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  1. What makes you happy is good
  2. I can barely hear it in the Gen 4.
  3. yeah, after Brexit, we should reclaim the commonwealth countries (most of them are included in the above) whilst they're still using imperial units.
  4. Check the connection on No.3 coil, if the connection is good then the coil could be faulty. I doubt if it's a spark plug as they don't always throw a fault code up.
  5. Does the energy monitor show direction on the MG to ICE flow ?
  6. The UK Prius+ has nice 17" wheels IMO.
  7. Could it be the electric motor turning the engine, even though the car's not moving, to use up the HV charge ? Is it using any fuel Paul ? What's the instant mpg reading when it's doing it ?
  8. Sounds like you may have turned the MFD screen off, flick across the menus by pressing the left or right arrow on the right hand steering wheel (menu) button, the MFD should display "Do you want to turn the screen on" or something similar, press the centre of the menu button and select "Screen on"
  9. I think we should campaign for the return of gallons once we brexit
  10. Not whilst "motorway bashing" I hope
  11. Reach to the gear selector is not important as you do little or no gear selecting whilst driving in the Prius, you just put it in "D" at the start of the journey and turn it off at the end, which puts it in "P".
  12. The Dyane was the posh version of the 2CV with moulded in headlamps IIRC. A mate had one in the 70s, used to take the lads out in it, imagine it, 6 or 7 18 year old lads on a night out, boy did that thing have some body roll, very comfortable though.
  13. I can live without the RSA, LKA, Auto lights, Auto high beam and Auto wipers. RSA misreads or doesn't read more signs than it reads correctly. LKA doesn't see some lines and when it does see them it warns you after the line has been crossed instead of before. Auto lights can't be turned off and frequently come on at the wrong time, e.g. going under a bridge just before a side road, light come on, traffic waiting at the side road thinks you're flashing them to come out. Auto high beam slow to react and makes it awkward to flash someone as the stalk has to be pulled back further from the high beam position. I take them as gimmicks which don't work very well, they're just a very basic taste of things to come.
  14. I finally managed to get the update. I managed to do it on by signing up, downloading the file and unzipping it to a USB. Then by entering my device code and the request code from my car I obtained the activation code and it worked.
  15. I'm using Chrome browser and I've tried IE, bot the same. The download doesn't show in my purchases or my basket, but there is an invoice in my payments section, which is the same as the one I received by email from My Toyota. I've sent an email to the Website technical dept, I'll just have to wait for their reply.