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Ebay - Ish

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    • Boot Lid Catches ...latches.... Rubber Things.
      By mad91K
      Hello everybody.
      Does anybody know what exaclty are the two rubber elements that sit on the each side of the boot and into which the boot lid locks ? I really dont know what to call them and what to look for.
      They are held to the body by two bolts and have corresponding rubber element on the boot lid itself which falls into place within them when boot is closed. I need to replace them as mine are worn beyond catastrophic and the boot lid is making squeeking noise when goin over bumps as these elements are moving inside of eachother.
      At first I thought it might have been the parcel shelf but nah , secured that with velcros , noise persists.
      Thanks for the help and have a nice weekend.
    • T-sport 2004 Few Things That Worry Me.
      By mad91K
      Hello all.
      Hope you all are having good times and all is well. Glad to be a part of this forum.
      I have recently purchased a 04 plate T-Sport with a relatively small mileage of 67k and I'm astronomically pleased with the car haing moved on from '98 MX5 NB. However , there are one or two things that concerne me.
      1. When starting ( especially from cold ) there is a buzzing noise lasting few seconds , coming from the engine bay. I am suspecting that it might be a loose heatshield , this sound can be heard also on warm engine when held at approx 1900 rev. Am I looking in the right direction ? Has anyone encountered this issue ?
      2. Ok , this is a bit more serious .... Right after purchasing the car I have treated it to an all 'round set of new Kumho Ecsta tires. Now , at speed between 60 and 80'ish the steering wheel vibrates quite violently. The tires were balanced twice now , yet problem persists. Is it possible that wheel allignment can cause such vibration ?
      I have though that perhaps the alloys are buckled , swapped fronts with rears but did not see any improvement. Maybe all of them are buckled , the car came from Sheffield ( sorry to say this ) and I was all but not impressed with the quality of roads up there. Never seen so many potholes per square meter of road. What else should I look at ?
      3. This is just a small thing really , I have seen a few posts about this but none of them had any answers so I'll give it a shot.
      I have replaced the factory stereo with a JVC double din unit , fits great into the mounting points using the hooks from standard stereo however im having trouble finding facia for it. The new stereo left a gap of approx 2cm each side of the dashboard , can anybody point me in a good direction for facias ?
      Thanks a lot and have a good day.
    • Smoking From Under The Hood, Help Please?
      By FrostyTheSnowman
      A little introduction, since I'm new to this forum. I'm Jordan from North Carolina, USA. I drive a 95 Toyota Celica GT convertible 5 speed 2.2 that I recently received from a lady about 2 months ago. It has 293xxx miles on it, single owner, dealership maintenance ever since she bought it brand new in 1995. The car's in seems to be in excellent shape running-wise and the body/interior is awesome.
      The issue - Ever since about 2 or 3 weeks ago, if I drive for more than 20 minutes it will pour smoke from under the hood seemingly from under the engine. I replaced the valve cover gasket and spark plug rings today and after my test drive (in town and on the highway, one trip) the same thing happens. I don't know if it was residual oil on the motor burning off, or if I fixed what wasn't broken. I've always heard that stop-leak chemicals are not the best thing to put in your car and I would like to fix it right instead of pour that stuff in my car, but if I have to I will. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
    • New Kid In Town
      By Celicafanatic
      Hello all I have 2 Celicas, one being a 98 Convertible ad the other being a 2000 Gt. I picked up the 2000 1st in 2010 and am saving up to convert to a GTS motor/gearbox.I Converted it a few years back to rear disc brakes, GTS pedals and leather seats. The 98 convertible I just bought and am currently doing minor body/cosmetic repairs on. The top needs some attention and I may just wind up replacing it with a new one. Mechanically its sound and I have purchased a new radiator for it. I love both and may never part with either.Mike