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  2. hi all go by the name Prince New to toyota here. been giving my first toyota only 2 weeks (model: Auris 1.2L turbo) quite a change from my renault clio (RIP) so here looking to learn and improve and know more about toyota cars.
  3. Sunday on my stepsons car, screw in the tyres, thankfully i purchased a spare wheel for him this year.
  4. Do you have a link to buy?. i got an auris 2016 model, with no sat nav.
  5. Hi I known this is an older thread but I have a very similar problem with my Avensis 2010. The same message comes up "check parking brake system". Four different mechanics have tried to find what the fault is but no luck. Finally I brought it to a Toyota dealership and they concluded that it can only be the Actuator (not 100% sure, process of elimination) which, including fitting and VAT, would cost 1590.00 Euro to replace. I then bought a second hand Actuator (which was tested and working) for 150Euros and brought it back to Toyota who fitted it for 260+vat but unfortunately they were unable to program this Actuator onto the cars computer. Have now failed my NCT and consequently my Insurance will be cancelled and I have wasted a load of money and time. Absolutely sick about this as the parking brake is working perfectly, no one can tell me what exactly is wrong with it and there may very well be problems programming in a brand new one. This stupid message on the dash has rendered a perfectly good car useless! Are Actuators a common problem in Toyotas? If so why haven't they done something about it. Anyone out there with any ideas? Cheers
  6. Thanks so much !! Is that the same part please for a d4d t180 ? Really appreciate your help
  7. Ok so according to my Japanese friend it says initial check but if anyone knows otherwise please share. Cheers
  8. The EV charger flap on the driver's side rear is another visual clue.
  9. will This work ? Do you know anywhere I can buy this part please to try it thanks so much
  10. Today
  11. Hi , replaced all drop links , shocks and springs look good all bushes and bars ok so what causing this slight short ocasional drone through the car from the rear on left turns its a bit annoying otherwise drives lovely.
  12. Thank i mnaged to buy a used one in the uk for 40 pound- I messaged everyone who was selling a power steering pump to find one for me .Thanks
  13. Just bought my first Estima Hybrid and noticed that just before Ready is displayed, it beeps and this message is displayed. I had the Lexus RX400 hybrid where it displayed a similar message and turned out that the petrol filling cap hadn't been tightened fully. I am hoping this is something trivial like that! Any input will be appreciated. Cheers
  14. All I can suggest is you buy a cheap second hand steering ECU and give it a try, two screws above the clocks and they just clip out, If you lower the steering wheel it gives more room and you can see the ECU sitting just inside above steering shaft.
  15. Thanks I guess disconnecting battery is a good idea! Anyhelp and suggestions to get this back on the road would be appreciated !!
  16. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club. Moved to the Avensis club.
  17. I have recently upgraded from a 14 plate Avensis to a 18 plate Avensis and I have noticed a significate reduction in DAB signal - i can hardly go 5-10 miles without the radio signal cutting out 3 or 4 times. I had it checked out at the local Toyota Garage and their response was 'yeah, its not as good as the old verion' Amazing... has anyone else noticed this?? thanks Mark
  18. Cost of a Hydrogen car is stupid, however, Toyota have released all patents on the technology (apart from the fuel cell) in order to get others involved and to bring prices down. Once you have sufficient vehicles (buses, lorries etc) then I expect it to take off. When I was talking to the chap who runs the Mirai programme, he said that because there is no "fuel product" as such to buy, then when there is demand, the big supermarkets will get in on the act as there is no raw product to buy, just water and electricity and a bit of chemistry, then you have a saleable product, on the forecourt, no transport costs etc etc
  19. For hydrogen to catch on, there needs to be some massive infrastructural changes to make it even worth considering buying/leasing one. I know it's new technology and the tech is still reasonably new, but 61k for a car that you couldn't realistically own unless you lived in London, it's too much. Having said that, I can see Toyota making smaller, cheaper models in future once the systems have had all the kinks worked out and once they do and the infrastructure is there, you'll see loads of hydrogen powered vehicles. Alan
  20. Tried to edit the above have a look at eBay item number: 254243466822 The dash clock pod clips out really easy, it's a bit awkward getting the unit out if you have big hands but It's worth trying before you spend loads letting MR T look at it.
  21. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club. Moved to the Aygo club.
  22. It's been a year since changing the top lambda sensor. Approximately 10k miles. The CEL has not returned. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
  23. Try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. Make sure you don't leave your keys inside, and you have any radio lock codes.
  24. Strange thing is the orange fog light comes on with the stalk switch and the rear fog light is on Turn the switch back to O and the fog light warning switch goes off but the fog light stays on Will ring dealer to get them to check it out Maybe it's a glitch
  25. Thanks for that StevieJ I had tried pushing the switch in manually whilst turning the key, but nothing happened. I'l try locate the wiring for this switch and see how i can test this. I imagine my problem is electrical in nature. It drives fine one day, next time, no start or cranking.
  26. I have a 2014 Auris with Touch&Go plus audio/nav system. Does anybody know if it is possible to add a new / extra POI (Point Of Interest) category in the navigation system?
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