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  2. I'm a month the wrong side of the change. So £135 a year... It is what it is...
  3. I have the info 😉 you need to pop the unit out disconnect the ext-box and plug the usb into the DA I will pm you in a while as the info is on my other machine
  4. In the configurator of toyota greece in the summary and save section you get a list of all of the features that the car has and it says that the 1.8 in the style grade (the equivalent design in the uk) gets sound insulated windscreen.
  5. I'm back with my very irregular posts. Next week I'm downsizing from my Landcruiser (2010) to a Rav4 icon hybrid AWD. I know it's a bit late now as I've already committed, but is there anything specific I should asked to be done before I collect it. Cheers
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  7. Just spent all morning trying to get at the fog light on my Auris. You have toi rive off the front of the inner wing and plastic under the lamp to get at it.Most of the plastic so called fasteners were loose or broken when they came out . I needed a jack and axle stands for heavens sake. Good as Toyotas are this is criminally bad and insane design. Whoever designed it should left in a muddy rainy field with no tools except those supplied with the car and not let in until he has changed a dozen fog lamp bulbs...*****.(one born out of wedlock)
  8. ok, so here's one you can actually hear - a YouTube of a Toyota person, set to start just before he says "Prius". Ever since I saw TV programmes like Tomorrow's World in the late 1990s discussing the then forthcoming Prius, I've only heard Toyota people on TV and those I met when I was a Prius Fleet Manager pronounce it this way.
  9. Is it a fact that the 2.0 has a thicker windscreen than the 1.8. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else.
  10. As in 'pre', 'preen', etc
  11. Is that pre as in preh or pre as in previous?
  12. I have Techstream version 12 on an old netbook. I also used my Launch Creader VIII which can read ABS VSC codes. I recently updated it. I pulled the very same codes, showing the same description as the Techstream. I am still learning what the codes mean, because hybrids are a different beast. I advised Waqar to find a local Prius expert, because this is a little out of my depth. We decided not to erase the codes for now! There are critical systems, plus the brakes being major, just cannot take chances. Add that some areas are high voltage, much more care is needed. So far I have looked at the codes individually, and it seems there could have been a power glitch. The car returned to normal after shutting off, then restarting. The general solution is to check the connections and the earthing, making sure everything is secure. We did replace the front right wheel bear last year, and the left bearing back in 2016. We also replaced rear right spring that had broken, last year. We was careful to replace everything and check the security of every nut, bolt and connection. It would be advisable to check them again. We didn't sped much time yesterday, due to Waqar working, and social distancing. I did help him get his Honda Jazz running, since it had been parked up. Just needs battery replacing which was being delivered.
  13. Response from Toyota GB: " Hello Mike, Thank you for your email. The correct pronunciation of the 'Prius' would be pronounced as 'Pre'. I hope this helps and thanks for contacting Toyota Customer Support. Kind regards Joseph Coke Customer Support Toyota (GB) PLC "
  14. Toyota alphard hybrid 2006, ready light comes on for a second and turns off..leaving the ignition on
  15. How did Konrad read the codes? There may be some relevant INF codes (or sub-codes) to be had. Also, as you car was being driven at the time the C124x codes are not likely to be a bad battery as you have indicated. This is because the inverter is powering the 12 V bus when the car is running. So the question really is, why did the 12 V drop while running? (You can look at the freeze frame data to confirm this and there is also a myriad of other data points to look at from the time the codes set.) I would check the function of the inverter coolant pump, check there is movement (resembling simmering water) in the inverter coolant reservoir. When was the last time the inverter coolant was changed? C0205 – Is it possible the speed sensor (or its attaching bolt) was damaged or has worked itself loose when/since the LF wheel bearing was changed? I'd park the C1300 until the other two problem were solved, as this might just be a flow on from the speed sensor problem. I hope that helps and let us know how you get on.
  16. Yes from 2015-16 my premium has increased each year. It has stabilized for the past 3 policies, but still more than in 2015 by £155. My car is zero tax so that helps, while my friend has an old mx5 and said he have to pay 180 or 225 tax.
  17. I think a lot comes down to what you want. I had both an auto and manual at the same time, and the auto was exactly that, it wasn't for me, but some people love the ease of driving an auto.
  18. Thank you, I'm still working away, and although I don't consider myself very good at youtube, I do try to document what I do to the car.
  19. Hello Michael, welcome to the Toyota Owners Club.
  20. Don’t think is because of the catalytic converters thefts, these models are not a target, at least not yet, sounds more likely it’s something with the registration numbers and trim levels issues. I see some really good prices here people are paying, 10:years ago we were paying similar but since 2015 all prices went up and keep going up every year. At least we don’t pay tax., which is almost impossible if you buy a new car now.
  21. Hi Guys, I have the same issue. Low volume, high pich beep when pressing the brake on my Rav4 Hybrid 2020. Wasn't there initially but after around a 1000kms, it started making the noise. It lasts about half a second and then again after about 4-5 seconds till the brake paddle is pressed. Any updates please. Thanks in advance Johnny
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  23. There are a couple of old PCs at work. He might not be willing to add the shady decryption software to the corporate system though... I'll try anyway, he is a cool guy mostly.
  24. Fair enough, I remember when I got the ext-box it was outdated with the map from 2015 but no issues with the playback, then I updated to 6.14.0 and started having issues. I was hoping that the 6.15.0 will fix it but still same problem. Would it be the DA outdated? I guess the only way to update it would be thru Toyota Service as I haven't seen anything about updating the DA.
  25. Thanks for posting the pics Steve. It looks just the job and seems to be a good match with the other mats. What colour combo did you go for? Black with black striped trim or grey with grey striped trim? I'm going to order one and want the same colour as yours.
  26. I understand what the video is doing as I'm a fellow workplace IT guy who has black magic skills honed over more years than I care to admit! 😆 The BIOS fiddling is to set his modern desktop PC back to compatibility settings so that the CD with dodgy software tools can remove the security from the NAV drive. If you had a Windows 7 era PC the BIOS settings change wouldn't be necessary. The updates on something newer like my Auris are a bit more simple - copy files to a standard USB, plug it in then sit there and wait for an hour while it digests it. Toyota website gives you the security unlock code. I still get the hilarity of driving through fields though. Took until June 2020 for it to recognise that the A556 bypass (aka George Osborne way) they started to build in 2015 was a road and not a farmers field!
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