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  2. Hi there I am trying to source a steering column cover / housing for a 1978 Toyota hiace. please let me know if you have one to sell. many thanks Wesley
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  4. Moved to the Corolla club to hopefully generate a response.
  5. The car is a Toyota Corolla Compressor 1.8 2005 can anyone help with my question Thanks Mal
  6. Toyota Owners Club is UK based, and Europe doesn't seem to have this issue with the Prius. Probably be better posting this on the US version of Toyota Owners Club -
  7. Toyota Owners Club is UK based. Europe didn't have the second generation Yaris (XP90 - 2006-2011) in 1.5L NZ series form. Also the 1.3L NZ series engine was rep!aced in late 2008 with the 1.33 NR series engine and this continued into the third generation (XP130 - 2011 onwards).
  8. I have a 2010 Prius in Super White and its peeling from the A-Pillars, roof, and rear doors. Toyota has a CSP - ZKG program that covers various models in Blizzard Pearl & Super White but NOT Prius. I contacted Toyota Headquarters USA for this issue and they told me that the CSP - ZKG is VIN specific and the Prius is NOT covered. If they have enough people call in and complain to document the issue, they might consider extending the CSP - ZKG to cover Prius models. If you have a white Prius with paint peeling, please voice your concern to your Toyota Importer/Headquarters about this issue.
  9. Hello does anyone know the torque from the crankshaft bearings and the connecting rod bearing from the Toyota Tercel model 1986 motor type 3a alm typ 25 ?
  10. Well it's a Toyota warranty so probably a better chance than any, but if it's not covered it's not covered 😕 I'll check with the dealers when they reopen but if it's not covered then I'll enquire about a replacement unit. May even consider the upgrade to the satnav unit if I'm going to replace it anyway. Anyone any idea on prices via the dealers? Or do I need to trawl ebay?
  11. When you book a service, normally you get asked whether you are leaving the car, waiting or require a courtesy car. Booking a courtesy car, as with any dealer, whether Toyota or other manufacturer, may depend on availability - ie. availability of a courtesy car may delay the service by a couple of days or so. Depending on the dealer, one may be advised to pay a collision damage waiver for insurance purposes.
  12. A few hp? Insurance will charge a bit with this mod. On another note, tonight I was looking into the idea of registering as an NHS volunteer driver, website are pausing on registration as have 750k people to process, say will reopen in a few weeks time. So I'm a bit late 😞
  13. Hi all, I'm over in Australia and am having trouble sourcing an automatic transmission for a 1.3L 2008 Yaris. I've been told most of the 1.3s are common across the Yaris range (NCP90 and NCP130 Series) but haven't found any so I wanted to see if the 1.5L auto transmission can be used in the 1.3L Yaris? From my quick research, the 1.3 and 1.5 are geared differently. (1.3 = U441E Transmission, 1.5 = U340 Transmission). Has anyone attempted this changeover before?
  14. Looks to me like part of an oil filter too, although very clean? If it's part of a fitted oil filter, then I'd suspect you have no oil pressure. Does the car have a cartridge oil filter, or a replaceable paper element?
  15. Are they any sensors in the actual door themselves. I was thinking get all internals of old door and transferring them over... Also I couldn't locate anything near the footwell, apart from a button which looked to be for a the tyre pressure.. Thanks
  16. Trouble is he thinks he's a bat.
  17. New battery in key fob didn't work. :-(. This is rough
  18. Found it eventually in steering wheel menu settings what a carry on. Thanks all
  19. we have leds in our auris your vision is clearer but the distance doesn't change, with projector headlights having a shutter this sets the beam pattern and distance the light will travel , my own car is a lexus is300h with factory led headlights and although there is a nice bright white light on the road the distance isnt great probably no better than the auris you certainly wouldnt want to go around twisty country roads at night without having the high beam on
  20. Looks like it’s a part out of the oil filter.
  21. damn mate, i guess you need to get a dog now, or a new one if you have one already.
  22. I think he has the same issue you did, rusted break lines at the ends.
  23. Help all yaris mechanics ! My Mrs has a 2009 yaris 1.33vvti , I was only supposed to service it ! I jacked it up and looked for the oil filter and found a mystery part just sitting on top of the undertray !! Can anyone help identity it please ??
  24. I can't remember as I've had them for so long. I've not used them for a long time. I had a piece of brake pipe in the shed so, I didn't have to buy that either. Ends are about 15p each in a motor factor. Do you need pipes?
  25. Fortunately, I'm not too far away from Chester zoo, so getting hold of a sloth won't be much of a problem 🙂 @eygo Just tried it, worked a treat, top man!
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