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  1. I fitted mine and stuffed the wire behind the headlining, the A-pillar trim, then down under the glove box and along the inside of the passenger side of the centre console bringing the wire out to the 12v power socket and plugged in. The wire is hidden without disturbing the original wiring so no warranty issues.
  2. If someone with the later Gen 3, 2012 on facelift, with touch & go can confirm, I could be wrong, but I don't think the touch and go displays the nav arrows in the HUD, The early Gen 3, that does show the arrows, didn't have touch and go. I had a 2010 Gen 3 which did show the arrows, then a Prius+ with touch & go plus which didn't, now the Gen 4 with touch & go 2 plus, which doesn't. I don't think they have the touch and go in the US, hence they have the arrows.
  3. Well I traded the Gen 3 in for a Prius+ in April 2013, after test driving a Plug-in and a 2013 Gen 3 on 15" wheels and finding very little difference to the 2010 Gen 3 on 17" wheels, I tried the + and it was a totally different ball game. Almost silent compared to the latter, I guess due to it being a bit more solid and the extra row of seats in the back probably deadened some of it. I finally traded the Prius+ this year for a new 2016 Gen 4, not quite as quiet as the + but a lot better than the Gen 3.
  4. It wasn't on the pre-facelift 2010 Gen 3 T-Spirit I had.
  5. I think I'll give this one a miss too, not worth the effort IMO.
  6. Same here with the 6.7 version
  7. The article says the car could roll away if left unattended and not in park. Who leaves the car unattended, in gear and running apart from motoring journalists ? The only time I leave mine running with me not in the car is when I take the dustbin in/out on the drive and I put it in park, other than that if I get out the car is switched off.
  8. The angle grinder app ?
  9. Global opening and closing of the windows is available on the UK Gen 4 but it is disabled by default (god knows why ?). You can enable it through the Carista App on an Android phone or tablet via the OBD port, using a bluetooth adapter (£3 on ebay). The app allows you to change several features that are normally dealer only, like the reverse beep auto headlight sensitivity etc. etc. There is a fee to pay on the app of £10 (IIRC) if you want to change settings, which gives you 7 days use, which is cheaper than the dealers' fees to change things and 7 days gives you time if you decide you want to change something back. BTW a lot of the US variants only get the Global opening option, not global closing.
  10. I just had the email and a letter from Toyota regarding this recall for my previous Prius+ that I traded last March when I got the Gen 4. Puzzled me as it's nearly 7 months since I traded it. Even more puzzling is that checking on the DVLA VED status website, it's still not taxed and the MOT just expired, I wonder what the dealer did with it ?
  11. It might be too much of a strain on the standard HV battery. But then if they added this and a bigger HV battery, then you've got the PHV without a plug. I can't see Toyota going for it as it may affect the sales of the Prime.
  12. That's what I've been doing, but it's a even more of a faff on A roads where the limit keeps changing.
  13. Prius is Windows 11, 4 down each side, 2 rear and one front. I find it very annoying that the speedo is 10% out when I'm using the dynamic cruise control. The speed adjust increments are in 5mph steps, so for example if you're on the motorway you can't do a true 70mph, if you set it to 75mph you're doing a true 68mph and if you set it to 80mph you're doing almost 73mph true.
  14. Is there a button to press on the gear knob to move the selector out of "P" or does it just move freely (with foot on brake) down the slots.
  15. Thanks guys, makes sense really.