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  1. I'm loving it too, with the option of a spare wheel, but although my head says 15" alloys are quieter, more economical and cheaper tyres, I just couldn't bring myself to pass up those amazing looking 17" alloys. Why can't they make the same pattern in the 15" size ? I think the auto high beam could be a bit antagonizing sometimes. The other thing my head is telling me is, why spend all that money on a new one when I love my Prius+ and I only do about 5-6K miles a year. Another thing to consider is VED will be going up next year on all but zero emissions vehicles, so buy now. 
  2. Only One Reversing Light?

    and the clothes peg to hold it out
  3. Only One Reversing Light?

    The Prius + only has one of each, but the reversing light is much better than the Gen3 was and works well with the camera.
  4. I first noticed this on SWMBO's Gen 2, the only thing that seems to go off when you turn the system off is the fan. We were belting up the M1 one warm afternoon with the system off and it got very warm in the car, warm air was coming out of the screen and footwell vents. When we put the system back on (to cool the car), we noticed she had previously had it set on the hottest temp the night before and when we turned it down, then off, the vent temps went down. I subsequently tried it on the Gen 3 I had at the time and found it behaved exactly the same. If I put the temp up to a high setting then turned the system off, when the engine had warmed up there was hot air coming out. The Prius+ does it to some extent but not as much, I suspect it may have a different routing of the air through the ducts. I found that after this if I set the temp as near as possible to ambient, so it's not trying to heat or cool, then turned off the system, I got the best mpgs. Pretty cold in winter and some demisting problems though.
  5. IIRC most coolants have fluorescent dyes in them these days to help locate leaks. If you can get hold of a UV-A (ultraviolet) lamp and scan it around the engine bay and underneath, in the dark, it should be easy to spot any leaks.
  6. Led Headlamps For Yaris?

    LED swapping foglight bulbs is ok but not headlamps. Apart from mentioned above, even though they look brighter, LED replacement bulbs apparently don't have sufficient power to project enough of the light in the right direction , so you end up with a cool looking light but less light on the road ahead.
  7. Ripped Off For Front Pads And Disks

    Mark999, the picture of the back of the old discs shows quite a considerable amount of rusting, it looks like almost 50% of the face is gone to me, that's 25% of your braking on each disc. If the dealer just replaced the discs and not the pads, the braking would be worse than before until the pads bedded in to the new discs and probably cause the new discs to wear unevenly. In your situation, I would count my blessings that the dealer spotted this before you needed to do an emergency stop and thank him for changing them. I understand your frustration, the fact that this needed doing at such a low mileage, but brakes are quite an important safety feature and the dealer is obligated to point the problem out to you on a safety check, even if you are not obliged to have it done. Think how you would feel if the dealer had not pointed it out, you had to brake hard and spun off into a ditch and then found out the disks were bad. You would then blame the dealer, and rightly so.
  8. Prius To Auris Hybrid

    Still, loving the Fuelly figure though
  9. Combing Rattle

    Cowling ?
  10. A Different Transmission?

    I guess they must program a hold on the electric motor speed to simulate staying in a gear ratio, allowing the ICE to rev up through the rpm range, then letting the electric motor move up (or down) to the next hold speed for the next gear and so on. Clever stuff, but pointless IMO as it's not letting the ICE run at optimum efficiency.
  11. I've gotten used to it on mine now, I don't even notice it TBH.
  12. A Different Transmission?

    A 6-speed CVT is a contradiction in terms. A CVT is Constantly Variable, i.e. infinite ratios (speeds), which the hybrid system's planetary gear set emulates electronically by varying the speed of the electric motors.
  13. My old Gen 3 behaved in a similar manner, took ages to warm and only demisted the bottom half of the screen until you got moving. Don't mess with the temperature and blower settings, it doesn't make it warm up any quicker, just set the temp to whatever you prefer (I usually had it set at 21) and put it on auto. From cold, turn on the car, turn on the climate, you'll notice the blower does nothing at this stage, to boost it turn on windscreen and rear screen demist. After about 5-10 minutes it should start to produce heat and the screen should be mostly demisted. Make sure you haven't got the car in ECO mode as this will restrict the heater performance for the sake of economy. The engine will produce more heat if it is worked (driven) but driving off straight away is not always an option if your windows are steamed up, unless you wipe them.
  14. Double Bleeps

    IIRC, you can't turn off the beep without turning of the show safety cameras option on the Nav.