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  1. Oh for goodness sake stop going on about the 'weasel warranty'.... You bought the car, presumably fully aware of the terms and conditions, I assume you were happy with those conditions, including the 3 year warranty, which I believe at the time was standard across the whole Toyota range, otherwise you would not have accepted the deal. Crying and spilt milk come to mind. I seem to recall you were moaning about this when I was on the site a year ago and it was partly the constant carping that caused me to disappear for a while. AFAIK Ford still offers a ONE year warranty unless you pay extra, and if it's really serious you will get a recall as per the current one for older Prius than yours. We KNOW you feel hard done by, please don't keep on about it. Life is too short and there are other more important matters to discuss. Hopefully I've not upset you too much by saying the above, but I feel it it really needed to be said
  2. Ffs Nicolai... Just go and buy a Prius. I, like others on here have had both the gen2 1.5 and the gen3 1.8, I now have the Yaris HSD. I have NEVER had problems overtaking anything, from tractors on country roads, to cars travelling below the speed limit on motorways. None of the 3 HSD's that I've had have ever had any problems accellerating away from lights. As far as reliability is concerned, I've hadmToyotas for over 25 years and only ever once have I had a complaint, and that was when the dealer put the number plate at the front on crooked! When did you last see a Toyota waiting for a breakdown truck apart from punctures??
  3. Yeah, I'd thought about the extension lead, it's the stopping without notice that bugs me!
  4. Strangely enough my Gen 3 was the only modern car I have ever owned that I did not have this problem in, and so far the Yaris hasn't shown it up either. I think it is the angle of the dashboard and how high you are sitting in the drivers seat. Try putting some plain black cloth over the dash and see if that works, it did in the two MK1 avensis that were awful at this time of year or in the evenings heading west....
  5. Ok guys here's a problem... The first I've ever had in 25 years of Toyota's.... Touch and go. Fine, I'm getting to like the bird in the glove box, not a pretty sight but I don't have to look at her. However therein lies my problem. I have put 1070 music mp3's on a usb stick. Picks up immediately plays fine, but every now and again it stops and displays 'stopped' on the screen. So far I have found neither any way of starting it again, nor the reason for it stopping. However, i did notice that it displays the track playing as 159/720 or whatever, so I assume that it is playing track 159 of 720 tracks... What happened to the other 300 or so and is the reason for it stopping the excess of tracks? Of course the only way I have found of restarting the thing is to unplug it and plug it in again, which given the damn stupid location is not practical at 70mph on a motorway!! Any comments, observations, thoughts, solutions please??
  6. Generally it's not a good idea to let dealers other than Toyota service a Prius. There have been stories of them being left in ready mode on ramps and coming to life when not expected by inexperienced mechanics!
  7. The raised pedestrian crossings are not done to create a speed hump, they are to facilitate electric buggies (note I didn't say 'disabled' as they are not just used by the disabled now) by raising the crossing these buggies can take the crossing at any angle and do not have to slow down. Wheelchairs are easier on these as well! Slowing down is the responsibility of the motorist :(
  8. I know I've now got a Yaris, but my Gen3 always surprised boy racers at traffic lights.... I was doing 30mph before they had even started :)
  9. Sorry pal, looks like no one has the answer to this, my usb stick has all the music in albums but my choice is always to play alphabetically from the track title which my t and g seems to do perfectly.
  10. 54mpg for a heavy automatic that is new ain't bad... That's pretty much what I'm getting on a tank/tank measure. If, however the Yaris follows the two Prius I've had then by next spring with a nice run in engine and warm weather I would be expecting nearer 70mpg. The premium go-go juice remains up for discussion :)
  11. Buying new is expensive, but it does give us 5 years warranty and with the reliabili of Toyotas these days repairs are few and far between and free for the first 5 years if we keep the car that long. As said, 'tis a matter of choice.
  12. There is a rumour that the bright yellow disc you saw was called 'the Sun' - nothing to do with the newspaper of the same name I would add, but apparently just as popular. I am reliably informed that if you blink while the disc is visible you may miss it. Make the most of this apparition - it may not last long!
  13. I shall study the handbook this weekend to find out how to turn off the warnings. Thanks for the information. Regards Geoff Peace. Did you find the instructions ok Geoff?
  14. Lol, tis a good job that there are people like me around who refuse to buy a 2nd hand car then init.... Or you would never be able to buy a car! I am happy to take the hit on a new car, simply to know that I am the only person responsible for any marks!
  15. Geoff, you can turn the warnings off, simple to do and the only warnings you get then are when the displayed limit turns red which you probably wouldn't see anyway if you're looking at all the signs! The incorrect speed limits are a pain, our local council lowers them instead of resurfacing the damaged road surfaces. We have a motorway class dual carriageway near us which is 50mph, reduced from 70 about 4 years ago when the surface broke up.... It saves them paying compensation for damaged vehicles!