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  2. Bought a t180 d4d 2 weeks ago and I have noticed today that when you take off from traffic lights or accelerate away in 2nd or 3rd gear there is a plume of blue smoke is this a turbo-problem it is a 2008 2.2. D4d t180 with 85k full Toyota history , Plus it does not do it all the time
  3. Hi My diesel is the older 2.0 engine and I get some serious dust out of the back if I give it some welly and that does look a little like smoke, so please excuse the question but are you sure it's blue smoke? If you are sure, I believe blue smoke is a sign of oil being burnt so I'd start checking your oil level regularly to see how quickly it is getting consumed. I'd also be inclined to change it to check it has the correct grade. I have read you can use a slightly higher viscosity (still in line with what's in the hand book) but sometimes a slightly thicker oil will help if the issue is worn piston rings. And yes a quick google suggest it could be the turbo but I have no personal experience of that so can't comment. Good luck
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  5. Hello Andrew - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  6. Hi all, bought my 2102 IQ2 today, really impressed so far!
  7. Bought a t180 d4d 2 weeks ago and I have noticed today that when you take off from traffic lights or accelerate away in 2nd or 3rd gear there is a plume of blue smoke is this a turbo-problem it is a 2008 2.2. D4d t180 with 85k full Toyota history , Plus it does not do it all the time
  8. rushy45

    Toyota coolant

    Thank you for the replies, much appreciated. Mike
  9. Hello Debra - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  10. I'm new to Forum. I haven’t owned a Toyota until recently and I am enjoying driving my little car iQ … but I do have a few issues, which is why I joined up.
  11. Perfect thank you!!! [emoji41]
  12. yes the 15amp marked p/outlet which is connected to the power socket in the armrest
  13. Is that the 15amp right at the bottom called p/outlet?
  14. HI you need to tap into the 15amp fuse which is the blue one to the power outlet but you will be unable to use the fuse box cover and to connect to the cars earth which you need to remove the door frame seal near the end of the dash and the end panel of the dash with the air bag switch on it unclips and you will seen a metal bracket which earth too.
  15. There is paid access on, for example 3 euros for 1 hour access, but you can print/save files, well worth the money. There are no "pirated" manuals for that year, as far as i know.. I advise buying Toyota techstream cable, you get full Toyota diagnostics for only 10 euros or so. As far as gearbox goes, if it's a bit notchy, it's fine, cold weather does that to some cars.
  16. As I said before, I have this car just for a few days now, so I think I have to drive for a few days more to know him better. Anyway - thanks for advices. ps. Is there (on the web) available to download service manual for my model.
  17. Which fuse did you tap in to?
  18. For that little km, i would not bother checking the oil (you need to get under the car and unscrew a bolt to check). Is the problem there in cold, and also with car off? Gears are notchy, or what? Works fine when warm?
  19. Changed the battery recently? That sounds like you disconnected the battery, and upon reconnecting you did not let the car idle for 10 minutes, if this is the case, disconnect battery for 10 minutes, reconnect, let idle for 10 minutes, take for a short drive.
  20. sorry, looks like the image link didn't work. trying again...
  21. Colourd


    Most likely requires no drilling - my 2006 didn't Search for, Brink or Bosal etc for you rcar and then you mostly find instructions to download too
  22. Colourd

    D-4D Tuning

    I have a kit for my 2006, but, never fitted or use Yours is probably the 3 pin
  23. Hi guys! I am new in here and my English is not perfect, don´t judge me please :D My car is Toyota Avensis T25 2.4L 2004 Automatic-transmission So my problem(s) are these: - On cold start, temperature approx 10 Celsius. When i start my car the idle goes wild. Revs change from 800 to 1000 or so, very quickly. This happens like 0.5 intervals. Revs go up and down 2-6 times an then idle settles down to normal speed 800 or so but does not change. Sometimes i get P0191 code - When driving, warm engine. Decreasing speed to a full stop in traffic lights. Idle starts changing for +-100 revs, MIL-light shows up when it drops down like 150, to 650-600 rpm code P0191. When accelerating sometimes car goes to limp mode, sometimes not. When i lift the throttle up and press again once or twice the limp mode deactivates and i get full power. - I did get my hands to OBD tester that did read fuel pressures. On cold engine idling the pressure was 8-9MPa, but on warm engine pressure drops to 7MPa. When i press the pedal just lightly like 1millimeters, the pressure builds up to 8MPa. When revving the pressure reads at 14MPa. -The MIL-light checks itself sometimes when ignition is switched off for several hours. So what would cause the problem... I have thinked that maybe some moisture in connections in engine bay... Is the idle too low? Workshop manual says that fuel pressure should be from 8 to 14MPa. Do anybody had same problems? I appreciate your thoughts and comments!
  24. I got this car a few days. It has just 22.000 km so I think gearbox oil should be fine. Anyway, how can I check this oil level ? I'm thinking about the level of wear of the bushes. Where it is placed ?
  25. furtula

    Toyota coolant

    When in doubt, use distilled water, your coolant is already made of 50% water. Question is, where did you loose the coolant?
  26. Hi Greg, its good to know you got the information you needed, good luck with it. Would be good to know how it all goes. Also with the information Neil has given there's another option.
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