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Turbo Pressure Sensor

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hello, iv been having problems with getting rid of fuel cut on my tubby, iv noticed that my standard dashboard boost guage flys up past + and stays there as soon as i turn ignition on. but the electrical connector hasnt been disconected on the boost pressure sensor.

could this have something to do with my fcd not working? (sent it back), also tyd pulling pipe out of bottom of sensor and blocking, but this didnt work either.

any suggestions would be gratefully welcomed, as im just learning about my 2, and would love to get 1 bar of boost!


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Yes, I would guess that this has somwthing to do with it.

The pressure sensor feed from the manifold feeds the ecu, and the stock boost gauge, so it must be sending the wrong signal

1. telling the ecu that the boost is high (causing fuel cut)

2. telling the stock boost gauge the boost is high (as you see displayed1)

if you have disconecte the pipe before, it looks like a wiring / sensor problem.

The sensor could be jamed, sending the wrong signal, and are you sure you have wiried it back up correctly

FCD normally have a live and earth wire

and two other wires which go between the pressure sensor, and the ecu (cut the wire and put it between - this is how it works - the fcd controls the voltage sent to the ecu, so it never thinks the boost is too high !!) - is that how you had it ?

have you reconnected the wires you cut (sensor to ecu?)

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hi thankyou for reply.

i got a fcd from ebay, it had 3 wires, red black and grey, the instructions didnt match up with my ecu block, so i asked on the forum, and was advised to cut the blue wire with black stripes, so i put it on this wire. and earthed the other wire as instructed. (didnt work, also tryd turning fcd adjuster screw +-) so i took it off and sent it back.

i reconnected wires that id prev cut on ecu.

i also reconnected the turbo pressure sensor electrical connector, and put pipe back in.

do i need a new turbo pressure sensor ?

im stuck and dont know what to do

thankyou ...

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any one?

please help!

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Iwoulnt like to say 'YES, go buy a new pressure sensor', and it aint that !.

Id give Rogue Systems a ring, they are really helpfull guys, and might know what to do, they are mr2 specialists and have helped me in the past.

I wouldnt like to suggest anything else.

TBH I have a problem with my car aswell - the reverse of yours - my car never hits fuel cut, i have a rev 1 with no FCD, and have pulled 1.2 bar in the past, but my car never cuts! and my stock boost gauge works fine ??? - Who knows ?

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ok thanks mate ill do that, and let you know how i get on..

hope you get yours fixed too... :thumbsup:

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