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Toyota Lucida, Estima

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Hi there,

I am a mechanic and have a few issues with a Lucida....

This is the first Lucida I have ever worked on, It had been off the road for around 2 years with a blown headgasket.

First of all I removed the cylinder head to find that right enough the head was shot, Been totally roasted, and there was water lying on top of the pistons which i knew wasn't good seeing as it had been there for 2 years. I atempted to turn the bottom end to try and get the pistons to move but they would not, I tried all sorts of thingd wd40, Jizer etc but had to go and get a rust remover and place it down the bores to get the pistons to move, I then moved the pistons honed the bores with the pistons in place the best I could as there was quite a bit of bore damamge due to the water sitting in them for a couple of years.

I then got a new head/valves and reconned injectors and fitted the head, The engine would not fire and compression was 0 on 1 and 4 and 80 on 2 and 3. on a wet test it was 150 on 1 and 4 and 200 on 2 and 3.

I removed the head again and removed the sump etc to get pistons out, Got new rings for it and refitted the head etc, Compression now is up to 250 on 1 and 4 and 300 on 2 and 3, its like it wants to fire but just wont and being an auto I cant even tow it to start it. I have also tried easystart to get it to go as well.

Any suggestions anyone kind of stuck now before I go ripping it apart again.



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Not that good on diesels... I guess you've checked that diesel is getting to injectors? Just wondering with it sitting for so long if the wee pipes have gummed up... especially if its been out in the cold when the fuel would wax up.

Welcome to the forum by the way!

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The old 3ct I had was a bit of a git to fire up when I replaced the head, I hope you have used a genuine head and genuine gasket set for the est/ lucida because your repairs will not last. In order to get mine going again I needed a full battery charge and boosted it from another car to give max speed to turn over.

Have you ensured there is no air in the injector pump, I found it best to prime by removing the fuel return hose whilst priming furiously refit hose and make sure primer pump stiffens up. I also nipped the injector pipes one by one to ensure all air was out whilst cranking.

The other problem could be your pump timing being out by one tooth.

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