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Aygo Gearbox

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#1 D.K


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Posted 05 February 2010 - 11:26 PM

Hello :D this is my first post on here so bear with me if this has been covered already.
We've got a 55 plate Aygo+ with 12k on the clock, we've had the car since September last year and we've had quite a few issues with it, luckily we got it from Toyota so it's got a years warrenty.
Right the main thing I'm concerned about is the gearbox, weather the engine is hot or cold it does not want to go into 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear smoothly this is changing up and down the box, it's a manuel by the way.
It also wont go into 1 st unless the car is a a full standstill,
It has been back to Toyota twice for this issue, the 1st time they said they adjusted the clutch the 2nd they said this was normal for this engine and gearbox. Whilst at the dealers on our last visit I got to drive another Aygo, again a 55 plate but with 22k on the clock and this one changed gear a lot smoother than our one.
So my question is;
How smooth is your gearbox ?

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#2 ihpj


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Posted 05 February 2010 - 11:31 PM

Dare I suggest that if you are having any issues with the gearbox, that sounds like a gearbox fault to me. Unless other [manual] Aygo owners can comment otherwise, I would suggest you start talking about rejecting the car. No gearbox should be difficult to find gears in.

#3 AygoIronman


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Posted 06 February 2010 - 01:08 AM

Dare I suggest that if you are having any issues with the gearbox, that sounds like a gearbox fault to me. Unless other [manual] Aygo owners can comment otherwise, I would suggest you start talking about rejecting the car. No gearbox should be difficult to find gears in.

Start talking about rejecting the car? Its a bit late for that now. My Aygo has problems sometimes shifting into first gear, but its rare. The owners had the car since September. I d suggest not to give "legal advice" to any party with out legal knowlegde. Here`s an example why:


Important Appeal Court Case Precedent supplied by Andrew Quirk

A recent hearing highlighted the importance of seeking sensible early legal advice in order to save unnecessary expense.

Darren Egan vs. Motor Services (Bath) Ltd (18 October 2007) is a Court of Appeal case which saw the consumer who attempted to reject his vehicle lose out dramatically.

The consumer complained that his car, a new Audi TT 3.2 litre V6, veered to the left and as such wanted to return the car to the dealer and be refunded.

Whilst an expert witness gave evidence supporting the consumers claim, the Court ruled that the vehicle was "of satisfactory quality" because the sensitivity of the car to camber was in fact normal for that type of car - the reasonable person would not consider that this would make the vehicle unsatisfactory.

This provided a useful case precedent for motor dealers as it makes clear that vehicles may have "characteristics" such as sensitivity to the camber of the road without being "of unsatisfactory quality". It may also prove to be useful case law for retailers of other consumer products.

The legal expenditure of both parties was around 100,000 and the car cost 32,300 in July 2003. This led Lord Justice Ward to exclaim: "...one or other parties to the action, if not both of them..." were "...completely cuckoo..." to have pursued the litigation when little was at stake and that the lawyers should have taken "...the firmest grip..." from the outset.

This case shows the fundamental importance of getting expert guidance on the legal issues raised in a dispute and how to resolve it at the earliest opportunity.

Clarks legal provides a number of motor help lines which allows motor dealers to obtain advice on their position as soon as a customer issue arises, as a
result appropriate steps can be taken before proceedings are even considered by a customer. For more information please contact aquirk@clarkslegal.com

#4 T.F.S.B.I.G.W.S.


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Posted 06 February 2010 - 05:48 AM

I don't have much legal experience but the car hardly seems satisfactory if it will not go into gear. Not going into gear is not characteristic of Aygos! My gearbox is smooth and will easily go into any gear.

#5 jjj_aygo


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Posted 06 February 2010 - 08:17 AM

I've had my 56 plate manual from new and It has never had difficulty getting into gear like u have desribed D.K

After about 20,000 miles it did have slight difficulty getting into 1st gear but all that was required was a little more force...

Since then there have been no problems and will go into 1st gear absolutly fine so the niggle fixed itself.

I would suggest it is a bit late to reject the car but not too late to confront your dealer and demand that they come up with a solution to the problem. Usually with a little persuasion they will take a closer look! Don't accept having a problem with your gearbox like that!

#6 Jan van de Wouw

Jan van de Wouw

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Posted 06 February 2010 - 09:46 AM

A car not going into 1st unless at a standstill is considered normal,
as first gear is not synchronised... Neither is reverse by the way...

In cold wheather it can be a bit harder to select gears,
but once everything warms up it should go smooth.

And I would consider a car with more miles to have smoother changes normal too:
the hard edges have worn slightly, so everything slides into each other easier.



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Posted 07 February 2010 - 02:20 AM

The Aygo has been known to consume clutches at a very fast rate, often within 12,000 miles, so that some commuters got 3 new clutches during the 3 year warranty period. The symptom of this wear, is that the "bite-point" of the pedal gets very high from the floor. They DID revise the clutch.
Luckily in the case of my Wife, her first Aygo, new at '55 plate, survived the 3 years, but the pedal was very close to the top of travel when she traded it for another, a year ago, a '58 built Platinum, at a great deal. I have been following this Forum on her behalf, and am happy that the new car has a revised clutch unit, but the adjustment method is still manual, at the cable-end at the lever above the clutch bell-housing. I have noticed that the new car has a large dollop of heavy grease covering this thread/nut area, as it is vital that it can be readily worked on at services, when they will do the adjusting.
You need to supply the dealer with printouts from this forum, from each owner who posted their clutch woes, and the outcome. :--- use the "search" function to find these. Toyota Customer Relations may not be the best first approach, as the link to dealers can be tenuous. The salesman at the dealership can be gazumped by an appeal to the top man,-- the "Dealer Principal", and my own Son once got a lot of help from the "After-Sales-Manager", at a SEAT dealership where some very bad maintenance had been done, although we had bought him that car 100 miles away. The dealership also had AUDI and VW, and SKODA, so reputation was very important.
Luckily both Aygos have been dry, and only one water pump, a radiator, and a rear hatch latch, have been needed, all promptly attended under warranty. There are some eagle-eyed mechanics around, but I saw the leak from the top plastic header-tank on the radiator myself, the day prior to our water-pump job, and they had one in stock!
The cost of a clutch renewal will no doubt be why the salesman is dragging his feet, as the cost will come out of his commission, not the firm itself;-- about 500 to a customer, and his preferential labour-rate from the workshop dept., won't help much in these days where each part of a dealership has to be profitable in its own right. (My father was in the motor-trade all his life, so I am well aware of the internal problems)

#8 ihpj


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Posted 07 February 2010 - 06:08 PM

I d suggest not to give "legal advice" to any party with out legal knowlegde.

I'm not giving legal advice - but rather expressing my opinnion. There is a difference.

I do however agree with you about jumping on the legal bandwagon, however we are not talking about a camber sensitivty. We're talking about car not finding/going into gear. I don't know of a gearbox where it is difficult to select a gear and this is considered normal behaviour? Manual boxes should have a smooth, positive ('rifle bolt like') gear shift.

#9 IrishRob


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Posted 07 February 2010 - 09:51 PM

From my experience I wouldnt worry mate mine did the same thing after 30,000 miles mainly when it was cold but lately its sorted its act out and driving sweet as, seems to come and go as it chooses the odd lon run seems to keep it sweeter if you do low miles every day. I had the problem worst in 2nd and occaisionly 3rd. As for goin into first only at a standstill any toyota iv driven doesnt do this without a bit of protest just try get outa the habit of it youd be surprised how low she will go in 2nd. hope it puts your mind at ease dude.

#10 EmzIQ


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Posted 08 February 2010 - 07:37 AM


Just thought i'd add my response as mine does this too sometimes. I have an '09 plate platinum model and it has had problems on and off since I got it, I just put it down to the way I was handling it. It has got a lot better more recently but still on occasion I find it really hard to put it into 2nd and 3rd gear. The same occurs with 1st gear, only really going in easily if at a standstill. Hope you get it sorted..wondering if I should now! All I seem to do is go back to the toyota with problems...ah well.

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