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  2. LED Indicator Bulbs

    Hi, Its all in the bulb code. BAU15 / PY21 is the Offset Type BA15 / P21 is the Parallel type
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  4. Fuel consumption

    My 2 litre auto does about 21 in the winter and 24 in the summer - mostly short runs around Jersey, so that's consistent with your experience. It did do 28 on it's first tankful, but I was going very gently - haven't got the patience to keep that up
  5. Heating issues T25 D4D 2006

    Hi guys, Normally the heating problems would be solved, but I still have 1 problem. Yesterday I replaced the thermostate. Niet heat... I pulled all the fuses underneath the hood and put them back. I heard the engine rev up and the heat was back!! Me so happy... I turned off the engine to eat and after an hour or 2 we drove back home. And the heat was gone... So I believe it is one of the black relais is bad... But wich one..... Somebody have the answer please... Thanks!
  6. Toyota avensis

    Only thing i found was P00D5 Cold start of the injector 1 - fault Perhaps changeing the injector solves the problem
  7. Fuel consumption

    MPG is governed by so many factors, Ian....driving style, type of journeys (ie short runs?), vehicle condition etc...not forgetting that you'll always see a fall in mpg in the Winter months. I don't think your figure is horrendously low and will no doubt improve as the weather improves.
  8. Hi nz_aj, I have got ZiO that has 2.4ltr engine and the same Stereo. Did you have any luck changing the stereo to English? (I am based in NZ too). Thanks.
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  10. Fuel consumption

    Hi everyone only owned my rav since beginning of January. Its a 2002 2.0 ltr manual 128,000 miles I've changed all filters and oil. But can anyone tell me if the fuel consumption is OK , it did 247miles, averaged 26.7 mpg average speed was 25mph. Perhaps its just me but I was expecting better than that. Thanks Ian
  11. Anti skid warning

    Turn the traction control off in this instance, like in snow or mud. It stops the wheels spinning, and cuts power, but you actually want to get the power down.. others may disagree, but it always goes off in my Aygo if it’s on snow, or if I drive on fields to park at events/ shows etc..
  12. Hi there, Any one got any ideas on this one? Trying to decide whether diagnosis sounds right/ whether its worth trying to repair with costly part. Bought 2010 plate Avensis Tourer just over 6 months ago. Full service history. 95k on the clock. £3600. Went like a dream. Long journeys; eg France and back. But recently has developed a fault that brings on a specififc combination of error lights and codes and on three occasion has lead to loss of power, with car 'restricted' and unable to exceed 20mph. If you turn off ignition and restart after a while, it drives normally again. Toyota Main Dealer charged £150 for diagnositc but said it couldnt be sure what it was. And wanted up to £600 for further investgation. Local independent Toyota Garage reckons the codes point to the "valvematic driver' part number 222A0-37014 (seems to be called CONTROLLER ASSY, CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE VALVE LIFT too??). Part new from Toyota is apparently £864.74 + VAT plus labour. Cant immediately see they are easy to come across as 'used' parts, but dont know if I am looking in right place. Anyone got any ideas whether this sounds right? And whether you can find this part used - and how best to? If I can only get part new - will it solve the problem and is it worth it at the cost? Error lights: Main Warning Light + Engine Managment Light + Check VSC System + VSC Check Parking Break System Error Codes: System : Engine control - 15E / Engine management TCCS 1P1047 - Valve lift control (bank 1). Error Message : Circuit defective.P1055 - Valve lift control. Error Message : Control unit error.U011B - Control unit, drive train. Error Message : No communication. Many thanks all Z
  13. Anti skid warning

    Think part of the problem with traction is the Aygo's light weight. Starting at 840kg, it is around 25kg lighter than the Fiat 500, approx 90kg lighter than the VW Up!, Hyundai i10 and Kia Picanto, and approx 100kg lighter than the Fiat Panda.
  14. Hi, New here. 6 months owner of Toyota Avensis Tourer/Estate 2010 plate, bought with 95k on the clock. Ran like a dream for 6 months. Loved it apart from the electronic hand break. But suddenly mysteriious engine magement lights/ valvematic issue, loss of power, which not even local Toyota dealer coudl get to the bottom of at first inspection. Hence joining up here. Any steers on where best to post, do shout. Nice to meet you all. Z
  15. IQ3 Winter Rims

    Hey Soeley, seems like a good setup to have. Currently looking to have my summers on the standard 16" wheels, and winters either on 15" steel rims or IQ2 wheels. I do around 8k+ miles annually, so split between the year of having winters from October to April, and summers from May to September, the winter tyres would actually be driven on more than the summers. I've heard good reviews of the WinterContact tyres, the TS860 in particular. However, they only do the 810 in 175/65/15 and not the more popular TS 860. :(
  16. Anti skid warning

    Could be that the Audi driver had one of those " hardly ever "drivers in front of them when they got there so they stopped and you were not able to do what you normally like to do, Isobel. It could also be that that driver, like many others, were on their first venture into driving on snow so could be nervous and not be, what you considered to be, too cautious. Not trying to teach anyone to "suck eggs" I found that you were sometimes better of starting off in second gear and allowing a bit of clutch slip as this gave less torque on the driving wheels so less apt to spin. Could understand your temperament if you were on a emergency call out though
  17. Toyota avensis

    Welcome to Toyota Owners Club. Moved to the Avensis club.
  18. Toyota avensis

    Hello i have a toyota avansis d4d 2004 that won't start p00d5 code keeps popping up when i reset it than crank it can someone help me out
  19. Yaris drive shaft

    Hi all Last year I had an advisory on the wife's 1.33 TR Yaris on an 08 plate. Has anyone any idea how much it would cost to replace and is it worth having the clutch done at the same time? It's done about 55000 miles. Cheers in advance. Jon
  20. Newbie

    welcome, I have the same 64 plate, no problems apart from the fan under seat needs cleaning now and then 3 times in 100000 miles or mpg drops due to batteries getting too warm. bad design with no filter on it
  21. Anti skid warning

    it wasn't a busy junction, it was a cul de sac ;) I did leave plenty of space but I still had trouble setting off.
  22. Newbie

    Hello Rhodri - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  23. Newbie

    Hi all, just joined. Picked up my 15 plate Auris Touring Sports HSD on Friday 19th Jan. Bought it off the back of having a 55 plate Octavia which has cost a small fortune in 18 months of ownership. Decided on a Toyota as my brother has a Prius & him constantly raving about it. Have nicknamed my Auris the glider as l'm sure owners will know what l am on about. Loving it.
  24. Rav4 2012 USB PORT

    Moved to the Rav4 club.
  25. Auris Hybrid or 1.2 t

    The fake shift solution is't optimal. The drop in revs is too little, 1000 rpm drop would feel more like a real upshift. At normal speed is uses 15% extra fuel due to higher revs, but you dont get a 15% better driving experience. At 120 kmh it uses the same fuel, weather it Eco or Sport mode.
  26. 2014 Yaris Hybrid smart start / entry question

    On another topic, just how non user friendly is the DAB software? I cant figure it out, what's an ensemble? The system only shows 5 stations, and I cant seem to get it to show more.
  27. Auris Hybrid or 1.2 t

    Thank you that is interesting! I wish they deployed similar solution in HSD, even if it only was enabled in PWR mode.
  28. Changing the near-side rear bulbs

    Think I get it on the near-side, do you have to pop the tailgate straight out from the top?
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