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  2. Thanks for this. When the switch is pressed to disable then pressed again to re-enable, the right rear sensor bleeps and flashes regardless so something is not quite right. I did reverse into a post recently (luckily) hitting the tow bar so may have damaged some wiring underneath the rear bumper, although nothing obvious is visible. It is booked in to the garage as its still under warranty - I might get lucky...
  3. Hello, I am desperate. I have a Auris 2013 1.4D Today I changed the halogen bulb from the medium and long range light. ( HIR 2). I changed the bulb from the right side. While I turned on the headlight, while the bonnet was open I started to get a burning smell (but this time from the HIR2 from the left side.) I tracked the smell and I FOUND SMOKE. I'm in panic. What should I do. The smell and smoke just happen when I have the medium or long range turned on. Help please.
  4. My Toyota Celica 2004 vti had a heating problem - blowing cold air but no heating. the car was bought new, has been serviced and MOT certified at the same garage since 2004. My wife and I have seen no signs of a leak of any sort on or under the car, no white smoke emitted, and the engine showed no sign of overheating. everything seemed normal when the car was checked in for repairs- apart from the heater blowing cold air, but no heating. The weather since Chrismas 2020 was generally cold (frost at night and some days occasional snow). And as we were in the Covid - 19 lockdown si
  5. 15,000 per year, which would probably be sufficient for most owners.
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  7. Many thanks, Oldcodger, The fuse cover on my car is odd as it doesn't reference what the fuses protect, just the fuse ratings. I only got the IG2 fuse idea from a couple of covers I found on eBay from the same model and year car as mine. However, you've given me a few places to start, so many thanks again!
  8. It would help others if you could report if Mikw.
  9. I already have the OEM plastic boot liner, but after an all encased liner that fits all the way around the boot. I’ve had this before from other companies for my previous estate cars. I’m aware of companies such as https://www.titancovers.co.uk however they are very expensive. Has anyone purchased a generic one that fits well or another such company that is fairer value, though I do get what you pay for..
  10. I've looked into this . From memory the 2.4 from 2003 to 2008 not suitable ! I've just bought one ! 🙄 However, I also read an article that basically said not to worry. Now not entirely sure about this but apparently in America they have been using E10 out there for decades without issue. The article said it shouldn't be an issue. I'm going with that.
  11. I have taken out extended warranty on my aygo, they paid up for faulty clutch (all replaced)..
  12. I have 2013 touring excel. I have removed the raised floor, top meaning the boot is lower and has more storage, of course I’ve lost the small amount of space in between, which isn’t required for me.
  13. The pothole i hit wasn't there the day before, and i was following a lorry so didn't see it until the last minute. Very annoying. I took the car out today and it seems fine, so that's a relief, but time will tell i guess.
  14. yes, just got a battery charge tester today, need to get the car running again and i'll verify if it's an alternator fault
  15. Hi all starting on this carina its a 1974 ta12 so wanting to know can I use parts from a diffrent model?
  16. Water or water vapour from the tailpipe is perfectly normal, it's a by-product of the combustion process. For every gallon of petrol you burn, about one gallon of water will come from the exhaust.
  17. When pushed you may see it but when cold or before long run., after that it’s all cleared. Just seen today a Corolla hatchback 1.8 pushed hardly uphill and water was dripping like from water pipe on hydrogen car. 😊👍
  18. Hi, Cannot find a reference to an IG2 fuse, but if you look on the inside for the plastic cover to that fuse box it should have the fuses detailed inside, a label or moulded into the actual plastic. The only reference to IG2 we can see is the terminal on the Ingltion switch, and it seems that is the start of the circuity for the fuel pump, ign coils and injectors , so maybe one of them is shorting out, though first better to identfy that fuse for sure.
  19. I had a slow puncture last week in a rear tyre, TPWS came on around 28 psi I think. Annoyingly this system doesnt tell you which wheel which is a bit of pain
  20. That's a bit different to the picture I posted. @furtulas suggestion of compressed air would be the next on the list to try. You can get cans of this stuff at Poundland so worth a try. It has a 'straw' to attach to the can nozzle... they are pretty powerful. You can also use the can upside down (it works as a liquid freezer spray if you do that) and that can be tried as well. It can sometimes shift and break up gunge. Another thought... maybe other have experience on this. Can the pump in the washer bottle cause this? I'm thinking of reversible pumps that operate the front and rear w
  21. Evening Folks, I have an '05 Toyota Corolla 1.4 VVT that has developed an electrical issue, and I was wondering if someone could offer some advice? The engine was ticking over and then just cut-out and the dash went black. The engine will turn over, but it won't fire. I traced it back to this fuse, but whenever I replace it it blows the second I turn on the ignition. I ran a multimeter to one side of the fuse and I'm getting 12v, but on the other side when I run a continuity test, it suggests a dead short. I believe the fuse be the IG2, but I can't find it on any of the wiring diagrams i
  22. Ah, yes, I see that first thing, but thats no different to any of my previous cars. You guys above are talking about in normal driving once warmed up you put your foot down and you cant see out the back window?
  23. It’s like this 63614953665__72E184D3-42F5-4C75-978B-41C8EDCD16C1.MOV
  24. Or if you have access to the hoses, disconnect one, blow some pressurized air, or some water through it.
  25. On 2/17, my 2020 Camry was dead. It had to be jumped. I immediately took it to the dealer who said, “oh yeah, it needs a software update.” They updated the software, checked everything else out and said it was “fine.” Mind you it was in for routine maintenance just the week before and no mention of a software update and they did their ‘multipoint inspection’ and all was fine. This morning I got in and it would barely start. I again took it immediately to the dealer. They started it twice and said it seemed fine. As the service writer got in it to move it, dead as a hammer. They replaced the ba
  26. Is the nozzle all plastic or does it have 'pin holes'. Does it look like this where the water comes out? If it does then those little dental brushes are a perfect fit.
  27. An earlier topic on Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems: The Aygo has an indirect system. Other models have a direct system.
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