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  2. I thought so too but what you're gonna do? 😂 I ordered the Design back in August. Reading a lot of the AA/AC posts I didn't know if I was going to get it or not although the official Toyota posters said MY20 would start delivery 1st December. I guess I struck lucky. I certainly didn't plan it for sure and fully expected the retrofit. According to the My Toyota portal my order is still processing and the car I'm driving has not been built yet. 😂. I was so suprised to get a call from the dealer. I did have a small problem with AA setup. I'm on Android 10 and was running AA on my phone in the old car. The installed AA app on my Pixel just kept erroring and refusing to run. Checking the AA FAQ there's another app called Android Auto for Phone Screens. I uninstalled the AA app and installed the one for phone screens and all was well. My stomach sank for a while though getting to the bottom of it. 😅 Loving my new car though. It was SO worth the wait. Only day 2, still getting used to everything especially having driven stick for 20+ years!
  3. I have somewhat similar issue. Hybrid monitor on the head unit works fine, but the one in the instrument cluster lost an arrow that shows that engine charges the battery. Engine powering the wheels and EV and regen are showing correctly. Cars works as it should. Curious if anyone knows what it might be, if not, I will ask my dealer to check it at the next service
  4. Interesting, thanks guys. So it seems my figures are about normal for mixed driving....I'm relieved. I will do a circumference test to be certain that the 165/50 R14 alloys are identical to the 155/50 R14 spare, which is presumably the original size fitted before the wheels were changed. As I typed that I realised that if those figures are correct, the circumference of the new tyres must be slightly greater, which would mean I clocked rather more than the 673km, which would mean the fuel economy is slightly better than I thought. Not much, but a bit.
  5. They were standard fitment on my UK-spec Prius Plug-in so not sure, and I'd imagine they aren't cheap. It's possible the wiring harness is different too - EU-spec post facelift models all had DRLs (in the clusters in the bumpers) which may further complicate things. If they are a swap-in replacement, you'd probably be better off checking breakers or eBay.
  6. Forgot to say it’s a 2015 aygo
  7. Hi, I'm new on here and I’m trying to find where the jack is located? I’ve done a search online but with no results. thanks
  8. Sorry for the delayed response but I've been offline for a while. It's option 1 - a single beep for roughly half a second.
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  10. Leave the aircon on permanently. This car, and the last two had aircon, and they were left on all the time. Never an issue. Aircon will give warm air and cold air, and all points in between. Mick.
  11. Hi RAV4 owners, I’ve noticed a subtle tapping noise from under the Bonnet when I have parked up and the engine is just ticking over. I have put a video on the bottom to see if any fellow RAV4 owners know what the potential problem maybe before I spend thousands of pounds. Its a 2.0 Diesel, D4D with 750000 miles, 53 plate. IMG_4383.MOV
  12. Thanks furtula for your swift response, though I'm not sure how relevant it is considering what I said in my original post, i.e. "This has been working fine for a few weeks now, but this morning the unlock turn would only unlock the driver and front passenger doors." The conclusion from your suggestion (above) would have to be that, if the valet key is now working correctly, it has therefore not been working correctly for the last few weeks (even though it has actually been fulfilling all my basic requirements). Whichever is the case, something has clearly happened between yesterday and this morning to alter the way the functionality provided by turning the key in the driver's door lock works. I would like to understand how to get things back to how they were working over the past few weeks and would of course read the handbook (were it not for the fact that it is currently locked in the glove compartment - sod's law!) if I thought it would assist. Obviously my number 1 worry is that I'll return to the car and find I cannot even open the driver's door. At least opening that gives me access, one way or another, to the other areas no matter how inconvenient that may be. I suppose what I'd like some reassurance on is whether, in the evnt of complete electrical failure i.e. zero power, does the key/lock mechanism still function mechanically?
  13. Also with how hot a topic AA/AC is for the MY19 Corolla's i expected more excited/jealous responses! 😄
  14. Dispute their value giving adverts as proof. Select highest prices in ads you send them. This is a purely business negotiation, each side aims to screw the other. And/or offer to buy it back and fix it yourself. (I don’t know if that means you negotiate for the highest or lowest value!) Dont accept first offer. Lowballing is standard.
  15. If you have access to the inside of the door, is it not possible to disconnect the door lock from the relays operating it, and manually unlatch it? Would make it easier to work on, if nothing
  16. I think that is the normal function for the valet key, it should prevent the person using the key from opening the boot, and the glovebox. Does the manual unlock for each door work? You should check your owners manuals, it should say in there how exactly it should work for your model.
  17. Wonder if your car had a new front bumper in its life.
  18. Hi I have a 2002 TOYOTA COROLLA T3 VVTI which this morning behaved oddly. I am currently using the 'dumb key', the grey one that you're supposed to give to the valet etc., as I have lost my original (with the remote functions) and not yet got around to replacing it. So, in order to lock/unlock from outside the vehicle I have to insert the key into the driver's door lock and turn one way or the other. This has been working fine for a few weeks now, but this morning the unlock turn would only unlock the driver and front passenger doors. Neither the rear doors nor the boot would unlock. Furthermore, the internal driver lock release button beneath the window would not unlock rear doors or boot. Might I inadvertently have activated some child locking functionality? We don't have any young children so have never knowingly used any such feature on this car, which I've owned since 2012. Or is this problem perhaps symptomatic of a more worrying problem?
  19. I have an accurately calibrated Scangauge on my Aygo and on my normal runs it gives a reading of 54-56 mpg . If AC is on it is less and if the weather is cold, it is also less.
  20. I have that switch, it came with my Toyota front and rear sensor package that was an option. I never use it! But I do have obvious sensors front and rear. Edit - the Toyota option kit was TPA800, front and rear sensors.
  21. Is it the one that works with Bluetooth for your phone/music?
  22. Oh dear! I wouldn't be happy with that at all!! 😱 It's bad enough talking on the phone whilst driving, but to take your eyes off the road as well is not good at all. Having a button on the steering wheel is better. Mick.
  23. I usually get about 5.5L/100km (sorry but I am posting from my mobile, so no conversion handy) on a typical daily 880km commute to work and back, consisting of parts with highways (open road) and parts with traffic (sometimes heavy). I drive very conservatively. I drive a 2016 X-Shift model (semi-auto). During summer, when traffic is much less, I go down to 5.2 if all goes well. I always log my fill-ups and only when I go higher than 5.8-6.0L/100km I start getting worried.
  24. Hi. I'm trying out the synergy tuning box and digibooster in my 2.0 d-4d e12 and I'm wondering what pressure it is safe to turn the boost up to. It runs standard at around 17psi max. Any input would be appreciated. It is a garrett turbocharger but not sure on model.
  25. Hey all I bought a used 2011 RAV4 V6 Limited. On my dash, driver's side, between the Panel Dim Roller and DAC button, I have a push button switch that is labeled "Front Sensor On/Off" & (((P. I have scoured the owners manual and online and can absolutely No Mention or even a picture of this switch. It would seem that it is a front parking sensor switch, but I can find no actual sensor anywhere on the front, and I cannot seem to activate it by getting near obstacles in the front. Can anyone enlighten me?
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