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  2. My guess would be that it's the turbo sucking in air that you can hear. I have a t3 2.0 and it does exactly the same. I had an induction kit on mine for a while and the noise was much more noticeable, but only between about 1800 and 2500.
  3. was wondering if anyone knows of a company that does steering wheels boss kits for the facelift corolla t sport ive been looking all over and cant fine one, or if anyone knows the spline measurements that be great
  4. thanks Furtula for your prompt response! Its the old bluetooth system where only phone calls are possible, i can not play music. This is one of the reasons i do not want to use it. thanks again!
  5. Can you please check the headunit model and the audio software version?
  6. PeteB it’s definitely an electronic beep but to be honest it can almost sound like a squeak at times.
  7. Cant see anyway to un double lock it from inside...maybe power up the locks through the plug..but if lock was broke I would be stumped on how to open it. Cant imagine you can smash or cut the lock out from inside. As both doors went together I think its probably the control unit water damage occurred when I was it the double locks that come on when i drive?..hopefully hermes will be here anytime now to get my answer
  8. That's interesting, how much less would you say with AC on?
  9. Leather steering wheel cover makes a difference when cold..I always wear gloves when paked after 7pm in winter..Aircon on all time.
  10. Lol those figures are impressive and I personally would have been very happy with, this is a great fuel consumption from a simple petrol powered car.
  11. We have a 2003 D4D... owned since 2005 Odd faults due to age: glowplugs,rear spring broke,heater reistor failed, winding mechanism in drivers door window.. Watch out for waterpump failure and watch temperature warning light.Check coolant regularly..Check radiator is not corroded or covered in antifreeze stains - if so it may fail suddenly .. Any of these could give HG failure. Check antifreeze and use Toyota OAT stuff.. (If you do decide to change coolant, you need to bleed the system of air.. easy but takes time) No antifreeze and HG corrodes.. Watch for corrosion in raer wheelarches - front /rear of sills and rear..The galvanising fails and rots.. Fuel filler pipe corrodes due to mud (£100+)
  12. Hello My Toyota Yaris 2008 is showing Es on the top of the dash. how do I get it off Es mode? thanks
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  14. Yes as Mick advises. Leave it on all the time. "Conditioning" it dries the air too. There are however, temperatures at which the a.c. will not even operate (purposely) to avoid freezing the evaporator.
  15. I have Osram Nightbreakers that seemed a bit better than the original factory fitted bulbs but are still not up modern standards. On reflection any new bulb would probably have been better than an 8 year old bulb! The Optiwhite bulbs claim 60% more light. Are these really any better than the Nightbreakers and what about the Philips or other bulbs. So what to buy to get an improvement?
  16. Does it sound like an electronic beep? While mine was making sounds it was more like a squeak.
  17. or the switch may have been installed for something else - when my dealer fitted a dashcam in one of my cars they used that switch as a master power switch for the live feed so I could turn it off when necessary (e.g. when removing the SD card).
  18. 👍 Not a "berk" at all. We've all been in similar situations but sometimes reluctant to admit it!
  19. I thought so too but what you're gonna do? 😂 I ordered the Design back in August. Reading a lot of the AA/AC posts I didn't know if I was going to get it or not although the official Toyota posters said MY20 would start delivery 1st December. I guess I struck lucky. I certainly didn't plan it for sure and fully expected the retrofit. According to the My Toyota portal my order is still processing and the car I'm driving has not been built yet. 😂. I was so suprised to get a call from the dealer. I did have a small problem with AA setup. I'm on Android 10 and was running AA on my phone in the old car. The installed AA app on my Pixel just kept erroring and refusing to run. Checking the AA FAQ there's another app called Android Auto for Phone Screens. I uninstalled the AA app and installed the one for phone screens and all was well. My stomach sank for a while though getting to the bottom of it. 😅 Loving my new car though. It was SO worth the wait. Only day 2, still getting used to everything especially having driven stick for 20+ years! PS It's a Google thing not Toyota btw. AA was broken in Android 10. Google released AA for Phone Screens for Android 10 early Nov as a fix. Older Android versions are probably fine. I was running AA directly on the phone in my old car without a problem & expected the old app just to plug and play on the Toyota.
  20. I have somewhat similar issue. Hybrid monitor on the head unit works fine, but the one in the instrument cluster lost an arrow that shows that engine charges the battery. Engine powering the wheels and EV and regen are showing correctly. Cars works as it should. Curious if anyone knows what it might be, if not, I will ask my dealer to check it at the next service
  21. Interesting, thanks guys. So it seems my figures are about normal for mixed driving....I'm relieved. I will do a circumference test to be certain that the 165/50 R14 alloys are identical to the 155/50 R14 spare, which is presumably the original size fitted before the wheels were changed. As I typed that I realised that if those figures are correct, the circumference of the new tyres must be slightly greater, which would mean I clocked rather more than the 673km, which would mean the fuel economy is slightly better than I thought. Not much, but a bit.
  22. They were standard fitment on my UK-spec Prius Plug-in so not sure, and I'd imagine they aren't cheap. It's possible the wiring harness is different too - EU-spec post facelift models all had DRLs (in the clusters in the bumpers) which may further complicate things. If they are a swap-in replacement, you'd probably be better off checking breakers or eBay.
  23. Forgot to say it’s a 2015 aygo
  24. Hi, I'm new on here and I’m trying to find where the jack is located? I’ve done a search online but with no results. thanks
  25. Sorry for the delayed response but I've been offline for a while. It's option 1 - a single beep for roughly half a second.
  26. Leave the aircon on permanently. This car, and the last two had aircon, and they were left on all the time. Never an issue. Aircon will give warm air and cold air, and all points in between. Mick.
  27. Hi RAV4 owners, I’ve noticed a subtle tapping noise from under the Bonnet when I have parked up and the engine is just ticking over. I have put a video on the bottom to see if any fellow RAV4 owners know what the potential problem maybe before I spend thousands of pounds. Its a 2.0 Diesel, D4D with 750000 miles, 53 plate. IMG_4383.MOV
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