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Turbo Diesel Intercooler

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I needed some advice regarding turbo intercoolers. I have a 55 Reg Diesel 2.0L Corolla which needs a new turbo intercooler. I have been checking on various websites and many scrap yards but have found none which are genuine Toyota that will fit my car correctly.

I ended up checking out the ones on Eurocarparts and found them going for around the £200 mark which i am willing to pay. My question is whether buying a aftermarket intercooler will affect my car in any way negatively? I know it is always best to purchase genuine parts but could i get away with fitting an aftermarket one?


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Personally i trust the big car parts places like Euro Car Parts to provide good quality pattern parts. I would have no problem at all with buying from them.

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See what price toyota charge for a genuine one. In some cases they are really reasonsble with prices being only a couple of ££ different. In other cases there rediculus :rolleyes:

No problem using good pattern parts for items like this :)

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Thanks for the help guys. I just came across a seller on Ebay today who sold me a genuine Toyota one for £150 :)

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