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  2. Our rear camera works ok in the rain. Not useless in the slightest. Our USB port is in the middle in front of the gear shift lever. Sept 2014 Yaris Hybrid Excel. Mick.
  3. That's good you've found a car that suits your needs. As you have proved the infrastructure isn't there to support the move to all electric cars, I don't believe it will be in the future either.
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  5. Hello Niko - welcome to Toyota Owners Club
  6. Hello Mads - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  7. I'm tempted to suggest fixing the blowing exhaust first, before thinking of changing the catalytic converter. I know in the past of a vehicle, decades ago, which was well down on power until the blowing exhaust was fixed. Something to do with back-pressures.
  8. Ooff! ..... And there's me ..... with a tube of 'flexible vinyl cement' to resolve my ills... lol 2sav
  9. Dog lovers may appreciate this review of the RAV4 😁
  10. I do like my RAV4, but if it hadn't been for the low floor/seating of my Gen 4 Prius having such a detrimental effect on my hips I wouldn't have given it a second glance. I really hated giving up the Head Up Display I've enjoyed for 7 years and almost 100,000 miles in the Gen 3 & 4 Prius. and if it had a spare wheel I'd have defected to the Honda C-RV Hybrid, because it had most of what I wanted and a HUD. The Honda Hybrid system has always been a cheaper, arguably inferior system to the Toyota one, but in their latest guise have finally caught up, being able to do petrol only, electric only and combined drive. Some recent comparisons between the latest Insight Hybrid (not available in the UK) and the Gen 4 Prius have put the Honda ahead. However, I wanted something that drives like the Toyota Hybrids all do, had as many as possible of the features I don't wish to compromise on but did have a spare wheel - and of course is easier to enter and exit! An unexpected bonus with the RAV4 is that there is room under the boot floor for a full size spare without any modification of the trim or loss of storage of the tools, and I've ordered a matching alloy wheel and tyre. A pleasant surprise also is the fact the cruise control can be set down to 18 mph (28 in previous Toyotas), making it truly useful in the growing number of 20 limited zones. The Panoramic Camera system is truly awesome, and one thing that I couldn't have had on the Prius. It almost makes up for the fact my Excel Prius had a very impressive self parking feature (that also gets out of a tight space too), which my more expensive, newer Excel RAV4 does not (along with a number of other things including the HUD, rain repellent front windows, laminated front windows and more ergonomic swicthes for windows and door mirrors).
  11. Ashley carting the dog about , well really 🙄. mr Darcy & miss Bennett photo taken in a vw
  12. Have not changed the bulb as yet. Just a massive pain in the butt to get to so have been putting it off. No other lights have been done either as I've only had the car since February. Will try all suggestions over the coming weekend and let you know how I get on. Cheers.
  13. You know I can’t wait to get my new Rav 4 and it’s a very special vehicle but let’s face it, it’s not totally out of this world and not being able to meet demand could really cause Toyota serious pain!
  14. Hello. Toyota Owners Club is based in the UK, and Europe doesn't have the Tacoma. May be better using the US club -
  15. Must vary by spec, my Excel has one on the dash and two in the centre arm rest cubby
  16. After some searching there seems to be a fuse box at the back area of the glove box on the right hand drive models Will take a feed from there
  17. Yes, in preference to the reversing camera that's useless if the roads are wet. Sorry, got a bee in my bonnet about this. Don't get me started about the position of the USB port in the back of the glove box!
  18. I think it makes more sense having rear ones coming as standard.
  19. Hi Im struggling with an issue with my car and cant pinpoint what the cause may be. Perhaps someone here can help on my 1.8 toyota avensis 1998 Im having no driveabilty issues with my car which is causing me some confusion, but have conducted a vacuum test after a after a mechanic suggested i had a vacuum leak. some events leading to issue: April 2018 . Rusted exhaust system - replaced whole exhaust and cat June 2018 . Passed emission test Nov 2019 . Engine warning light comes on. Fault code 21 Oxygen sensor. Replaced oxygen sensor and light went out June 2019. Failed emission test with 1 year old cat and six month old 02 sensor. Replaced cat under warranty. Failed emission test again. Taken to engine diagnostic mechanic who found Fault code 21 Oxygen sensor even though no engine warning light was present and said had vacuum leek (not able to stall the car with hand over throttle body opening). O2 sensor replaced under warranty and code cleared. Found nipple broken off of Bimetalic Vacuum Switching valve and its hose disconnected. VSV replaced. Vacuum test conducted and results indicate from a gauge chart "worn rings or diluted oil" ie starts about 20hg and the drops to zero as i press the accelerator and the when releasing quickly goes back up to 20 again. Fault code 21 Oxygen sensor returns spark plugs look good, no smoke from exhaust, no engine issues, oil looks clean and not overfilled as check every 2 weeks changed oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter 6 months ago, changed fuel filter 1 week ago, inspected all vacuum hoses and look good, no egr valve on this vehicle Car drives fine to me with no issues but considering the vacuum gauge readings but im concerned as i dont want to damage another cat. Any suggestions with any thing else to try would be appreciated or is it time to scrap the car Thanks
  20. I just bought a Toyota iq and was wondering if i can add Bluetooth. Also in the small display in the dashboard behind the wheel there isn’t any display for radio (for channels, input, etc). Any help let me know thanks in advance.
  21. Ah, I've never been a fan of sun roofs or glorified big sunroofs etc. I've got a sunroof on my MK2 and it never gets used, don't even open the roof lining to expose the glass [emoji23] , if it ever starts leaking it's having the Tigerseal treatment [emoji23] My new AWD Excel is amazing to drive. Don't think I'll ever change from a Rav4 after having so many now. [emoji23] Only use the MK2 as a farm truck, for tip runs and carting the dog about etc. No back seats, literally a 4wd van lol Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  22. Mazda CX-5. (Which we like just as much as the Rav, both have pros and cons) I wanted the 360 camera to help with parking for both myself and other half, and the Panoroof was a nice to have tbh. Even without the packs, the price difference between the offer that I had on the FWD and the AWD was rather large, as the dealer was able to honour the offer that we had originally agreed upon for the FWD, but not on the AWD. With the CX-5 being around for longer as well, I had a really good deal on that.
  23. Is it LED (small red, green, yellow, blue etc lights), or LCD (typically letters, numbers, words and pictures on a glass screen), as only LCD will have contrast adjustment. LED displays would probably mean having to change parts on the circuit board.
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