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Got Some Volk Ray Rims & Tein Suspension...

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Hi chaps,

I have just placed a deposit on a rev 3 GT tubby and the guy has included in the deal a full set of used tein suspension which he bought from GTSchris a while back and a set of Volk rims.

With regards to the rims firstly... Sadly one of the alloys has a pretty bad crack on the inside of the rim edge which was caused by a pot hole. Now i would loved to get it repaired and placed back on the car but dont know how much it will cost.


Then the damage to one of the rear rims



The volks are correctly staggered as the fronts are 16x7 and the rears are 16x8

The car has got some Lenso RS5's on it at the mo but i do like these volks more.

How much are these rims worth and how much you reckon would it cost to fix? Im based in the West Yorkshire area.

Secondly this used tein suspension set. I have been told that if i get them blasted to get the crap off it they will be fine to use in another car. Is this true and also what value would you put on these?





Trying to figure out how good the deal that i got actually was with these extra goodies.

Cheers in advance.


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:eek: I've never seen a Rays crack like that, even on the touring cars & f1 cars we supply

that must have been a very big pot hole :shutit: are you sure the guy you got them from did not run too long on a under inflated tyre?

as for the teins mine were looking the same when i sold the yaris, I'm not impressed with tein & we are tein dealers :unsure:

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Who knows lass about the tyre pressure but he seems to be the kind of chap who would check it every other week.

Some nasty crack for sure... are they repairable?

Also the car is from Aberdeen so they have some rough country roads for sure! lol Apparently the chap said that he only noticed that the was an issue after it kept loosing tyre pressure. The chap who looked at it said that the crack seemed to have been there for a while but this pothole made it worse.

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i have known people repair wheels, but i wouldn't trust it myself

its never going to be as strong as it once was ;)

I'd attempt to replace it if it was mine.

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All looks like scrap to me fizzy fat boi,

Tell you what cos i'm a nice guy i'll dispose of the lot for you, and not even charge you for the pleasure. :lol:

There is a guy in scunny who repairs rims, he did 1 for me a few yrs ago, was a good repair circa £40 iirc., but it was only a slight bend not a crack.

Those coilies will go again no worries just a quick strip clean n rebuild.


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I hear ya Kimi but then i know a few people who have got theirs tig welded inside and out and have had no issues in using them on track.

Cant say i have heard of any that have had issues after repairing them but then its all about what exposure they have got.

With regards to the Shocks.. i have been advised these HA types are fully adjustable etc and demand a premium of £350/£400 used.

Dale V has already told me he wants them @£350 possibly once i have figured out their true value etc... :lol:

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