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  2. Hi, I didn’t recommended to you tilt alarm simply because thieves does not mind them, the alarm can scream loudly and they doesn’t care as they only need 2-3 minutes to do the job, plus no one will intervene as they are group of three at least, have their tools as weapons and are ready to fight and run away. On top of that very often they are dressed as mobile mechanics with high visibility vests and jackets plus wearing face masks and gloves, you don’t really see them as thieves, even police can be fooled. My personal opinion is that tilt alarm can not help for cat theft. The idea is the thie
  3. Hi anyone had a tilt alarm fitted to there Auris ?? Are they good? thanks
  4. Was that a new 3 cylinder Yaris or the previous model? I still have a 2017 Yaris and everything you say applies. But I thought the new Yaris was much more like the Corolla in all the reviews I've read!
  5. It's an odd glitch I have a XE and HE units with the up to date firmware on both All the touch2 info is now in the repair guide, what is updated from time to time
  6. In case this helps, my OH's Yaris (firmware 3934) does display album art as long as the "folder.jpg" is in the same directory (i.e. not cover.jpg)
  7. Normal start up with other Toyota engine designs, before 7A-FE 1.8 leanburn and 2ZR-FAE 1.8 Valvematic before and after the 1ZZ 1.8. Yes normal, especially in the cold to get the engine to operating temperature quickly.
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  9. I would say no or at least very rare. If the engine had a turbo, then there is more scope. Even hard still is the fact that the Valvematic engine is a complicated set up and Toyota ECUs are not easy to chip! To generate more torque, more air and fuel is needed. This would mean forced induction of super charger or turbo. The 2.0l version of the Valvematic engine is not that much more powerful, with 20Nm extra of torque. Look at this to understand the ZR engine series - https://toyota-club.net/files/faq/19-09-30_faq_zr-engine_eng.htm I am mostly happy with my 1.8 Tourer and when I do need
  10. Another point to note - starting and stopping the engine frequently, and oil temps going up & down a lot due to lots of engine-off (EV) running puts a lot of strain on the oil so even though the engine isn’t running as much, the oil is still getting some abuse. Think of this like those variable service plans on some cars - up to 20k miles if you only do long motorway commutes, or 10k miles / 12 months if you do lots of stop/start town driving.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJgNRrU23hs&feature=youtu.be
  12. It’s not good for your battery to let it go completely flat, and then jump start. This generally takes away some of the batteries usable capacity. you would probably be better pro-actively mitigating a flat battery by trickle charging periodically to keep the battery at a healthy level
  13. Toyota avensis 1, 8 t25 2006 Not all displays on the trip computer light up I upload videos on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJgNRrU23hs&feature=youtu.be
  14. I can't provide any photos, but so long as the mating surface is clean and even, it should make a good seal. The filter is easy to screw on by design until tightening. Couple of things to note. Replace the fibre washer on the sump plug - size M12. This serves two purposes - stops any possible leaks and helps to stop the plug working loose through vibration. When replacing the oil filter, run a film of clean oil over the rubber seal of the filter. This helps with sealing and tightening. Both procedures with stop the sump plug and oil filter from being loose and leak, like how you fo
  15. Hi all, I've always wondered about the weird aftermarket mirrors on my Camaro, and I happened to look at some video about 90's JDM cars, and noticed my mirrors looked kinda similiar to ones found on Supras. What do you guys think?
  16. Thanks for the extra link. To my eyes they do not look much different from other droplinks that I have seen, though the Febis are not shown assembled.
  17. Has anyone had a tilt alarm fitted?
  18. See https://www.cheshire-live.co.uk/news/chester-cheshire-news/thieves-collared-stealing-catalytic-converters-19809595
  19. Probably Warrington Guardian just about 3 weeks ago. I got the item from news pop up on a regional basis. If I remember right one got 2 year and the other 21 months. I did post it on here at the time, will be on another catloc thread.
  20. Yes. Toyotas have fast idle on cold start. Should drop back to less than 900rpm after a few minutes.
  21. Do you have a link to that story? I'm interested to see if the punishment was fitting!
  22. Most worrying future time is now, just after you had a new cat fitted. If you park in the same spot they can come round again knowing you will have a new cat fitted. Catloc, already been said, is a deterrent. They don’t spend much more then a minute to chop a cat off, then they on to next one. If a catloc is going to slow them down then they may just not bother with yours and pass on. My advice, don’t park your car in a lonely quiet spot. They will love that. Here some good news, 2 cat thieves recently jailed up in north Cheshire.
  23. I’ll let you no the outcome of it all 🙂
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