloth. Might be worth trying some spirit wipe on a less conspicuous area, see if it reacts with the plastic.
  14. I think (IIRC) the idea of increasing the pressure for high speed driving was to lessen the flexing of the sidewall. The sidewall flexing on an underinflated tyre heats up the tyre and air inside, expanding the air, leading to excess pressure and a blowout. Tyre design and materials are much more advanced these days, so in some cases the tyre (and vehicle) manufacturers don't advocate increasing the tyre pressures. This is shown on the tyre pressure info label on newer cars. E.g. the 06 Gen 2 Prius has different pressures on the label for high and low speed whereas the Gen4 only has one pressure for all.
  15. It will show a cost initially (£199 IIRC) on the Toyota site, which changes to free when you select it, if your car is registered.