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  2. the fox

    RAV4 Brake Crack?

    Honestly they look like nasty cheap rubbish or they have been hammered in, have the anti-squeal shims been re-fitted and have they been coated with a bit of copper grease or similar product. The pads sound like they are moving in the calliper, if you did not fit them take it back. Have a look at the picture you should have something similar fitted sometimes they corrode and are not replaced the pads will then float about. Genuine Toyota Rear Brake Pad Anti-Squeal Shim Kit
  3. Result! 😀 They phoned yesterday afternoon, and have refunded my account. Excellent! Mick.
  4. Welcome aboard, Stephen. You'll soon get used to the auto...and it's possible you'll never want to go back to manual. I wouldn't have anything else.!
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  6. I've got a hybrid Yaris, and there are several options in there related to keyless entry, auto-headlights sensitivity, whether the lights flash when locked/unlocked or not, and the timing of how long the auto-internal lights are on for before switching off. All options "stick". The auto-light sensitivity does make a difference, but as far as I can tell merely affects how long the activation condition must exist before they switch on, not the threshold itself (i.e. you need to be under trees in a dark part of the road for longer before they come on).
  7. Yesterday
  8. So, preface to this post, I'm a very paranoid person. But I also am engineering/mechanically skilled to trade. Recently got new brakes, about 3 weeks ago, all went well and no issues. Now in the last few days brakes have been squeaking frequently, and they groan badly if I brake at the bottom of a steel incline. I had a look at the driver side, which is where the noise mainly comes from, and saw what might be a crack? You'll see it on the pics. Now it kind of looks like a crack, but also looks like it might be a nothing. Am I being paranoid or is this something that needs looked at?
  9. Cheers guys got it sorted now, was the starter motor 😞 had a new one fitted this morning 🙂
  10. PeteB

    Sat nav

    It's not even as 'good' as the one on my last Prius (and that wasn't brilliant!). Entering a postcode is a pain as you have to press two extra keys to switch between alpha and numeric entry and back again for the last two alpha characters (this wasn't necessary on the Prius). Traffic is very poor if relying on the TMC data via the RDS radio, and only OKish if you use Internet traffic via a tethered phone (but still not as clever as a recent TomTom or Garmin portable device). It's still not possible to save a multi stop journey using the in-car system, something I was routinely doing 17 years ago on a portable unit, and one more reason I primarily use my £200 TomTom rather than the £1,000+ kit in the car! (not to mention free for life [of the device] quarterly map updates and traffic data).
  11. Adrian Lavery

    Sat nav

    It’s a valid indeed. You have to set it every time you start the vehicle. The sat nav in general is rubbish, too slow for data entry and doesn’t find a lot of locations. Hurry up Apple Cae pkay
  12. Certainly underfloor wireless charging seems a viable way forward for those without access to plug-in options at home. Car parks could easily be modified, pads placed outside your house with restricted parking signage ( much as dedicated disabled bays) and power taken from nearby street furniture. No trailing cables to be stolen or fallen over, efficient rates of transfer and easy to make Smart. In addition just think how many bays supermarket and service stations could install. Cheers Tony B
  13. I didn’t track order online. I found out about order mistake the last week in March and I picked car up at the end of May.
  14. One known problem causing random alarm operation is the bonnet switch which is located at the bulkhead rather than at the front edge of the bonnet. All you need to do as a quick test is stick a thin piece of card under the bonnet so that it presses the switch plunger a fraction more. We are talking only a millimeter or two. Typically the bonnet contracts as it coils and the alarm trips. A proper repair is made by removing the bracket and filing the bolt hole elliptical so that you can move the bracket upward a fraction. This happened on my TSport in the early days. If the wiring has been altered and aftermarket stuff fitted then anything could be going on but I would still check this as its an easy fix.
  15. Thank you for reply, do you maybe recall how much time it took since placing your order till first status change appeared on your Toyota online account (order tracking)?
  16. The pedal height us correct but it's ridulously high. Is there any reason why I can't turn the stop screw anti clockwise and then adjust the clutch at the gearbox end?
  17. bewA

    Sat nav

    The new Corolla's have the same issue which is known by Toyota with the nav heading not being saved.
  18. Southern Softy

    Sat nav

    John, In the home screen you cannot alter the map, only in the map setting
  19. John RW

    Sat nav

    I’m in the process of trying to sort my sat nav out with my supplier but wondered if anyone else is having the same problem, I have reset the map to 2D heading but it keeps going back to heading north, very confusing when you go round a roundabout trying to workout where you are when the map is on its side ur upside down. I’ve tried setting to 2D heading then pressing the map button but still goes back, any help please
  20. also do Cruz Optiplus specifically for the Rav-4 2019. That is what I have fitted on mine. One problem I had was that my Thule roofbox was too small to fit on the roof bars as they are a fixed position apart and there wasn't enough adjustment on the roofbox fixings.
  21. I know barely anything about car electrics, but could you not remove the fuses of each of the components (i.e. remove the fuse that controls the central locking, then the one for the alarm etc) until the hazards don't randomly come on? I could be completely wrong (I prefer oily things to electrical work!) but an idea nonetheless.
  22. I thought that CarPlay at least was available on Entune 3 for a year already ... From what Devon Aygo said on another thread the new 2020 MY C-HR will come with CarPlay & Android Auto but as part of MM19. Existing new Corolla/RAV4 in Europe are on MM17 - whether this is just a software revision or there is an actual hardware change ... 🙄
  23. I thought that CarPlay at least was available on Entune 3 for a year already ... From what Devon Aygo said on another thread the new 2020 MY C-HR will come with CarPlay & Android Auto but as part of MM19. Existing new Corolla/RAV4 in Europe are on MM17 - whether this is just a software revision or there is an actual hardware change ... 🙄
  24. Wish it was, going to take out everything from the car (fortunately, there is not much space to put stuff in new Corolla, smh) to test if I'm not the one causing the noise, but I'm afraid it's something in B pillar/door panel. Good think is that the noise is pretty consistent, my other car (Suzuki Vitara) is making all kinds of noises randomly. She's very moody. Sent from my motorola one vision using Tapatalk
  25. Hi Guys, Need to know if anyone has had the work done and can quote me how much they were charged so I can be prepared 🙄 "Nearside Front Lower Suspension arm ball joint dust cover severely deteriorated slight cut (5.3.4 (b) (i))" My last MOT had this on, but being a human being I forgot about this right until the very last second. Does anyone know how much this will cost if it's flagged on my MOT? The car is running fine still so my dad has said they could just flag it again, but with my luck being so dodgy I'm mentally preparing myself for the repair of this.
  26. have Thule kits specifically for 2019 Rav4 with a variety of options and costs.
  27. The demand is outstripping supply globally by the looks of it. Recent Australian reviews are also bemoaning the long lead times but on the plus side in Oz at least, Android and Apple compatibility are being applied free of charge to RAV4's at dealers when cars are in for their 1st service....
  28. has a recent review on their website indicating that Carplay & Auto will be installed free of charge to Australian Rav4 owners when put into dealers for their first service. I'm still hopeful that this may also be the case for UK owners....
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