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Found 38 results

  1. I've read a lot of threads on this forum over the past few months and learned a lot thanks to many of the members here. Sadly I'm pretty sure most of them must have moved on to different cars long ago. This thread probably won't get much interest but I'm posting it to try and help carry the torch somewhat to pay respect to those who went before me. It's had a single lady owner since late 2004, used a lot in the first couple of years but only about 1000 miles per year since. It had just over 32k miles on the clock when I bought it. Obviously I paid a premium over the average T-Sport so hopefully it will be worth it, it does have a couple of problems but it's otherwise immaculate. Amazingly, it still has the protective film on the door sill plates.
  2. T Sport Steering Wheel Swap

    Has anyone put a facelift wheel in a preface lift T Sport? Or know if it's possible? I've heard all sorts etc but don't know 100%. Not bothered about the audio controls, can you just swap the air bag. I haven't got a foggy!
  3. Corolla T sport Seats

    Does anybody want these seats? FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Collection from Manchester! Nothing wrong with them. Need to go by Wednesday this week. I'm feeling generous HA HA
  4. Right guys, as the title says really. In the link.... With the Celica being the same engine as the Corolla T Sport, will these hoses fit? Bit confused as the site says it's for the Celica but not the Corolla. Being the same engine though you'd think it would say so! Thanks as ever👍
  5. Can you out-shine me?

    Sun out for a second? Car wash time. Just got a new pressure washer and it was worth the money, cleanest its ever been. Makes it fun too when your brother walks past Can anybody outshine me? Pictures please
  6. Welcome All

    Hello All, I'm a new member, I have recently purchased a 2002 Corolla T Sport on 105k miles so I thought it best to join a forum or two so I can look into maintenance and learn what I can. My car is by no means perfect, it's red and suffering from lacquer peel on the roof, but other than this the car seems mechanically excellent. I've only had the car two weeks and driven it a few times, but I'm very impressed with the 2ZZ engine. I've only owned one other car being an EK4 VTI-S and I did plan on saving for an EP3 Type R, though to be honest I really like the Corolla more now as it draws no attention and it's refreshing to drive something different. So far I've just had a good look over the car and these are the only niggles I've found: Slight rattle from the header/manifold heat-shield sometimes. The paintwork... The alarm went off the other evening for no reason, not sure why but there is a little play in the bonnet sensor so it might of been me dropping the bonnet too hard ? Bit of rust on the boot-lid release area. The rear windows washer is not outputting anything ? Maybe it's blocked up or it's failed ? On cylinder four or the cylinder closest to the air filter side the Denso coil has a hairline crack down the cylinder shaped moulding plastic, it functions perfectly but I'm a bit worried if the voltage decided to go anywhere other that too the plug !? Should I change this asap ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only things I've done so far is taken all the rear interior out (mostly to avoid me becoming some kind of taxi). Oil and Filter change done regardless, Castrol Edge 5W-40 and a K&N HP-1003 Oil Filter.
  7. Hey everyone :=) New member here. A proud new owner of a Toyota Celica T Sport. Which is to be a little project car for me over the coming years. Hope to meet some good like minded people on here. Thanks, Nookstar
  8. hello guys. i got a yaris t sport everything is good apart from the body work. so im wondering if anyone knows anyone who might have one or if you have one that you are willing to sell. be great if its red so i dont have to paint it. and it has to be the phase 1 bumper. if you have any ideas let me know. thank you :D
  9. Toyota Corolla VVTLI T Sport (190bhp) 54,000 miles Full Toyota service History (last at 50k). Toyota demo + 1 owner from new until I bought it in August 2016.MOT July 2017 (no advisories) can put a new one on if it's a deal breaker Just had new front calipers, runs and drives very well, Very good condition. Completely unmodified. Great fun to drive. Getting rare now, especially at this mileage. I struggle for mobile phone signal, so if I don't pick up please leave a message or you can email me or send a WhatsApp message and I will reply ASAP: 07817686748 The car is in Lancashire£3295 ONO
  10. Group Buy

    Hi all, I've emailed a company in the Netherlands Called over a Group buy on the MWR (monkey wrench racing) Short Shift kit for the Corolla E12. I think we all know that this is a weak point on the E12 Rolla. Nothing is in English but with google translate and abit of time they're stuff looks really good! This is the reply I got Hello Craig,Thank you for your email, apologies for the late reply due to the holiday season etc.I will check your post on the forum you. A group buy is always possible and I can see what prices I can make. It will depend a bit exchange rates as we deal with currencies (USD, EURO and Pounds) but I think I can figure out. If you have any questions please ask, Kind regards, Marco
  11. Hi Guys, Does anyone have any idea where I can find a set of cheap (<£400) of coilovers for a 05 Corolla T Sport? New or used it i'm not really that fussed. Any help would be great thanks
  12. Compressor Advice!

    Hi All Just some advice needed for any Compressor or CTS experts please. First is the speedometer needle on mine sits below 0 mph. The gauge works fine but when at a stop its below 0 mph which is annoying. Does anyone know how to re-calibrate the needles or does it involve removing the needle and placing it back again? I have tried moving the needle with the ignition on fighting the resistance to get it to move but as soon as you turn the ignition off the needle falls back to the same position, even put the needle to 60 mph mark it still drops back to under 0!!! Also when I turn the ignition to the on position. the Engine management light flashes 4 or 5 times before staying solid. It isn't on when the engine is running and theirs no codes, stored or pending just when turning the ignition to the ON position. Many Thanks!
  13. Just done a quick refurb job on the alloys on my Yaris T Sport. A previous owner had sprayed them black a while back and they weren't in great condition, also the centre caps were missing. I used the following for the job: - Can of Plasitdip Black - £9 - Set of 4 Centre Caps - £8 - Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel - £10 - A razor blade - Free First job was to spray the centre caps, gave them four coats until they looked like this: Next, my plan was to remove the black paint just covering the logo but it was too fiddly to do so in the end I just removed the paint from the centre of the caps. This was done by using the razor blade to cut the edge of the shape and peel off. Finished caps... I then gave the wheels themselves four or five coats of Plastidip and fitted the caps: Finally a coat of tyre gel and I was finished. They look a lot darker in reality, my camera has lit this shot up though: All wheels done, not bad for an afternoon's work and less than £30 spent :)
  14. Good condition corolla t sport RM series coilovers, were only on the car for about 2000 miles, paint on the coils has cracked apart from that there perfect £850 brand new, looking for £400 I'm in montrose Scotland but postage can be arranged Payment through PayPal only
  15. Hi guys, I'm a new member but have been a fan and user of the site for a year or so now. I have a lovely 2005 Corolla T Sport (not the compressor). I was considering supercharging the engine, I've looked at the Blitz supercharger kit for the 2ZZGE but the £4125 price tag is a bit rich for my blood at this point. I do however have access to a corolla compressor that's up for breaking My plan and the reason for this post (sorry for dragging my **** getting to the point) is to take the compressor, manifold cover, pipes etc and the ECU from the compressor and fit them to my T Sport. Can anyone confirm if this will work or are my eyes bigger than my stomach here? I've heard the ECU may be tailored to the specific vehicle it came from not just the compressor as a model but the actual specific car. I do have some experience working on the car and last year removed and refurbished the OCV's to regain the lift function with great results as well as other odd jobs so i know I can fit the supercharger just don't wanna dive in without some foresight. If anyone has any thoughts on this I'd really appreciate the input, I'm really keen to do this but I &#33;Removed&#33; love that car and don't want to destroy it. Cheers in advance guys.
  16. HI , Im new here and pleasure to meet you all Does anyone know where I can get engine diagrams for the T sport TTE compressor engine? Got a donor engine I want to replace my 2zz-ge with. If anyone has also done this conversion any tips, advice or issues encountered would be appreciated. My engine does not come with the secondary air pump which I will remove on the TTE engine is there any issue with that as well? There was a post pointing to but the site has since been removed, Where can I get all the info that was posted there as well? Many thanks
  17. Hi everyone! I have been having a few issues with my car! It seems to be running rich (judging by the plugs being black and the strong smell of petrol). It has always run slightly rich since I owned the car. it also revs at 1800RPM from cold. at idle when hot it revs at 1000. the fuel issue got much worse when I fitted an aftermarket K&N air filter. When i fitted the K&N air filter it threw up an engine code (P0172) System too rich. it also had a couple more problems that go with this.. the engine would bog down in the lower revs while pulling off, hesitating. Since I put it back to standard the engine management light has gone off. but it still runs rich as always! so I did the following things: Cleaned the MAF sensor, checked for increase/decrease. Checked the O2 sensors had a voltage reading (12v) and ohm reading (16 OHMS) Checked for any Vacuum leaks. Checked Oil Level Checked Coolant level Bits I haven't Checked: ​Throttle Position sensor (TPS) O2 sensor Readings MAF Sensor Readings Coolant Temp Sensor Readings If anyone has any advice on this it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Dan
  18. Yaris T Sport Induction Kit

    So I'm looking to get an induction kit for my Yaris T-sport, I've been looking at the K&N typhoon but I've heard people say that it runs the risk of hydro-locking? is this true? and I've also seen that fitting an AEM bypass valve will prevent hydro locking? is it worth getting a bypass valve? I live in wales so it does rain a lot, and dont know a lot about cars... And do you have any suggestions on what exhaust will give me the most bhp, im not really worried about how loud it is :D -thanks for any help!
  19. Hello i need your help i was buy this TTE rear lip (for facelift) and i must cut bumper.... does anyone know where i must cut? Thank for answer
  20. E12 Corolla Track Car Build

    Thought I'd share my Corolla track car build, It's an 02 t sport done 99k wasn't in too bad Nick but needed quite a bit of tlc, So far it's had quite a lot of weight out circa 140kg, Coilovers, changed all calipers with better condition ones, fitted braided lines new discs and yellow stuff pads all round with it 5.1 fluid. Mishimoto Rad as old one was leaking Some pictures for
  21. Hi all Sorry if this has been posted but I am having difficulty getting hold of the correct T sport badge for the front grill on my Yaris. I have ordered one via a Toyota dealer on ebay who have assured me I've been sent the correct part (checked via reg and chassis number) however it does not seem to fit. The type I have been sent has a silver plastic backing with 4 forks on the back, 2 long and 2 short. The 2 shorter forks though won't reach back far enough on the grill to latch on to anything. Does anyone have the part number or better yet a picture of the one I need? I have a 2003 Yaris T Sport. Thanks!
  22. Toyota Yaris T Sport Phase 1

    My newly purchased 2002 Yaris T - Sport.

    © James White

  23. From the album Yaris T Sport

    My Toyota Yaris T Sport 2001

    © ASBUCKLE Media

  24. Hey guys looking at getting a 2005 - 2006 T Sport Compressor with around 60k on the clock? Know of any going primarily trade?and also anything I should be aware of in regard of servicing or parts? Alex