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  2. I've actually taken it to a couple of garages who have told me what they think it is differential / gearbox related. I was more hoping to find out whether these faults are specific to my car or known amongst IQ owners
  3. Compressor installed and re-gassed the whole system - the published time is 3.2hrs to do the work replacing the air con compressor, but the garage I used did it in 1hr and re-gas on a Sun system using R134a gas (it's an 09 car) took around 30 mins. I have cold air and i am happy! Thanks for your help.
  4. Maybe a silly question but is the aircon switched on at the time, as the cooling fans will constantly cycle on and off when the air con is active.
  5. Have you figured that one out Garry ??
  6. 87103-74021 £144 not sure if it is the right one but its 3 pin from a 2011
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  8. Hi just need some advice my 2004 yaris Radiator fan keeps starting up even when i first start the car in the morning, now this has been happening for months now even when its colder. The engine managment light has been on so i reset it has i dont have a code reader to read the code. I know its going to have to go to the garage sooner or later when i have the cash to pay the bill. I wondering what the most likely cause is would it be water pump thermostat or something else any ideas as what the cause would be. I am only using it short distance at the moment just incase it over heats. Thanks In Advance
  9. Just pulled up the wiring diagram the 40a fuse feeds the fan directly the Ac amp sends a signal to the fan for the speed (duty control) - That means the blower motor has an onboard controller/regulator (3 pin connector) - test and replace the blower motor
  10. I am having issues trying to activate the auto door locking feature for the 2020 Excel hatchback. I would have thought the feature would be on as default from factory when you drive the vehicle above 5-10 mph the doors should automatically lock.
  11. Hi Nathan The best option is to make contact with the dealer and explain the issues that you are having. They will examine the car for the defect rather than people trying to guess on a forum. Regards
  12. Is it AC or climate ? is it a main stealer ? The blower motor is behind the glove box 10 min job to get to it AC amp if climate is accessed by removing the centre console (climate has 1 knob and a display below the vents)
  13. Hi all, I bought a used Toyota IQ2 with 83,000 miles from a used car dealer. Within a week I noticed a strange scraping/rattling sound from the front left of the car when at full right lock and intense (but brief) vibrations around 2000rpm in first and second gear. Has anyone else had these issues before? I haven't heard of this scraping sound reported on this forum before, and I am unsure whether the issues are related. Any hypotheses about what the cause could be would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks, hopefully it’s the Blower Motor as they are not to expensive. The garage estimated 7 hours work to remove and replace the dashboard and centre console hence the £800 for labour, that sounds excessive to me but it’s what they quoted.
  15. £800 for what ? seems like they are just throwing parts at it No need to remove the dash, disconnect the fan and see if it still blows the fuse, AC or climate ? Another thought is it could be the blower resistor, it may be a dead short Thinking a bit more if its got climate the resistor pack is transistor based reverse voltage will blow it
  16. Sorry to hear of the mishap... I would try disconnecting the motor and then see if the fuse still blows or not when you select the fan to run. I don't know if the motor has any onboard electronics or whether all that is on the control unit but at least you split the problem in half doing this. Polarity reversal on electronic circuitry is bad news I'm afraid but you may get lucky and find it is something relatively simple such as a suppression diode across the motor that has failed short circuit... but that is getting into the realms of electronic fault diagnosis rather than automotive electronic work. Whatever is taking a 40 amp fuse out is more than likely something 'hefty' rather than low powered electronics where you would actually 'blow the fault up' rather than the fault itself passing enough current to zap the fuse.
  17. Assume the door sealing itself is entirely different between your 2 models as there appears to be no allowance for water let alone condensation in Winter conditions Would love an explanation Tel
  18. You identified the issue that concerns me the most, the screeching. Yes will let the Forum know when I get some some feed back.
  19. Thought I would update my post. Took my car today for it's pre booked appointment. All handled really well. Explained if stone damage not covered. The cause is the AC condenser is leaking at bottom right corner, dealer spoke to the Toyota used approved warranty company and it was rejected, as no evidence provided. Inchcape took photo and spoke to Toyota again on phone and 30 minutes later got the approval with no cost to me! So great news! Only issue is condensers are on back issue, and should be in stock at the end of the month. Going to phone me as soon as they know any more. I have to say Inchcape Toyota has handled this issue fantastic and while I waited and kept me informed throughout with regular updates. James
  20. As part of their collaboration agreement with Suzuki, Toyota will be building and using a Suzuki engine in Europe (Poland?) for use in compact vehicles. Suzuki already has mild hybrid versions, so it is possible the new engine will be used in the replacement Aygo. The current engine (1KR-FE), which was a Daihatsu design, is now 15 years old.
  21. When you change again do not overload and over tighten the nuts, if wheels of the ground you need just to put the nuts and screw then on half of what you had previously, never use that drills or impact guns. 👍
  22. Following a reverse polarity of the battery during a ***** up jump starting a 1.33l automatic 2012 iQ the car now runs, the engine ECU is fine but the internal fans will not run and when selected on a 40A fuse blows. Garage says it could be the Blower Motor or AC Amp could be the problem but want approx £800 to remove the dashboard and centre console to do more diagnostics and thats before the cost of any parts. Currently the car is valued at approx £3000 for part exchange, the bill is already £400 for the repairs so far so what are the options to get it fixed as economically as possible?
  23. Regarding the aircon pipes. If the cracks/leaks are in the metal piping(mine went under the battery) it is really easy to cut out the bad pipe section and re-fit new pipe section using enots type pipe fittings. I repaired mine with aluminium pipe from local car shop with aluminium pipe fittings, 8 or 10mm I think. Total cost about £5. If a rubber section has gone a visit to a local hydraulic supply shop will soon sort it out with a similar replacement section with bolt up hydraulic fittings. Aircon repairs are always a bit of a gamble but a car without aircon is worth a lot less and will be harder to sell, even an 04 model.
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  25. It's not certain that an electric Aygo will ever be launched. I've read an interview of one of Toyota Europe top managers and he said Aygo was a car which they only used mature technologies and little innovation to keep the costs down and the production profitable. It's more likely to be the Yaris to be the first BEV than the Aygo. The problem with the price of the Yaris in the UK it looks to be the hybrid only option. If we see the prices in other countries, the 1.0 will be much cheaper, as it already was in the previous generation.
  26. I've loaded my itunes library (4000 tracks, some of which are full albums) onto a usb drive and it plays great. However, the player/system keeps reverting to random play. I've unchecked the random button in settings, but it seems to revert to "random" after every time I park up. Any clues? Probably related, but if I press the "up" button on the steering wheel control, if I'm playing for example track 1, it doesn't go to track 2, but some other random track. Lkewise, if I press the down button, I'd expect it to go back to the last track, but no, another random track. It's not a massive issue, but if I can fix it, that would be great.
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