Nick Talbot

Toyota Corolla Keyless Fob - problem

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Hello All,

First time post - trying hard to solve a problem with a keyless fobs for our 2005 Toyota Corolla Verso 2.2

We have 2 fobs.  They work perfectly.  One is heavily worn, the buttons falling apart.  We have purchased a 2nd hand fob on eBay.  It is a genuine fob.  It has a new battery.  The light on the fob operates.

Of course the new fob needs to be programmed.  We have the instructions.  We have followed them - but we have only partial success and this is where our question /problem lies:

The new fob now locks and unlocks the doors  - but it is not recognised by the ignition.  The car knows that 3 fobs are now programmed to it.  So what are we missing?  How can we get the fob to be recognised by the ignition?  Is this a "return to Toyota, need expert/official programming/assistance" sort of an issue?

With many thanks for any insights that can be offered,


Nick and Emma



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Hello Nick and Emma - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

If the instructions were obtained from the internet, there are various versions out there, and not all will work with specific models. Could try an auto locksmith to see whether they can programme the key for you, which may be cheaper than a Toyota dealer.

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