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  1. Map Update 6.10.0H now available

    Just done mine, took 20 mins for UK and Ireland maps and gracenote.
  2. Buzzing Dashboard Prius Gen 4

    I don't know how difficult this may be to do, but have you tried taking the vent tube off to make sure nothing is inside it ?
  3. Looks like you're getting a Prius Prime plug-in Justin
  4. Any tips on buying a Prius

    When I bought mine, the space saver spare was a £0 option with 17" wheels on the Build your Prius Toyota website. My dealer had my car in stock but it had a gunge kit, so as part of the deal he promised me a space saver and he got me the wheel and tyre together with correct 3 foam bits that go in the boot to accommodate the wheel. I gave him the gunge, the pump and the two foam bits that went with that in return. He didn't ask me for those and in hindsight, I should have kept them to put back in when I sell or trade the car for another that may not have a spare. Toyota (or the dealers) may be opting for the space saver spare on the top models now as it sounds like the one the OP looked at was an Excel, with it having leather seats.
  5. Any tips on buying a Prius

    Don't worry about not driving an automatic for a while, the Prius is the easiest car in the world to drive (Gen 2 was quoted as such in a J D Power survey some years back). No gears, just an electronic selector with D for forward and R for reverse, press the P button to put it in park. It also puts itself in park when you turn it off. There is a foot operated mechanical parking brake, which takes a little getting used to, but TBH I hardly ever use it, I rely on the P unless I'm on a slope. It's also very quiet and relaxing to drive. Gen 2, Gen 3 and Prius+ have a spacesaver spare wheel, but some of the new Gen 4 trims don't, they have gunge and pump kit instead. But I believe there is a no cost option to choose a space saver now, if you don't want the gunge kit.
  6. Have you tried lubricating the lock, it may be physically sticking ?
  7. Remembering servicing dates

    I put all my car details, servicing, insurance and VED etc. reminder dates in the MyToyota website and twice they disappeared, I gave up in the end.
  8. Test Drive

    I found a H2 refuelling point near me, about 2 miles away, at the Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP). Apparently you have to book in advance, but I can't find any info on the cost of a refill.
  9. Test Drive

    The Mirai might have sold more if it wasn't so expensive, at almost £66K it's not a viable option for general sale.
  10. What's this?

    No HUD on Gen 2 Barry.
  11. What's this?

    Cover it up and you'll see the display disappear.
  12. See the "200,000 miles and 7 years in a Prius" post below.
  13. If it ain't broke don't fix it. By all means replace the coolant and possibly the belt and caps if required, but why change the pumps when you could be introducing the risk of problems by disturbing them ? There are Gen 2 taxis in the US that have gone 300,000 miles plus without changing the pumps, remember it's a Toyota, renowned for their reliability.
  14. Prius Gen 4 Insurance renewal.

    My Toyota insurance renewal quote in March, was 30% up on the previous year, so I changed to Privilege, which was half the price for the same cover.
  15. Prius Excel - updating the maps to 6.9.0H.

    The updates seem to me to be around 2 years out of date when they come out , so your daughter's street probably just missed the last update.