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  1. Tell Me About The 2015- Yaris Cvt

    I had an extended test drive today and didn't love the car to be honest. I was very surprised that the ride was quite bumpy, although I'd heard that they had improved this with the facelift, for me it was still quite harsh. The key fob was MASSIVE and when sticking out of the ignition it kept hitting my knee - I had my seat at its lowest and the steering wheel as high as it would go. Also the steering wheel is at a funny angle compared with other modern cars, it's tilted back quite a lot. I couldn't reach the top of the steering wheel, and I couldn't get my seat any further forward because of the key sticking out! I'm disappointed that I didn't love the car, considering I'm a massive fan of the Yarry
  2. Yaris Bad Rap

    The public do tend to turn their noses up at them, and I think they're wrongly given a hard time by motoring magazines too, although a lot of people now realise that reviews are essentially paid advertising now. I bought my first Yaris, a brand new 1.3 SR, in 2007. It got very average reviews from magazines, saying it was uncomfortable and had bad handling. Neither of these things are true, and in fact it was the most comfortable car I've owned. My girlfriend has a 9-year-old Yaris and it still has no rattles! I like them because: They are comfortable and come with decent-sized wheels rather than massive ones for 'sportiness'. They're easy to drive - the steering and clutch are nice and light. They feel big and airy inside. They're practical and well thought out e.g. on the Mk2 Yaris you had the flat rear floor, the sliding rear seats, THREE glove compartments! and the boot shelf that gave you a flat loading space. Unfortunately only the flat floor remains on the current model :( Hopefully for the next Yaris they'll give it back some of the charisma they took away.
  3. Follow Me Home Lighting

    We've got new LED streetlights which only illuminate a 2 metre circle below the lamp and nothing else. I used to be able to see the lock on my front door to put my key in but no longer can! The follow me home lights could come in handy :)
  4. Tell Me About The 2015- Yaris Cvt

    Thaks for the input, and sorry for the late reply. It's sounding very promising so far :)
  5. Tell Me About The 2015- Yaris Cvt

    I'm hoping to buy a Yaris 1.33 in the next few months after a few years of being away from Toyota. The latest Yaris facelift and the fact they've addressed criticisms of the 2012 model have won me back. I'm also looking to buy my first automatic but have no experience of the CVT gearbox. I like the idea of having the paddles to use in M-mode as an option. Are there any owners here who have the 1.33 engine with the CVT gearbox? I really want to know if the gearbox is smooth with unnoticeable gearchanges, or if it can be jerky. Thanks :)
  6. Can I Cancel My Extended Warranty

    You can't get a refund, I did the same thing with my Yaris and sold it before the extended warranty even came in effect and they would not refund the money. One of the members here, PartsKing (?), works for Toyota and (I think) he confirmed to me that they will not refund the money
  7. Novel Alloy Wheels

    Ronal Teddys, worth a fair bit if I remember right! I love them personally.
  8. Drive The Deal

    They are a genuine website, I've seen them get good ratings in a What Car article.
  9. Lamborghini Murcielago Kit Car On A Mr2 Turbo

    :D you're mad. Will the filler be solid enough when the car flexes over bumps and stuff?
  10. Ae's Review Of The New Yaris

    If it had been a VW it would have got five stars I gave up reading car mags because they're always biased, except Which magazine.
  11. New Yaris First Road Test Report

    More like which ones don't have drum brakes? Fiesta, Corsa, Polo and Fabia all have rear drums. If you get to more expensive stuff like the A1 or MINI then you might find discs but I wouldn't consider and of the cars I mentioned above 'budget city cars'.
  12. New Yaris First Road Test Report

    Parts-King, do you know when dealers will be getting the new Yaris or is it out already?
  13. Disabled Car Parking Spaces

    Every time I go shopping the disabled spaces are filled with brand new Range Rovers and other chav-mobiles of the same ilk.
  14. Iq 2Nd Service?

    To be honest bad experiences with dealerships played a large part in my decision to stop buying Toyotas (after buying three cars in three years). There are two franchised Toyota dealerships within a 25-mile radius of where I live, neither of them can be trusted...I've had the lights on my car smashed when having a washer jet fixed (no idea how) and scratches on the interior. It's just not good enough.
  15. All New Yaris

    I really like the interior but I'd miss the centre-mounted dials, they were one of the reasons I bought my Yaris in the first place.