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  2. Hi anybody no where the alternator regulator is on my townace 2lt turbo diesel. Just fitted new alternator. they told me to fit a new regulator just to be on the safe side. Its not inside alternator like normal.
  3. As low as 4c? Wow. That's a lot lower than I'd expect and makes me wonder if my A/C is working properly. The most I've ever felt coming from the vents is a chilly breeze. 4c should make me fear for frostbrite.
  4. Forgot my profile is my car ..sorry. Funnily enough, that's the exact same YouTube clip I found, I should have done that before....but if we all do that, we would never talk to each other 🙂 And it's a 2014. Thanks
  5. is that a gen2 or gen3 Yaris ?
  6. Rachel_

    Gear head

    Hi guys I am wondering if someone would be able to help. I am looking to replace the gearstick head as it is all worn, however I’m having trouble finding any online. I have a 2015 aygo however all the gear heads are for 2014 aygo or below. Will these fit or not? Any suggestions on where to get one would also be fab! any help would be great, thank you 🙂
  7. Who told you the sump needs replacing? Does it leak any oil? Can you take a picture and post.
  8. There is a reset button, have a read of the owners handbook, what year aygo ? edit. here you go
  9. This has come on after I had two new tyres fitted to my daughter's Aygo. Is there a reset I need to do after a tyre change ? Thanks
  10. Depends where the smell is coming from, if from the boot of the car and especially from the HV battery vent, then the rubber tubing around HV battery is deterated and needs changing, smell is from the tubes not the fumes from the battery. Google it, plenty of guides and not difficult, but takes time.
  11. Sorry, no idea to be honest. Toyota dealer should be able to advise.
  12. I suggest your aircon isn't working properly. Good thing about aircon, is that you can have any temp you want, but the air is "conditioned" and is clean and dehumidified and all smells are removed. Mick.
  13. Karen and others... in the later models - around 2018,onwards the 12 volt battery is definitely under the bonnet on the right hand side looking from the front. I've just been in there trying to work out why it went flat overnight.. I had a similar experience on the previous Prius - no obvious cause although the dealer tried to pretend that the that the interior light had been left on. It hadn't, but Honest John see Saturday's Daily Telegraph - said that he and other had experienced faulty interior light switches, and advised making very sure that they were fully Ian
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  15. Hello guys. I think the previous owner had a leaking back door seal and never mentioned it. Could anyone recommend something to get rid of a musty smell? I've tried zoflora and air con cleaner but it keeps coming back like cheap Turkish after shave. I keep expecting a female mouse to show up any time soon and start smilinging at me... 😂
  16. Thanks guys, bit cautious as these Hybrids cost quite a bit of more than a pertrol Auris, they seem to be in the 10-12k+ price tags. Sorry OP, didnt mean to hijack your thread.
  17. How do you access the pipes when they drop down after removing the nozzles?
  18. a colleague who ordered at the same time as me (Aug 19) has just had conformation his will be delivered next week.
  19. The light going out could also be an indication that there is a fault. In the USA, 2018 Corolla users have reported this, as have other Toyota model owners.Usually indicates the compressor is not firing up. If it is just the switch led, should be easy to fix, but since the Air con does not seem to be working properly in this case, sounds like the system is not firing up.The switches only send a signal to the computer, they don't do any thing physical locally, like they used to in the good old days.
  20. Hi. I have been told that I need a new sump on my 2012 1.33tr Yaris as it is starting to corrode. Is it easy for me to replace and how much are they. Many thanks
  21. Looks pretty nice, how often do you need to repeat it, monthly?
  22. Hi , i want to change some settings using TechStream on my 2020 corolla hybrid , is this void the warranty? setting i wanna change it : rear seat belts alarm opening/ closing windows on pressing Lock/unlock from remote button.
  23. You can use the MOT history check website to determine whether the mileage seems to be correct and see what failures and advisories the car has previously had -
  24. Good to see it on there...really looking forward to it!
  25. Hello all! i need to replace the motorsport rear coils on my auris SR180 however toyota have discontinued this part. Can anytime tell me how low the TMS rear coil springs are as i an looking for aftermarket part with similar height
  26. Hi, here we have a brilliant answers given already. I just want to add something. That particular car it’s 7 years old and only 25k miles, this is a warning sign and few more checks needs to be done prior to taking ownership. First it’s to establish if the mileage it’s real, second to double and triple check the service history if the car has all it’s service and if they are done on time, battery health check on both high voltage and 12v battery, in general batteries likes to be in use, leaving battery not used for a long time has negative effects. Check for accidental repair. Good to check all 4 tyres and brakes too, tyres might well be the original one that will require replacement due to their age. Brakes also can get faulty due to the lack of use of the car plus hybrids suffer of rusted brakes more than any other cars. That’s pretty much all of it and the second key if available. Good luck 🚗
  27. It's a B23TA 89070-0F022 or 89070-0F021 feel free to double check that number
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