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  2. Hello, Bit of advice needed for the correct/ best procedure to bleed the cooling system on a 2009 IQ3 Manual (if that makes a difference over the Automatic version). My water pump is showing signs of weeping so obviously need to change it out which looks fairly straightforward but I'm a bit worried when it comes to bleeding it as it appears to have bleeding points(??) or at least one that I can see on the thermostat housing(??). Is it a simple job to do or a complete pain?? Any help/ advice greatly appreciated Rich 😁😁
  3. Split into new topic and moved to the Auris club.
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  5. If it is going in on Saturday, ask the dealer to check that too.
  6. I tried -1 then -2. Does not make much difference. I am a little concerned as during this winter, my headlights are flashing on and off even in sun light, when you go into a shady spot, and I have had cars pulling out in front of me thinking I am flashing them on. I will report when it goes in for a service, at the moment, the only solution is to turn the side lights on, which cancels the auto setting.
  7. Didn't you recently have My T connected by the dealer? Maybe they did something strange with the connected services? I had no luck with the dealer, they did not know how to connect my Corolla, so Toyota rang me and dealt with the connection. Maybe the dealer did something. Just based on my experience!
  8. Hello everyone, I have a problem with toyota auris 1.4 d4d 2008 Have vibration when I am stop with Engine On and when I am driving with different gears after I pass 2000 rpm to 2200 rpm. I have changed clutch kit but is the same. When I am stopped press the acceleration pedal the Engine work ok. Only at stop 800 rpm I feel a vibration on steering wheel and inside the car is too noise, but outside the Engine work ok. The garage tell me that are Engine Mounting that give this vibration. But it seems ok on car. It so expensive to change all four, but the car when start or turn off the engine not give a vibration. Did anyone have tried to change this?
  9. An increasing number of dealers, and not just Toyota dealers, will cover their costs by stating a diagnostic charge may be payable. If the fault turns out to be a warranty issue, the diagnostic charge isn't charged to the customer. If the fault is not a warranty issue, the charge is passed onto the customer. The OP needs to clarify this with the dealer.
  10. Hi everyone, I have just bought an early 2011 hilux, a pre face lift model. I need to know if there are any differences, other than the obvious bonnet and grill, from the mark 7 or post face lift model. I am looking to modify my car and am a bit confused, some sellers say there parts fit 2005 to 2011 models alone say 2005 to 2015 and others say 2005 to 2015. Among other mods I am looking to buy a front spoiler guard and I can only find one for the 2011 to 2105 model hilux. If the two models are the same from the grill down I know it will fit. Thanks for any help or advice, Spiker
  11. It literally ripped it apart.. What i meant with my question is, did they resurface the flywheel, did they inspect if it was level, no hotspots or anything? As said above, is your car a diesel?
  12. Exactly! I’d contact Toyota GB and complain about the dealer wanting to charge £60
  13. Thats a id4c transponder key, tbh most keys at breakers yards end up in a large tub so its pot luck and i very much doubt you will be able to test them A quick look on ebay, had a quick look on the epc Its a jap build yaris (usually the 1.3) Vin starts with JT (French built ones are VNK)
  14. Is it a Diesel engine? If so they have a dual mass flywheel. The signs of that failing are huge noise and vibration, it will eventually stop you from driving the vehicle
  15. The dealer should not be charging anything, your car has a fault that is covered by the warranty, on what grounds are they making a charge for a fault! I notice you are in Norfolk (snap), which dealership is it?
  16. I fitted a Roadhawk Vision when I got my TS last May, fitted in the middle of the rear screen at the top using the 'sticky' pad. They were selling them for £40, no viewing screen but has it's own wi-fi which connects to your phone via their app. Nice and small and does not obstruct the view out the back, plugged into the power outlet in the boot.
  17. The fly wheel seems fine, they showed me and it looks ok
  18. Toyota Previa / Estima 2003 Automatic petrol 300000km Hello I need help to fix this problem. When the car is cold, everything is ok but after a minute or two the idle speed flucturates each time the gaspedal is been released. First a little bit, after a while it makes the car judder. I have cleaned (but not replaced) the air flow sensor / intake air temperature sensor, cleaned the ISCV (idle speed regulator) and replaced the throttle position sensor. The car has a wire from the pedal to the throttle section -should I try to adjust something here? Here is a small video. Hope you can open it 🙂 Any help would be greatly appreciated! 2AZ-FE.mp4
  19. That's brilliant Bob, thank you, really helpful and that hadn't shown up when searching. The programming looks straightforward if I can get the right key. The key doesn't have any markings anywhere inside or out, other than a blurred H144(?) on the transponder. I did some searching and both Yaris keys on Ebay at the moment are Valeo, so I assume they won't work... and a call to my main dealer says that they now don't sell the transponder circuit board seperately, so its £120 for the key, and I did get a part number of 89070-52081. My new plan is to visit my local breakers for some keys to try programming unless you have any better ideas? Thanks again.
  20. Please don't hijack this topic with costs and availability of apple car play. The topic is Toyota UK unable to provide software update for new 2019 Corolla hybrid
  21. I don't think the retro fit is free with a service. I understood the cost to be £120 to have it done as a one-off -or- £50 if done during a service.
  22. Sadly at this stage ‘acceptable’ LED’s for retrofitting to reflectors are few and far between, the industry has made significant improvements, but we’re still in a situation where the majority of cheap kits shouldn’t be fitted to a car (and that’s ignoring the requirement for e marking).
  23. G6-R the OP is from Italy They are the same engine its not specific to the IQ as I said above you will need to swap the parts from the old engine to the new one to suit the IQ double-checked the engine part number any 1NDTV with the engine number starting 0027 onwards is correct Toyota oem numbers are, 19000-33340 (2010.09-2010.12) or 19000-33341 (2010.12-2012.05)
  24. You will need to program the immobilizer, be aware there are 3 different types of key (transponders) so you need to get the correct one, somewhere on the key it will have the make it also depends on where the car was built
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