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  2. Brakes locking even on light snow

    to quote from a review of those Autogrips (I had never heard of them either). " Never had a serious issue before with budget tyres but these managed to frighten the life out of me on wet surfaces." Kumho are a fairly well known 2nd tier tyre manufacturer & probably on the verge of gaining parity with first tier. If the Kumhos are in good condition I would start by changing just the Autogrips first. Not sure what size are on your car & your budget but if Michelin Crossclimate or Crossclimate+ are available to suit these are all season/weather tyres but biased towards summer use which tends to suit most of the UK better all year than those that are developed with a winter bias. Another worth considering would be Goodyear Vector 4 Season gen 2. Prices for the same tyre vary enormously between retailers so I strongly suggest that you check around first. It may well be worth buying the tyres from an online source & having a local company fit them.
  3. New toyota yaris service indicator

    Not sure if it has an indicator, but the service intervals are either 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first.
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  5. New toyota yaris service indicator

    I have a 2017 yaris hybrid and was wondering if it has a service indicator? I know a lot of cars have a pop up message telling you to have a service/change the oil, is this the case? I understand it should be serviced every 10k just want to know if it warns me!
  6. Shark Fin Ariel advice

    Hi , Phil Thanks for that info , could you recommend a good ariel to buy ? seen loads on ebay but he quality does'nt look the best
  7. 1996 Celica Convertible Gt St202 (Uk)

    The post was started over three years ago. Presumably the OP has probably bought suitable wheels.
  8. 2.2 D4D Started Smoking! Please Help!

    How did you get on with this?
  9. Toyota Avensis , wich petrol engine is the best .

    1.8 is a cracking motor and in the ones I’ve owned faultless (both post 2006 updates) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Hybrid battery charge

    Ahhh ok, glad it was nothing to worry about! Cheers for the info. All the best.
  11. Hybrid battery charge

    I thought I did, but no. I realised that I’d parked up for the night with a fairly well flat drive battery.
  12. RAV 4 Service report

    Think I would show a written out list i.e.without the prices to an independent repairer first.Ask among your friends if they know a good one they trust.Not all non genuine replacement parts should be overlooked as they may be made by the same people that supply main dealers but because they are not branded they can come out cheaper Just my opinion
  13. RAV4 2.2 D-Cat Lindop Chip

    Well not a lot really. 1 or 2 mpg more but it’s all about the torque improvement to be honest. The pull away is better and the gear changes seem better placed and more functional. Bod
  14. Yaris drive shaft

    Oh I'm sure I can. The clutch doesn't need changing but wondered if it was worth doing if replacing the n/s driveshaft. Without further research I'm not sure if removal of the driveshaft would facilitate easy clutch replacement.
  15. 07 Avensis Petrol Tourer - whining noise at speed

    Sounds like a wheel bearing Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. After my last post saying my great Tourer has never gone wrong, its now making a funny noise! Its got a loud persistent whine above 40 mph. When you knock it in to neutral the whine continues, which makes me think maybe a wheel bearing, or something that is moving outside of the engine. Local garage says nothing wrong with the wheel bearings that they can see. Does anybody have any thoughts? Are circa 07 Avensis prone to a problem like this, and if so, what is it. I'm thinking maybe gear box on the way out? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Remote central locking

    Have you replaced the batteries in the keys?
  18. Brakes locking even on light snow

  19. Tailgate dripping in boot

    Moved to the Avensis club.
  20. Tailgate dripping in boot

    Hi quick question is there any way to stop water dripping in to boot off of the tailgate when it's been raining ? Thanks
  21. Toyota avensis

    Struggling with your DTC code as Toyota do not list the code on any model
  22. Mysterious valvematic intermittent power-loss

    There was a Technical service bulletin for this issue for Avensis built pre Nov 2009 ref EG-0087T-0710-EN The diagnostics seem sound the outcome for both fault codes listed is a new "Controller assy, continuously variable valve lift" and the part number listed is correct you will also need: 90301-38010 - O ring x1 90210-06013 - Washer x1 11159-37010 - camshaft bearing seal x1 90430-10024 - camshaft bearing seal x1 11213-0T020 - Rocker cover gasket 1.6 & 1.8 engines 11213-37020 - Rocker cover gasket 2.0 engine
  23. Few Styling Mods To My Mk1 Aygo Since Last Visit..

    Just wanted to put up a list of the mods done to my car. A couple of people have asked since I joined the forum and if I am honest I wasn't keen on finding out the total cost hence I have delayed it a bit! Plus I wanted to try and get much if not all of the car how I wanted it before putting lists up. I am fairly sure I am finished now, theres not a lot more I can think I want (except bigger wheels and a Fiesta ST engine swop which isnt going to happen). This is the first time I have sat down and worked out what I have done, as well as worked out what I have spent. Gulp. EXTERIOR Calibre Motion 15x6.5 ET38 wheels & Nankang 195/45 NS2 tyres £395. Front splitter £100. Fly Eye tint all lenses inc fogs £110. Vinyl wrap roof satin black £120. Vinyl wrap door pillars satin black £60. Vinyl wrap 3M carbon wing mirrors £40. Limo tint rear passenger glass & bootlid £90. Fox stainless exhaust twin exit (1 each side) £300. Toyota Racing Developments boot, front grill, door pillar and wheel centre cap emblems £50. Philips LED headlights £150. Replace all other bulbs with LED inc fitting resistors for indicators £80. Clear side repeaters £10. Satin black paint front Toyota and rear 'Aygo' badges £0. INTERIOR Genuine Toyota leather steering wheel £85. Glove box lid £30. Eonon Double DIN sat nav head unit £300. Double DIN facia kit £25. Pioneer dash speakers £40. Vibe Slick 6x9 rear shelf speakers £45. Focal iBus 20 underseat sub £190. LED (blue) dash and heater panel lights £15. Sparco R333 seats inc home made mounts £500. Satin black paint sun visors & A pillars £10. Armster armrest £60. Add rear door switches and delay box for interior light £20. MISC Vogtland coil over suspension kit £400. Shorten gear lever and fit Momo gearknob £20. Bearing in mind that the vast majority of the above was fitted by myself, I am somewhat staggered at the total price of......£3245!!!! I paid less for the car.... Bear in mind that this is with zero mod work under the bonnet, no respray and no fancy sound system and you can see how easy it would be to spend £10k+ even on a little car like the Aygo. It sure adds up. Ah well, I won't dwell on it. I doubt I will ever see another that looks the same and I am happy that the end result is what I was seeking to achieve. It remains a reliable, cheap to run mode of transport which gives me endless fun despite its lack of power and I still look back at her after parking up. In fact I think she looks pretty good from any angle tbh, and theres not many cars I have owned which I can say that about. I think I will enjoy her until shes worn out. I will never get back what I have spent and shes getting a few miles under her belt now so along with the mods I cant see she is worth much. I will continue to appreciate her for what she is...a small bundle of fun that to my eyes looks great and nimble enough to embarass far superior cars when the going gets twisty. Vive le Mk1!
  24. Hybrid battery charge

    Did you not have an issue then Jon? I’m intrigued!
  25. I missed the Screw

    I find that a magnet on a stiff rod to be useful if I drop a screw and cannot actually see it. Seems to happen more and more to me these days
  26. Sunroof drain holes

    Why not try blowing compressed air from a forecourt tyre pump down the drains.
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