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  1. Key battery

    I agree, but would think a car without would not last as long because of the constant keyfob button pressing to open and close the car. Both my Prius cars mentioned above had keyless entry and start.
  2. Sorry I thought you meant the RSA beeps. The Nav speed limit beeps can be turned off by selecting setup then Map and the speed camera options are on the first screen.
  3. Key battery

    I was referring to the Prius, I changed my Gen 3 fob battery at 2 years old as a matter of course, not because it told me to as at the time I didn't know it would and was under the impression they lasted two years. I left the Prius+ fob battery in for three years before changing it, again before it told me to. Maybe it's different with the Avensis.
  4. Key battery

    I think you've got it the wrong way round there Alan, it's the car that looks for the key. Once the key loses the car signal, which is about 6 feet away, the key will be inactive. Using the remote buttons on the fob uses the battery up more, if you always use smart entry the key fob is good for two to three years.
  5. Intelligent park assist not working

    IIRC with the Gen 3 it has to see some lines on the road surface if backing in parking and it won't work if it's too far away from the parking spot. I think it uses the sensors for parallel parking and you have to drive past the space. IPA is covered in the Navigation manual.
  6. In the menus, scroll across to settings, select vehicle settings thenRSA. In method you can turn it on,off, audible or not and in threshold you can choose how far above the limit that it warns you.
  7. Press the speed limiter button on the steering wheel, drive up to the speed you want and press set on the cruise control lever. You can then use the cruise lever to adjust the speed, cancel or resumethe limit asrequired. Note: if you floor the accelerator it will override the set limit.
  8. Oil Filter Tool and Spark Plug Tool

    I have a BGS 998 oil filter tool, off Ebay, that fits the gen 3 and the plugs are 14mm AF so your socket should do it.
  9. Extended Warranty

    I'd expect the heat shield to be covered, unless it's rusted away or got damaged, but not the droplinks, they will be subject to wear and tear.
  10. well wasn't that a waste of brain power, I read it wrong, oops
  11. My bad, read it wrong
  12. The height of his sidewall is around 13mmmore with the 245 45 tyres, i.e. about 1" extra outside diameter on the tyre, 3" extra circumference which is about 4.5% extra distance per revolution of the wheel. So if the speedo was say 10% out before its now only approx 5.5% out, i.e. more accurate.
  13. I get this all the time, it's SWMBO
  14. New 2017 Prius Plug-In Prime

    It's called emergency brake assist or EBA, all cars have it nowadays.
  15. Toilet seat for 2016 Prius.

    as it did with the flying buttress. I wonder how many people cheered at the omission of the flying buttress in the Gen 4 only to be dismayed at the white console.