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  1. Happy Birthday SidBurns!

  2. Wheel Bearing

    Afternoon all, Front Right Wheel Bearing away, well I'm 99% sure it's the WB, which Toyota quoted over £400 to source and fit! I (think) have found the part I need online:- Is this the correct part? Thanks very much in advance oh and do/would I need anything else? Cheers, Sid.
  3. Power Steering

    Thanks god it's (liable to be) just the belt then, phew! :) One other 'problem' as such. Went through a 18-24" puddle the other day due to the snow up here and the driver and passenger carpet are quite wet. Is this a something to worry about or just the norm? If just the norm, easiest way to try and dry the carpet? Thanks to all who have replied, such a helpful bunch on here!
  4. Power Steering

    Any idea where to find the tutorial? Thanks again
  5. Power Steering

    Thanks Crofter, Is it more liable to be the belt as opposed to the pump then you reckon? I assume we're still okay driving the thing!?! How much am I talking to fix? Just what I need coming up to Christmas! Cheers
  6. Power Steering

    PS - The stiff steering came before the noise but now both seem to come together, ta
  7. Power Steering

    Evenin' all, The last week or so, pretty much from the cold weather onwards, I have noticed a squeak from under the bonnet. I assumed it was the fan belt but I now don't think it is. At very low speeds, leaving our drive in the morning for instance, the steering has mostly been quite stiff. It seems to almost warm up after a second or two though and the car is fine. With this stiff steering and the whining noise, could the belt and/or the pump be going? Cheers
  8. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

    Yes I think it's a winter tyre. If it isn't it's great for a summer tyre. I have a 300m or so incline to take every morning which hasn't be a problem at all. It was just this turn and the noise/smell but as I said, after 5 minutes or so the smell was gone. Just a bit worried I had mibbe damaged the car when I couldn't get into the drive although between the 3 point turn and my house I did drive around 5/6 miles with no problems...
  9. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

    Firstly, I must say I am LOVING the Rav so far. Great in the dry/wet and AMAZING in the snow! Dropped my boss off a couple of hours back in around 18" to 2 feet of snow. Anyway, was fine dropping him off as road had been cleared a but needed to do a 3 point turn to get back out in the snow as deep as mentioned above. The car done it fine but there was a whining noise from the steering/front wheels (!?!) when turning and a funny smell. The whining noise went away as soon as I was back on the road, the smell around five minutes later. Anything to worry about? I then failed at trying to get into my drive, again around 18" to 2 feet of soft snow with ice underneath. Should the car have gotten into my drive? Only had two attempts at it but was hoping it would be indestructable! HAHA
  10. Alloys

    Anyone got a/the photo? Cheers
  11. Alloys

    Thanks Anchorman. Have you got a picture/code for the 17" wheels from the 4.3? Wanna 'pimp' my ride up a little bit
  12. Alloys

    Morning all, Thinking of getting new alloys for my recently acquired 4.2. Looking for advice on which one's to go for? Toyota or Aftermarket? Car is silver with the grey inserts/bumpers, a 2002 GX model. Cheers guys, Craig.
  13. Car Derived Van

    They're all based on a car, why not buy a yaris and put the back seats down!!! Thanks for the help guys! :censor:
  14. Car Derived Van

    Fiesta Van, Corsavan, Clio Van or 206 Van? Anyone got any experiences with any of them? Just wish there was a Yaris Van!?!
  15. Stereo Fitting - Ooops!

    So I'm not the only muppet then!?! HAHA Out of curiousity, how long is it from the centre console heating vents to the bottom? A metre? Longer? As regards the clip, Toyota should store them yeah? Thanks to all once more, Craig.