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  2. As I understand it, the oil consumption is a design fault on the pistons.....the holes in the ring groove behind the oil control ring are too small and oil cant drain through and back into the sump. The hole size is probably just about ok when the engine was new and free of carbon etc, but after a few years of use the holes in the piston become clogged with carbon, the oil in the ring land cant drain so its burnt in combustion. One of the best cleaning oils is automatic trans fluid. If you can get a small bottle of atf, remove the spark plugs, put a spoon full of atf down each spark plug hole and leave it to soak for as long as poss, Then pop your spark plugs back in and start your can up. It`ll smoke on start up for a couple of mins, it will soften the carbon in the piston top and ring land.
  3. Hi. I have a toyota avensis 2009 dcat engine. It has a engine manegement light with check parking brake on dashboard. Had a diagnostic test with a p1271 fault code and been told it is likely to be the injection driver (part no 89871-20080). Been quoted daft money at toyota. My query is, can the injection driver be bought brand new or used and fitted straight to my car or does it have to be recoded to my car. any advise would be greatly received .
  4. Suppose there is a bit of a labour reduction on having the two fitted at the same time.
  5. Hi congrats on the new car - despite the teething issues I hope it turns out to be a great workhorse. I know you say you have fixed the hot start issue but you also mentioned it was still a little reluctant to start so it might be the 2.2kw motor has masked the problem a bit. I found cleaning the earth connections helped with that but I also wonder if it will help with your idling issue - as you'll know car electronics can do odd things when they are not getting enough power so I'd spend thirty mins cleaning the two earth cables (search hot start and you'll find my description of where they are). It's free and easy and you've nothing to lose! If it doesn't work I'd also try putting a couple of tanks of BP ultimate or similar in the car, just to make sure you've not got some dirty fuel. Perhaps give it a decent fast run and use the rev range a bit just to clean it out. The other thing you could try (bit of a crazy wild card) is to press the idle up button on the dash, that gives the car a little more juice at idle when cold and may help stop it from stalling.... not a fix but may help! Either way, please keep us updated with progress even if things don't work it's good to know and others may have more suggestions.
  6. My Corolla is still on it’s first tank of screen wash so I don’t know for sure, but maybe the Corolla is like my Yaris hybrid - no warning light or message but the pumps are connected to the tank so that the rear screen washer stops working while there is still a reserve for the more important front screen washer. Not great but at least you get a warning of sorts without lifting the bonnet. Having said that, the 2020 manual seems to say that Corollas either have a washer fluid level gauge ( mine hasn’t) or display a warning message on the information display.
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  8. I certainly hope it has returned. I found that to be the most useful thing on the built in sat nav as it finds everything. When it vanished on the older model last year I was really miffed,TomTom search is blooming useless.
  9. My Corolla is still on it’s first tank of screen wash so I don’t know for sure, but maybe the Corolla is like my Yaris hybrid - no warning light or message but the pumps are connected to the tank so that the rear screen washer stops working while there is still a reserve for the more important front screen washer. Not great but at least you get a warning of sorts without lifting the bonnet.
  10. Correct. Mine was registered 8/3/2017 and is Road Tax free. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks again. Appreciate your ino. Im a bit thoughtfull abot the seats, to . I think the gen 2 PHEV seats are even a bit harder than in our gen1 PHEV and definitely harder than in our Prius + 2017. Im about to test drive an other (used) gen 2 this friday , hopefully. A lot of things to consider
  12. Managed to get my hands on some bilstein b8 and eibach federn lowering springs for my corolla 1.6vvti SR the guy said they came for a tsport and didn't know that much about them? Will they fit my car even though it's not a tsport? and are they any good quality? any advise would be great cause I probably know as much as the guy who sold me them. n o t h i n g
  13. Meh. None of the other fluids you mention are likely to drop over time unless you drive a lot of miles and/or have an aging engine. I've not bothered to check them on any car I've owned in the last twenty years (so sue me). I think a washer fluid level warning should be standard on all vehicles because it's a consumable item like fuel.
  14. Oh the RAV4 menu system can be frustrating, so many functions it isn't always easy to find the one you want. Despite having my RAV4 for over 2 years I still wonder where these settings are. Searching the online manual isn't always easy …. however I believe that the function you want can be found under 'Setup' and then selecting 'Map'. Scroll down and the penultimate entry (unless the software has been changed) should be 'Show safety cameras' - you should then be able to turn them off. Hope this works for you ! Peter
  15. Thank you for the quick response. I had read that summary but not flicked through the comments, the last of which was in 2015. Most of the thread seems to seal with warranty claims, which is not a consideration in my case. I would be interested in the experience of any Forum members who might have had repairs done more recently. The only symptom on my car is coolant, so far as I am aware. Really interested to know who can do this work, approximate cost and satisfactory outcome? Thank you
  16. I've not had a car with this on since leaving Nissan. None of my Hondas had it either. It's a pity because washer fluid is something that's easy to forget and if you run out when you need it can be quite a problem.
  17. Welcome to the club.
  18. £10k for an Excel does look like a tall order. If you have £10k in your pocket and you walk into a showroom at the right time......maybe you strike lucky Wayne.
  19. I don’t know about the older revisions of the Rav 4, this one is my first, but when I search using the in car satnav, I get an additional option when tethered to my phone that says ‘search with google’ but this may depend on all sorts of variants in the spec, I guess.
  20. The following topic outlines the issues with the AD series engine. Toyota covered the issue using a goodwill arrangement for a period of 7 years/111,846 miles from first registration. Toyota's solution was a new 3/4 engine plus replacement of other components as required, rather than a repair. There have since been members who have repairs done, but we don't know how successful these were.
  21. Google search in my car was dropped some time back (2017 RAV4 Hybrid Excel) and replaced with TomTom search which is frankly cack. If I search for a POI so far it has failed to find anything, before however it could find almost everything. I wrote to Toyota support and they responded the feature was dropped as not enough people were using it. Google street view still works but not a lot of use if I cannot find somewhere in the first place. If it works on the new car I will be happy.
  22. I'll give that a go. If that doesn't work I will take out the head lamp.
  23. London is not a problem, as the last time I was there was over a decade ago 😅 As for road tax, again not a problem £145 isn't it for the worst Yaris 🤔
  24. I am a new owner of a 2007 T180 located in Surrey. Happy with the car but not the fact that it has been diagnosed ("block tested") as having a failing head gasket. Reading up on the topic I can immediately see that it is a well known problem. I have been searching through the Forum but can't seem to find the information I am looking for. Some questions that I am hoping experienced owners can short cut me to the answer. 1) The gasket failure seemed to be a manufacturing isssue that was corrected by Toyota. If I do the work and have it replaced, will the new gasket set "fix" the underlying issue. 2) Are there any good specialist garages (not main dealers) for the RAV4 in general in SE England? Are there any that people would recommend for this major head gasket fix? I also have water in the passenger footwell, which thanks to the forum, I think is likely another well known fault/issue with the cowl panel seal. Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.
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