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  2. Pretty sure touch 2 go doesn’t support either android auto or apple car play. I suspect the unit also isn’t ‘seeing ‘ your phone as a usb device. Depending on the type of phone you have it may be possible to set it to ‘storage mode’ so it should see it then. Android only I suspect, don’t think it’s possible with iPhones.
  3. The customisation menu is probably there as it’s a common component of the system and is empty because your car doesn’t have any features to be adjusted in that menu. On the Yaris we had the only thing there was to disable the keyless start. That wasn’t a permanent change. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I had a similar problem with a radiator on a previous car, they took the cost of the coolant change, after they found out the radiator was leaking and I had that replaced. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  6. So your carless in the meantime? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. is there a way to enable the USB on my info center? I would like to use Android Auto but when I plug the phone in the USB it does nothing on the screen and the USB button stays grayed out.
  8. Made my first big journey with the car. 335km to some holidays in the south beaches. Boot fully loaded, the dog but only two adults. Made a total 5.9l/100km on the board computer. The road was 95% highway, adaptative cruise control on 130km/h to keep out of police speed control. And when needed to overtake any car, just had to squeeze the pedal a little more. Great feel, very comfortable, really enjoyed.
  9. It is available to install cruise control in toyota corolla 1.4 d4d 2005 model??
  10. I managed to get it working with car scanner app from the playstore. Getting p0155 oxygen sensor, bank 2 sensor 1 heater malfunction. Does anyone know the location of this? Kind regards Steven
  11. On my scanner the country's comes up in the menu and scroll down to the one you require.
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  13. I managed to get my car to a garage and they seem to think it needs a new starter motor, Konrad C never thought about the ignition switch, when i switch the ignition on all the lights come on and the electric windows work but when i press the clutch to start it the speedo lights go off but eveything else still works
  14. Hey guys. First of all, sorry if my English isn’t correct i’m A Dane :-D, second, I can not find a topic matching my problem. ( maybe it’s there anyway, plz show me) Observations.... I have now tried a couple of times, when driving, the car suddenly starts shaking, just like driving on a washboard. The shaking comes without any notice, at first I thought it might be a clogged fuel filter, because I experienced it going up hill on the freeway doing 140kmt with the throttle at 100%. The shaking stops when you release the throttle, and comes back as soon you step it again. It lasts for maybe 5 seconds, and the all is normal. You can’t provoke it to come back. Today I experienced it just driving on flat road, no grades, going around 80-90kmt, throttle just at “keep speed” position :-D. This kinda broke my idea of the fuel filter... No warning lamps, no murmurs ( bad sounds - un normal engine noise) - no “unnormal” oil consumption. Hope I have made my problems clear to you. Any good suggestions ?? The car has around 220.000km on the clock. At 200.000 the injector gaskets burned, and I replaced them. It was a nightmare, because of soot clogging the injectors to the cylinder head. But I managed to fix it, and had 20.000km wit no faults.
  15. What about now? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. My car is a Japanese import. Do you think that's the problem. I am using Bluetooth scanner and torque android app. Is there a way to change country?
  17. Hello Dereck - welcome to Toyota Owners Corners b.
  18. Mooly

    Biting point

    What sort of mileage has the clutch covered? Diagnosis at a distance is difficult but I would suggest that the feel of the pedal should be consistent day in day out whatever the state of wear or condition of the clutch is.
  19. My radiator cooling fan has died and melted the plastic blades as well, I'm looking at replacements, the number is 16363-0d090 I've seen a lot with the same first number 16363 and slightly different numbers afterwards like 0D070 or 0J020 or 22090 they look similar and have the same 3 screw mounting positions, are they likely to be interchangeable? even if the Cowl is different my cowl is intact so we could just swap the fan over (with the blades attached)
  20. Brilliant car. Brilliant help on this site. Thank you. I have jack, spare and poles and part for back of previous verso, if you're in Caterham, Surrey or near enough they're yours.
  21. Hello Weggy, welcome to the club enjoy your new Toyota.
  22. Hi Steven I have an iCarsoft scanner that would not connect to the ecu. When connecting to car I chose country Japan and got that message, I then chose other countries and it connected to the ecu. I don't know if yours is the same problem so I hope you get it sorted.
  23. Hi Im having trouble with my clutch I can’t seem to find the bite point I first noticed it doing a hill start last week it stalled twice now there seems to be no “bite” it pulls off ok but every now and then the clutch pedal vibrates when I press it down is this something I need to worry about?
  24. Hi to get a paint match buy from the Toyota Dealer or if buyer for E-bay or Amazon etc only buy the genuine Toyota paint which is £9,95 for the base coat and clear lacquer
  25. Where is the best and easiest place to connect a switched live connection? I have a wire piggyback kit and in my saab it's a breeze but looking at the manual the best connection place is the speedo binnacle?
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