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  2. eygo

    Stolen Keys - Toyota Aygo

    yes thats correct can open the door but cannot start the engine
  3. Nate4x4

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  4. Nate4x4

    The Word Association Thread


    The Word Association Thread

  6. GlenUK

    Stolen Keys - Toyota Aygo

    Okay eygo, thanks pal you've been a legend. I may have a stab at replacing the barrels. Just to confirm, if I assume the worst that he did get a key cut, without the immobiliser they cannot start the engine but they can open the car door?
  7. eygo

    Stolen Keys - Toyota Aygo

    the kid may of had a key cut but probably wont of getting the immobilser in a day isn't possible and you also have to prove to toyota ownership of the car before they will supply the immobiliser part. here is just the lock set you could change the locks just to have piece of mind,on the remote key there is a small screw undo this screw and the key blade will come out you can then swap the new lock set blade into your original remote.
  8. Heidfirst

    Verso Audio System

    if you don't have the manuals for the car try these: If it is Touch 2 & as per Avensis then yes, you can play music or upgrade maps/system software from an USB memory stick via the USB socket. Or you can play music via bluetooth.
  9. rowan.bradley

    Verso Audio System

    Yes, I have USB sockets. What MIGHT happen? Can I play music through the USB port? Not sure USB does this, does it? Lots of devices have USB socket, but many use them just for power, and link via Bluetooth or some other method for the sound. Thanks - Rowan
  10. GlenUK

    Stolen Keys - Toyota Aygo

    Okay, plot twist. I got a call today for a woman who found my keys (bear in mind they were taken from the running car yesterday) I went to meet her and at the end of the street was a young teenage lad waiting to hand me my keys. Reason I mention that is I'm pretty sure the young lad took the keys to show off with his mates then his mum found them and called me. Surfice to say, I have my original keys now. Is there a way I can reprogram the keys so that a copy would not start the car? I highly doubt they made a copy within a day but just incase?
  11. Gerg

    Does anyone know what has caused this damage

    Insert other media The bumper has been hit and deformed as it is hollow behind. Eventually it has struck part of the bumper reinforcement which is steel and sits an inch or so behind the plastic skin. But, this is secured by four sizeable bolts with protruding heads (on each side), part of the plastic bumper has been forced to adopt the shape of the bolt head behind it, as it has pressed hard against it. The bumper has sprung back after what ever has hit it has moved away, but the portion that has been stretched over the bolt head still bears the mark. That's my guess anyway.
  12. alan333

    Verso Audio System

    Are ther any usb sockets anywhere? If so then plug in a usb stick or an ipod, or even your phone, and see what happens.
  13. thom_jones

    Slippy clutch

    Hi guys, my 2008 t25 1.8 petrol avensis has developed a slipping clutch...I do a lot of miles in it. (15k plus since the end of July) so want it addressing. Does anyone have any idea on the price to get one replaced? I’ve heard it ain’t cheap! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. rowan.bradley

    Verso Audio System

    I have a 2016 Verso Design. It has an audio system with no CD player (just radio). It looks like the pic attached. If I want to play a CD in the car, what do I need? Does the car have Bluetooth? Can I have a Bluetooth CD walkman or an MP3 player and it will play through the car's speakers? Or do I have to attach them with a cable? What sort of cable? Plugged in where? How else can I do it? Or can I replace the radio with one that _does_ have a CD player? If so, what do I have to buy? Where can I get/download a manual for the audio system in this car, which gives answers to this sort of question? Thanks - Rowan
  15. Yes its the on the left and looks like a plastic shocker, handbook page 467 to change the aircon filter slide off (disconnect) the damper to remove the glove box, looks to me if the damper is not disconnected before removing the glove box the damper mounting will break, or the mounting is to weak for normal usage, the mounting is part of the dashboard and doesn't look very substantial for its usage. has anyone else done this repair.

    First post

    Hello David - welcome to Toyota Owners Club
  17. Chippy01

    MPG issue after service and tyre change.

    Since having the oil changed, the slight hesitation and 'struggling' that was felt has disappeared. MPG is still lower than I would like, but running against the high winds and rain we have been having these past days might contribute towards that.
  18. TP49

    Three Word Story...

    In the meantime
  19. philb699


    thx no i don't have owners manual
  20. Hi there. I just wondered if anyone knows what has caused this. It looks as though something is pushing through from behind the bumper. It's cracked the paintwork and the car is only 1.5 years old. Took it to the dealer but they said they don't have an idea what's wrong. I've seen a few pictures of damage in the exact same place on the internet but on bumpers that were on sale on ebay, Gumtree etc Any ideas would be appreciated. David
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