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  2. Anthony Poli

    Mobile charging

    I would avoid any cheap eBay wireless charging add ons. After my experience with one on a iPhone 7, the phone was unrepairable after getting very hot and died. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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  4. silky1873

    Battery recommendations?

    just on batteries , was out today putting in some screen wash and just noticed how tiny the battery is on these, 😁 in all my 25 years of driving ive only ever replaced one battery and that was on my 1988 405 mi16 after doing an engine rebuild and i dropped it and cracked the case . replacing the battery back then was less than £30 , so seeing halfords one at £95 for an aygo certainly opened my eyes a bit lol
  5. Nickems

    Mobile charging

    Thanks for your help guys
  6. ian rooke

    Mobile charging

    Hi you can get a wireless charging case for the SE
  7. Devon Aygo

    Mobile charging

    Unfortunately an IPhone SE does not support wireless charging, Only IPhone 8 and upwards support wireless charging
  8. Ant182

    Yaris 2013 SR 3DR

    See you there buddy 👍
  9. Devon Aygo

    How difficult can it be

    Part number 13501-29025 £308.38 +vat from Toyota
  10. WoldsMotorsportEngineering

    Yaris 2013 SR 3DR

    See you there mate!
  11. Ant182

    Yaris 2013 SR 3DR

    Well Team Ya'race has arrived at the hotel ready for tomorrow's Parallel Pomeroy Trophy at Silverstone 👍
  12. Voxymal


    Hi everyone I’ve got a 2003 Voxy and want to change the radio cd unit for a better English one but still keeping the double din size and reverse camera facility anyone done this or know someone that can do it or know how to get the unit out or get the dash panels off? thanks in anticipation Voxymal
  13. Nickems

    Mobile charging

    Tried to use the mobile charger for the first time on my gen4 PHEV Excel today but it didn't seem to work. have an Apple Anybody help please ?
  14. jeffrosie

    LED Rear LIghts

    Yes the whole unit, be nice to update the lights.
  15. mel s 13

    Lizzy M

    Hi All I have a Toyota Carina 11 GL Auto 1986, only 91,000 on the clock, one of only 7 on the road, road legal that is
  16. iangame

    Looking for PID codes for Auris hybrid 2010

    Well, after a trial with 3 of these OBD II devices the last one finally works! The links in the dr prius were the one that provided a link to a reliable adaptor, so thanks Gerg for recommending that. It was from Amazon and is the 'Panlong Bluetooth OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanner Reader ELM 327 Check Engine Light for Android - Work with Torque Pro/Lite' . All 14 battery packs show up with temp voltage etc. I will spend more time looking into this.
  17. You can find it on using your VIN

    Aygo Side Indicator/repeater Lenses

    Hi there For the hell of me i cant almost certain it was Ebay... Ill have a look at my account later...see if i can find them... They look much smarter than the originals in my opinion. Had an mot yesterday and he didnt almost certain theyre road legal passed tho...hooray...1 advisory...reverse light inoperative...damn...cant believe i missed that...came home...changed bulb over...job done!
  19. Heidfirst

    No heater in verso query?

    afaik (unless you have a secondary heat system fitted as in some parts of Scandinavia, Canada etc.) all heat is generated by the engine.
  20. Stojom

    No heater in verso query?

    It would appear the that I’ve not been operating it effectively then.. air con should always be turned on for efficient heating. Heat obtained with it off must be residual from engine/somewhere I presume.
  21. VosperD

    Hatchback Tailgate Gas Struts

    Yes the top is a conventional ball joint. Doesn't look detachable. SGS have just got back to me, their £87.99 price entails me sending them my old struts and they will fit the brackets to their struts. The bracket is in two parts and one part is welded to the strut, The other part is just bolted to the car of course. Mine are working ok at the moment but the tops are a bit rusty and they are 20+ years old. Thanks for the link. I will make enquiries. Cheers Don
  22. silky1873

    Aygo Side Indicator/repeater Lenses

    where did you get the black tinited ones from ,think they would lok better on my orange and black one rather than the clear
  23. Hello everyone, I have noticed yesterday that the right plastic cover between the front glass and the bonnet is missing. Does someone know its part number/name in order to purchase it online? Thank you in advance. /DM
  24. Heidfirst

    help verso 06

    I imagine that it's a 134bhp but can't be sure. As long as you are sure that is what the issue is - the AD series engines of that era (also used in Avensis, Auris & RAV4s so maybe look for youtubes of those?) are known for a small % of them developing head/head gasket issues which would cost more to fix properly than the vehicle is worth.
  25. oldcodger

    Hatchback Tailgate Gas Struts

    Mine will hopefully arrive tomorrow, though they are very different to yours as both ends of mine have the ball sockets. Seems your strut is bolted or welded ? to that hinge affair, assume the other end is the more typical ball socket ? The guy I ordered from does list some struts for your year, so might be worth contacting him , with your photo, and see if his are suitable ?
  26. All the parts arrived to fit new rear brakes on my Yaris 1.8SR including the callipers. All was going well despite some previous muppet having rounded off Calliper mounting bracket bolts. Thank god for flank drive sockets and a breaker bar. Everything all apart, except both handbrake cables aluminium end stops have totally stuck in the steel brackets that clamp to the rear of the calipers. I've removed the stainless collar that keeps the cable in the bracket but the damn things are solid. I can't use heat as the cable is nylon lined and dare not use a hammer as the Aluminium looks really brittle. Anybody got any ideas to free them off? So much for a quick job on a nice sunny afternoon

    No heater in verso query?

    Yes there is only one system.
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