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  1. 295Mm Avensis Brake Conversion On Corolla T-Sport

    Surely someone of you can confirm whether or not the Avensis Calipers bolts straight on to the Corolla T-sport?
  2. Hi Guys I have been looking around for Corolla performane brake upgrades. The straight forward option everyone seem to go for is fitting grooved discs and performance pads. job done. I have already been down this route with some ferodo DS2500 Pads which I actually liked very much. However I have now found this website showing a German dude fitting 295mm Brakes from the Avensis on the Cellica: To my knowledge the Cellica and the T-sport brakes(275mm) are identical apart from the disc hole pattern: Cellica using 5x100 the Corolla using 4x100. So, redrilling the Avensis discs to 4x100 would make this conversion possible. Have any one done this? Experiences? I do a far bit of track day work so I would imagine a possitive effect going from 275mm to 295mm diameter. On the downside then I can't really find many performance pads for the Avensis? So, yeah I basically just need to hear if any of you have done this or if any of you can confirm whether or not the calipers will bolt straight on to the corolla?
  3. Rolla Roled

    Had the T-Sport Dynoed Yesterday Result was 150.1KW= 204.1HP(PS)= 201.3BHP Not bad really!
  4. Track Rubber Arived For The T-Sport

    Yeah the stock suspension is a bit to the comfy side! Don't forget to upgrade the shocks with the springs! I opted for Bilstein B8's and I am well happy, they are controlled but still comfortable, so a good track/road compromise. Konis should also be good. If I was only using the car on track I would probably have bought some quality coilovers, but they are just too hard for everyday use.
  5. Track Rubber Arived For The T-Sport

    Just a couple of High Res Photos. The Car behaved beautifully!
  6. Track Rubber Arived For The T-Sport

    Yes. I have a progress bar too and also a strutbrace
  7. Track Rubber Arived For The T-Sport

    I only opted for R888 as I have a dedicated set of wheels for track use. If I had to choose a tire for both track and road I would go for the Yokohama Advan Neova AD08. re body roll, after I installed the eibach/bilstein B8 combination I don't have any problem with roll.
  8. Daytime Running Light Enable.

    Thanks. Yeah I guess you are right that the easiest solution is a couple of relays. Cheers
  9. Daytime Running Light Enable.

    Thanks. Yeah I guess you are right that the easiest solution is a couple of relays. Cheers
  10. Daytime Running Light Enable.

    Hey Guys I want to enable the Daytime Running Lights on the T-Sport as daytime light is required in Denmark by law. I imported the T-sport from the UK but there it doesn't have Daytime running lights, meaning that I have to turn onthe lights manually. Not really a problem other than my wife forgets to turn the lights both on and off, risking both a fine and a flat battery. also with the lights on the instrument panel light gets dimmed so in bright sun I cant read the speedo. So, I want to enable the daytime lights, does anyone know if the car is pre wired up for this? looking at the (american) wiring diagram on it looks like there is a relay for this purpose. So the question is: Can I just buy a relay and plug it in?
  11. Track Rubber Arived For The T-Sport

    Hi Simon Yeah, sorry wanted to post something earlier but still waiting for some pics so only got a couple of low res ones. Anyway, last thursday I went to the first track-day of the year at Sturup Raceway in Sweden. New this time was my Toyo Proxes R888 (205/40-17) on Advan Racing RS ( 17x7 ET-38) wheels. The track was wet when we arrived as it had been raining all day. So I was a bit nervous going out on the R888s. However it turned the track soon dried out and that as soon there was some heat in the tyres they just gripped like hell and because of the hard sidewalls they provide tons of steering feedback! Best track upgrade ever! Here are a couple of inboard vids from the day: So had a great day and I am already looking forward to my next track day on May 28th on Ring Knutstorp( also sweden)
  12. Track Rubber Arived For The T-Sport

    Finally got the wheels and tyres mounted for tomorrows track-day at Sturup Raceway Sweeden. Can't wait to see the improvement track rubber brings!
  13. Track Rubber Arived For The T-Sport

    They should stick like glue once they get heated up! My first track day of the year will be on April 23rd. Can´t wait!!!!
  14. Track Rubber Arived For The T-Sport

    Just received my new Track tyres for the season! Toyo Proxes R888 205/40-17. Can't wait to feel the improvement on track!
  15. Coupéter's Cts From Holland

    Thanks Buddy. I have almost come to the same conclusion as you suggest. ie nice wheels( 17") for every day driving and the second set( standard 16") for track. However on the other hand: for everyday driving the tire should ideally be more comfort biased and the track tire more performance biased and that would suggest 16" for road and 17" for track? So I am seriously considering buying yokohama advan neova ad08 on the 17s for both road and track. but would they be too compromised for the road? Here are my 17" a couple of track photos