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  • Toyota Model 2003 Toyota Corolla 1.8 VVTL-i T Sport
  1. Aftermarket Headlights

    So I drive a 03 T Sport, just wondering if there's anything out there? As I've looked high and low but cant find a thing! Cheers!
  2. Jae 2011 Can't Wait For 2012

    'Furious' weekend ;), cheers everyone!
  3. Jae

    Does the club have a stand, couldn't quite figure out what was going off in the other thread?
  4. Run by my rugby club, there's prizes and what not for the cars. Not an all out car show, but I've got quite a few clubs interested so should be good .
  5. Alloy Width?

    What is the width and offset j of the alloys that come on the T Sport?
  6. T Sport Rear Wiper

    does anyone know the size I need so i can get it first :) cheers guys.
  7. Toyota Badge On Grille

    Is held on with pins? or just sticky? I'm assuming the rear one is just sticky? Cheers
  8. Lights All On! !

    If it's VSC and TC lights - Disconnect batter on either, side turn key fully in ignition, re connect battery, light off.
  9. Bad Times.

    It's the most horrible car I've ever driven. It's a VTR+, very traumatic ride. Put your foot down and it just makes a horrible sound like a lion with a soar throat.
  10. Not A Very Nice Present

    Sorry to hear that mate, merry Christmas all the same dude.
  11. Bad Times.

    Rocking out in a Cit C1 until the repairs are done - down side other then it being a Citreon, I'm 6 foot 8 inch :/
  12. Bad Times.

    I hit a sheep once in a Cirtroen Berlingo, knocked it 6 foot in the air. Cheeky ****er just got up, bleated and did one. Bumper was hanging off the Berlingo and the bonnet was folded up like a Klingon's forehead!
  13. Bad Times.

    Jesus George, how did the cow take it? Drove it back from the accident to my place (about a mile) - sempt fine, other then the arch plastic flexy lining catching on the tyre a little bit. Steering was straight and no knocking or anything from the drive shafts. Also I'm driving it to the car clininc on firday for the estimate, so touch wood it's all just cosmetic :).
  14. Bad Times.

    Bit of black ice + back of an Audi A4 = ... Will require new bumper, headlight, fog light, wing. Pretty sure the bonnet is still straight. I'm just wondering - as the estimate is not until christmas eve - if the 'inner wing' is damaged, how much of a job is that to replace, is it an integral part of the chassis etc and if it is bend could that potentially have led to some structural damage. On first look I don't think it'll be a write off - if what I say above turns out to be the case there could be every chance?
  15. Lots Of Warning Lights Came On Today

    disconnect battery, turn key fully once, connect battery, start - lights now gone :). From my experience anyway :).