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Found 11 results

  1. Yaris window seal replacement

    Hi, I have got a 2005 5 door toyota yaris. The window seal next to the driver's side is coming off and the wind noise in horrible. Wind noise has been loud even without this issue and now its worse. Garage has asked me nearly £170 to change that one window seal. Is that a reasonable price? Any suggestions. Thanks!
  2. Hi all I have recently purchased the new 2016 Toyota Yaris Icon 1.3 VVT-I from my Toyota Auris 1.4 I was wondering what features this model has got and also dose it have Follow me home head light Many Thanks
  3. Yaris mk1 alloy wheels

    Just wondering if anyone can help me with the name of this alloy wheel, and if anyone has one? Thanks in advance
  4. Toyota Yaris Tires Rub Fenders

    Hi, I have Toyota Yaris 2000, 1.33 SOL I bought a new wheels. 195/45/15R tires, 15 inch Wheels 8.5 Ofset. I have a problem. When two people sit in the rear seats, My tires rub fenders. What do you suggest as a solution? Notify me of replies Notify me of replies Notify me of replies 1-) I can't camber, Toyota Yaris 2000 no cambers kit. 2-) fender expansion process, Fenders okey but bumper don't expansion :S 3-) English is a little weak. I apologize for the translation. HELP ME, my problem...
  5. My driving test is due in 2 weeks which was cancelled in January due to examiner being ill, therefore I am a very ready driver who has had over 40 hours of driving however I keep stalling in my parents' 2014 Toyota Yaris, my instructor car is a Ford Fiesta which can set of without needing the gas just simply the clutch. I go out with my dad and keep stalling I get my biting point and then apply gas putting my foot on the gas as I bring the clutch up but it just jitters forward and stalls, my dad is the most impatient person ever and shouts at me for stalling which is seriously effecting my confidence ( i stalled 6 times at a traffic light which subsequently turned red and had a huge line of cars beeping) am I not pressing the gas enough? I do them both simultaneously after getting my bite. It's really annoying seeing as though it's a new car and is perfect to get insured on when I pass! Please can someone ( more of a Yaris 2014 driver) tell me what I'm doing wrong
  6. ABS warning lights &power loss

    Hello, I am new to this and hope someone can help. I have a 2007 Toyota Yaris 1.0 and and a few things happened that has resulted in the battery warning light flickering, the radio going off and ABS warning light stays on and the power steering has gone. The car started fine today but played up with the above after a few hundred yards . Has anyone any idea what has happened? Thank you
  7. Hi, I recently imported my Toyota Yaris into the UK. It has a KMPH speedometer and I need to change the cluster to MPH to comply with UK regulations. I found a second hand MPH cluster online but need help to determine whether it matches to one I have currently. Is there anyone out there that can help, I have picture and details for both units. The plug points look identical. Would appreciate some assistance from someone more experienced. Thank you
  8. From the album Yaris T Sport

    My Toyota Yaris T Sport 2001

    © ASBUCKLE Media

  9. I recently bought a 2006 Toyota Yaris that has a squeeking noise when you turn the steering. I am presuming that it requires a steering fluid flush but does anyone know how much this might cost? Thank you Nick
  10. ok well i have an 1999 toyota yaris gs model and i am looking at buying a under seat subwoofer. the subs i might be getting is either the BEAT BSW8ACT or the KENWOOD KSC- SW01 they both have built in amps. any way i was wandering who can i go to to fit it to my cd unit, it already has upgraded speakers and tweeters. or how i can fit it myself without doing much work on the car. i also dont want to much money fitting it. please help if possible. thanks R.Blackburn
  11. Hi people Just joined the forum and had a question. I will be getting my first car in about 3 months, I want to go for the t sport but the insurance is too high so the standard yaris will be preffered. toyota yaris 2003 5dr 1.0l is what I'm thinking of going for. Now I know the tsport's engine ect is better, but from the outside there are a few minor body kit differences.. am I right?, it's basically the same car on the OUTSIDE but with a different bumper and front light shape? I really like the 'facelift bumper', and really like the bumper on this post Does anyone know where I can purchase the front bumper and lip and will it be compatiable on a standard yaris? Thanks