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  2. T180 D4D Dpf Removal

    Hi paul what was the problem i got same botter now with t180 avensis thank
  3. Where is the access hole in the firewall?

    Thank you so much!! I think this guide is going to help me. I will follow the guide and try to install the cabin heater when I get back from business trip this weekend. Thank you!!
  4. My last Avensis was bought from a Toyota dealer as an ex-Toyota management car & the initial advertising showed it with a towbar fitted. Later photos that they sent to me after I had already done a deal & agreed to buy it no longer had a towbar - when I queried it they said that they didn't know who had fitted it & electrics, therefore couldn't warranty it & had therefore removed it. [I argued that the car was no longer as described & they ended up fitting a new one foc - I don't actually tow but it's a great defence against people who "touch park". It's now on my new Avensis having been removed from the old car before I traded it in.]
  5. Auris range refreshed for 2018 - diesels dropped(?)

    Toyota did introduce the 2GR-FSE engine in 2005, which used dual mode injection (direct and port injection).
  6. Auris range refreshed for 2018 - diesels dropped(?)

    I have to disagree. The 1.2 turbo seems more powerful than the 1.6. I know the bhp is less however the torque is considerably more. People seems to laugh at the 1.2 turbo without driving it. After 4k rpm it really does shift. I have driven both, the 1.6 is a lot more smooth in its power delivery, however with the torque from the turbo on the 1.2 it certainly pushes you back in the seat a bit more, seems more happy climbing hills. Just my input after driving both. Also I know some people that tow with the 1.2 turbo large caravans and they report no issues. I must admit the engine is new so hasn't stood the test of time yet, and it is also as far as I know the first direct injection Toyota petrol engine. I have done 30k in mine with no issues.
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  8. No - nothing to do with devil's advocate, wheel/tyre condition or insurance. People obtain spare wheels from a variety of sources, and don't always ensure it is the correct fitment for their car. As Kingsway has provided further detail, my suggestion doesn't seem to be the case.
  9. Hi Yeah I decided to put some MR2 Roadster seats in. They don't have the side airbags in though. Very easy to fit and a more comfortable driving position.
  10. You're playing devil's advocate FBs....given some previous on this site I'm surprised no one has suggested that the insurance wouldn't be valid if the dealer let it out of the shop in a non OEM condition!
  11. Auris headlights

    Avoid the Chinese replacement units on eBay, as the one I bought didn't have the correct electrical connections.
  12. It was all done a bit surreptitiously, I knew there was something up, but they just kept quiet hoping I didn't notice. I subsequently looked through the service record and found that a space-saver spare tyre etc had indeed been supplied to the previous owner. It also appears that two new headlight bulbs were fitted at the recent service. But when I checked all the bulbs I found the headlight bulbs in the car were both so old and blackened they could have failed at any time... Hmmnn... It's hard to believe a main dealer would be guilty of such dubious practices, but maybe one of the staff got himself a spare tyre and a set of new bulbs? Most puzzling of all was the fact that they never got back to me to explain what may or may not have happened. I'm a driving instructor (as they well knew) . Many of my customers are high net-worth business people and academics - people who could well decide they like my car so much they might want to buy one. Will I be pointing them toward my local Toyota Dealer...? btw Up until I signed on the dotted line, I would have told you what a great firm they were. Friendly and very helpful. I just seemed to become invisible the moment the deal was done...
  13. Auris range refreshed for 2018 - diesels dropped(?)

    I suspect that they have only dropped the diesels for the UK market but will retain them for other European markets. It's an obvious reaction to recent UK government budget change indications & existing sales trends. Whilst Toyota GB don't sell a tremendous amount of Auris (e.g. ~ 1/5 of Ford Focus UK sales) I suspect that the individual profit margin is high compared to what e.g. Ford make on a Focus .
  14. That's assuming that the spare that was in the car was the correct spare for the car. It it wasn't the correct spare, one could possibly see why it was removed.
  15. Acoustic Boom

    Moon roof is the US name for a glass panelled roof, which may or may not include a panel that can be raised for additional ventilation. The nearest UK equivalent is now the panoramic or glass roof - again which may or may not include a panel that can be raised for additional ventilation. A solar roof is a glass panelled roof that includes built in solar panels to provide an element of battery charging. The term sunroof has largely fallen out of use.
  16. Acoustic Boom

    You're right. Solar Roof is the UK term. (But it's the same as the US moon roof isn't it?) Point I was making is that although it's a TSpirit, it has 65 section tyres. Something to do with keeping the weight of the car down , once the solar roof was installed. Regards to all
  17. Cheeky gits! Someone there spotted a chance to make a few £££'s.
  18. HIR2 upgrade bulbs

    If you own an iQ these will fit. All iQ's were fitted with HIR2 bulbs as standard. Many of the aftermarket ones are not the same type of bulb and although they may fit, won't be as good. Craig.
  19. Glad you have got it sorted ok. Have to agree, its a tricky one for you the end user to identify. The symptoms are typical of a dry joint which fails under load / heat or cold, though equally could have been faulty diodes or regulator. Even if they did test it, quiet possible it would have appeared ok for them, but who knows the quality of those particular engineers ? Same for your mechanic, he was just as unlucky as you, though he has been fair in not charging for the replacement work.
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    Thank you
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  22. I recently bought the same car. In my case, there WAS a spare and tools in the car when I viewed it. But they had mysteriously disappeared when I got the car home a couple of days later...They then ignored all my emails and didn't return my calls. Thank you and goodbye Cambridge Toyota!
  23. @oldcodger Thanks for your reply. Sorry I have not replied earlier it was an absolutely mad week last week. I took my findings to back to my mechanic and told him to tear the recon. alternator back out and get it checked out by the company that reconditioned it. Turns out they found a dry solder joint on the path between the regulator and rectifier, thus the high voltage explained (that is what I was told). They did a quick resolder and all good. I am just really annoyed that I had to trouble shoot this myself and it was so easily done with a meter. A little annoyed that the car did not play up with the mechanic on the previous trip and that the problem was simply diagnosed with a meter. Mechanic did all with no charge so happy with that. So the lesson is, not that I did not already know this, reconditioned alternators can be dodgy, they repaired by humans and only the parts testing faulty at the time of reconditioning are replaced and so problems could easily arise.
  24. Auris range refreshed for 2018 - diesels dropped(?)

    In fact the Auris only exceeded 20,000 annual UK sales in 2007 (21,799) and 2008 (20,808) - from Toyota GB's own sales figures. With the third generation Auris due in 2018/19 (?), some pruning of the current range is inevitable. Wonder if the 1.5 petrol engine from the Yaris (a re-worked 1.33) will appear as the base model in the third generation Auris.
  25. Pcv valve

    My vin it's SB1KC58EX0F003860
  26. Carina GTI

    ooof! 2sav
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