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  2. Hi folks hope everyone is well? The time has come for MOT, not expecting anything major but want get the oil changed too. Car is 08 reg 1.6 petrol covered 60k, what's the best oil to use ?
  3. Whilst satnav is issuing instructions try increasing volume with the steering wheel button if you do it when the satnav is speaking it will increase its volume but not the radio volume
  4. Welcome to the club, Paul
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  6. Some said that of Fred and Rose West apparently
  7. I recently had a brand new 70 plate Yaris Hybrid as a courtesy car and it felt a fair bit quicker off the line than my 1.8 Corolla Hybrid. I was actually pretty impressed as I also got into the 70MPG area on one 30 mile trip. Ive always liked 3 cylinder engines in bikes, great torque but smoother than a twin. Boot and rear space was a bit of a joke for me but that was about the only negatives
  8. As a Biker as well as a car driver I tend to look at things differently. Being in the right wont keep me alive. Police Instructor said to me, If you have an accident, YOU, took your eye off the ball. Slip roads are inherently dangerous, I will always try and move into the middle lane if possible when approaching incoming slip roads. At the 22 second marker in your video when the Merc comes into view I personally would have started slowing. AI (Artificial Intel) has a long way to go before It matches 40 years of Instinct and what if.
  9. I'm pretty sure that's NOT the case though, as most ACC systems out there (inc. TSS) is only focusing on maintaining a certain distance to the lead car (in this case, the car before me in lane 1) -- as such they don't respond (or even pay attention) to cars in adjacent lanes. Comma Openpilot and Tesla FSD are the two exceptions. They have a specific "cut in" prediction module to try to look for such cases as early as possible. Although in this case, Openpilot didn't foresee this "cut in" (as I explained in the video), and I, being overly dependent on the system at the time, didn't react a
  10. Pity there was not a traffic cop around when you undertook the black van - he would have stopped you, give you a strong caution or better still a fine, and the delay caused would have meant you wouldn’t have been in the situation with the car coming along the slip road to join the motorway. I agree, and voted, you had the right of way re the slip road incident, but voted “yeah” you should have slowed down and let the car into Lane 1. Maybe you relying too much on ACC, or in this case OpenPilot. Remember, these things are selective aids for the driver to choose.
  11. New to here and always looking for tips and help on cars this is my first toyota I've owned so always handy to know where to ask cheers.
  12. Hello Paul - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  13. You had right of way which I voted for but for me I would of either slowed down momentarily, to let the car merge or moved if safe into lane 2. James.👍
  14. With more cars running on roads with assisted driving systems (like ACC, Openpilot, and Tesla FSD, etc.), I feel like this may soon get blurry 😀
  15. I see. Good point indeed! Previously, my mindset has been that if the car in lane 2 needs to move over to lane 1, then they should signal and make sure there's space for it (just the same as if they needs to use lane 3 to overtake). But yeah, in practice, since people naturally assume cars on left lanes move slower than them, they will inevitably pay less attention when changing over to the left, and hence the risk of overtaking them from left (even just passively as I did) is higher.
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  17. Had this with my mark 2. Turned out to be the 12v battery.
  18. Another signing off he had on Highway Patrol was “Remember it isn’t the car that kills, its the driver”.
  19. Hi MJ Hope I could help - It is only my advice. Highway code rule 267 - "Overtake only on the right" Highway code rule 268 - "Do not overtake on the left" As I mentioned, if you use lane 1 to pass traffic on lane 2 you may have a vehicle returning to lane 1 that hasn't seen you because of a lack of awareness of you are in their blind spot. It's a good poll regarding defensive driving. People who vote in favour of 'not slowing down' have a certain personality trait.
  20. Hmmm interesting point. I've always assumed maintaining a good distance to the lead car in one's lane, plus creating ample space for lane-change, would be good enough. But it sounds like you're suggesting additionally not to overtake cars in the right lane? Yep this is great advice! I was indeed a bit too much dependent on the ACC system at the time, and wasn't prepared to proactively disengage it. To be frank, if I wasn't on ACC and was driving by myself, I would have reacted sooner. Appreciate your detailed reply!
  21. This is true to a point. The hazard perception test has been part of the theory test for many years now. It is designed to teach inexperienced drivers how, and when to react to hazards. When we drive in lane 1 of a motorway, an experienced driver will always expect, and plan ahead for vehicles merging from the left. A slip road onto a motorway is in it's simplest terms just a junction like a T-junction, roundabout etc. Where another vehicle emerges in front of us incorrectly, as a competent driver we use our skills to react to these situations. However, people bring their pers
  22. My reply to this topic is this. Approximately 60 or so years ago there was an American show on the television called Highway Patrol, which I think starred Broderick Crawford. (In the b & w days). It depicted a highway patrol officer working on the highway. He always signed of with these words “Remember folks in the event of an accident out there on the highway, it doesn’t really matter who’s right it’s who’s left”. That sums up my reply 🚗.
  23. That's interesting... my car is due in for its service in June so they can look at it then if it doesn't sort itself out. In the meantime I'll monitor the pressures in the traditional way. Fortunately my dealer is excellent but 60 miles away (the nearest is 3 miles away but is an Arnold Clark dealership - enough said)
  24. The driver on the motorway is under no obligation to change their speed or direction to allow another driver to come onto the road. The onus is entirely with the driver using the slipway with the intention of entering the main road.
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