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Vibration In Rav4 2007

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wondered if anyone has had the same issues ??

got a rav4 2007 xtr.

love it but for the very annoying vibration i get around 40mph upwards.

it sounds as if its from both the wing mirrors and / or inside both front doors.

nothing obvious ....no visible shake on mirrors. cant get in the door panels to see if there is anything there. had wheels balanced - no different !!

if anybody has had the same issue, how the hell did you fix it....it drives me !Removed! mad!

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petrol or diesel?

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    • By Joshb92
      I've owned a 1998 RAV4 for just over a year now it's done 120,000 miles. 
      About 6 months into owning it 5th gear started to slip, I know this can be a common problem. Maybe more to my stupidity in knowing I was only really driving it down carriageways I was happy keeping it in 4th but recently it's starting to slip out of 4th of I'm going at low RPM just over 30MPH if I put it into 4th over 40mph it doesn't slip at out or hasn't yet I've been reaching 70mph in 4th quite a lot now for about 8 months. 
      I absoloutely love the RAV but what I want to know is if anyone might be able to give me an idea into what the issue might be and is it worth trying to fix, or might it just be time to start looking for a new car?
    • By fishfingers24
      Hi all I am new to this forum so hope I have posted this in the right space.
      I have the saloon 2015 model and I have currently done 30k in 7 months. Don't worry I'm a taxi driver so that's normal.
      I have a strange noise (vibration) which sounds like it is coming from inside the dashboard  (passenger side)
      The noise usually occurs when the engine is struggling slightly. An example would be going up a slight hill in high gear. I have also found the sound is more noticeable on more uneven roads but also when you pull off with a slight ***** which sounds more of a creaking sound.
      I had my partner experience the problem with me when I took it for a test drive. She said she could feel the vibration from the (windscreen end of the dashboard)
      I have tried many things. Looking for loose objects under the dashboard. Removing wipers etc but with no such look. However it does seem the problem is more frequent when the engine is warm.
      If anyone has any idea please let me know. I have it booked in next week as the noise drives me crazy expecially when you are in it 8 hours a day.
      Many thanks 
    • By Bluepaul
      Hi Guys
      I have a 2006 Toyota Rav4 2.2 diesel 2006. Can anyone tel me where the crank position sensor is located?
    • By bobwill27
      Hi Guys
      While since I've been here but let me get straight to the point.
      3 weeks ago I run very, very low on oil due to a leaking oil filter. The filter was replaced and oil filled back up.
      A week later whilst my partner was driving the car the turbo failed dramatically. I had the car recovered and proceeded to remove the turbo, which was intact but well knackered. Not the easiest job I've ever done.
      I have purchased a reconditioned unit with new gaskets. I have also drained the oil. I do keep reading that I need to replace the oil feed pipe. Is this necessary? I personally feel the cause of the failure being lack of oil not a blockage.
      There is also oil in the intercooler and various pipes. The intercooler and pipes have been standing draining for a week now and have been wiped out as best as can be. Will this be suffice?
      The vehicle is a 2002 Rav4 D4D.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • By chrisjones
      Just bought a new Rav4 Invincible and sorted out the bells and whistles. (mostly)
      In preparation for a ferry sea crossing,does anyone know how I can lock the car but not set the alarm, in case the trip is a bit choppy?
      Also, there is small green thermometer icon on the right of the rev counter which goes out a short while after startup, which puzzles me.
      Any help appreciated