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    I purchased a new 17 plate Aygo a few months ago. It's the x-clusiv model which like most of the range; has the hands free/Bluetooth feature. However, despite all checks which I assumed had been done prior to my delivery, the factory had actually forgotten to install the microphone in the roof, so always check that your new car has all the bits & bobs it should have. That said, the dealership were excellent, and the mic was added under warranty of course. Slightly off-topic. One thing I don't like about the Aygo is the biting point is quite high up. That said, I was looking at the VW Up! as my new car, but glad I chose the Aygo. It a great little car.
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    Bear in mind that Toyota servicing intervals are every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first. So if it was serviced at 70K in 2015, it should have had services in 2016 and 2017.
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    Ok after spending a few hours on this today and gave up trying to trace the cables from the door actuator, I had one last go and got it working by using the wiring legend supplied on the previous page. heres some info for 2014/15 RAV4’s any question please gimme a shout. In the end it was really easy and a 15 min job had I had the information so hopefully this will help others.
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    Bought these as spares for my 2016 Yaris. No longer have the car, so they are free to a good home. First address I get and I’ll pop them on the post.
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    Well, after all that it turned out to be a blown fuse! Just pleased that’s all it was.
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    Thanks for your help.👍👍👍👍👍 Computers and me agree to disagree. 🤪
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    Glad that you are sorted. I gather from your photo of your screen, rather than a screenshot from the system, that computers are not your thing ...
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    Actually, it is not good, it is superb
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    Your usage will be fine for a prius. Many will say a diesel is better suited but I disagree- my personal preference. I have done a lot of miles in diesels on motorway and a roads, and would opt for the prius every time. In fact I bought a prius for a 95% motorway commute, 80 mile round trip. More economical and more comfortable. My driving sounds very similar to yours- economical in terms of being careful with braking etc but drive at around 75-80. I get 55mpg in winter, and 60mpg in summer easily (calculated rather than dash which very slightly over estimates)
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    See http://blog.toyota.co.uk/yaris-grmn-made
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    Came across the issue last year. The fibrous matting attached to the rear wheel arch hides a nasty secret... The metal brake pipes curl around the front edge of the wheel arch recess. This is covered by this matting which is invariably damp. Consequently these pipes are prone to rust. Removing the matting and applying generous quantities of smoothrite has, in my case, delayed the advancing rot.
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    On a 12 year old Avensis I would have expected it to have already had a brake pipe. They are steel and quite prone to corrosion. I have never seen a genuine factory fitted one rub through, not to say it could never happen, but unlikely. My guess would be that it has had some remedial work done in the past, either new pipe/shock/suspension work done previously. The genuine ones are clipped in quite well and should never rub anywhere. Kingo
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    I cannot recommend this particular product highly enough... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00AC1LLQY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Not only does it continue to charge in the kind of dull light we are getting at the moment but it does it all directly through the OBDII socket; no direct wiring required or needed. I just lay it above the driver's binnacle in the front windscreen. When not in use it fits perfectly in the pouch behind the passenger front seat.
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    Hi Thanks for allowing me into the group. I bought a 56 reg Grey Avensis today, it's the D4D model T Spirit with a nice spec I was a little nervous driving it back from Bristol as it's on 165k miles but it drove brilliantly all the way back. Despite going over it well, i can not find a single thing wrong with the car, everything works perfectly. For £1600 it's cracking car and a pleasure to drive with 6 manual gears and leather seats. I'm going to do some research into the maintenance and repairs as i'm ok with mechanics. Are these cam belt engines ? I'm so pleased with the car, couldn't be happier. I spent a lovely couple of hours this afternoon giving it a good clean inside and tomorrow it's getting a wash, clay bar and machine polish Nice to meet you all Cheers Jim
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    Not as bad as some Renaults, where the bumper has to be removed to replace the headlight bulbs, and there are quite a few other vehicles where the headlight and/or front grill need to be removed to replace the bulb.
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    Hi all thought I better introduce myself my name is Ross I have been on toc since about 2009 i have a corolla gti-16 This if anyone has seen it. In September I took the plunge and sold my 2002 mk4 golf daily and decided I’d like to be back in a Toyota and bought myself a avensis t180 wagon on a 2007 plate I really love the car and am glad to be back in a jap car again. I have a few things planned for this. I want to change the wheels and I have a set of tte lowering springs I want to fit. I’ve also got a witter detachable towbar to go on as well. Couple of things I already have done is to change the plates I have a import front plate and a regular rear Changed the stereo just fitted my kenwood dab for now so I can use my iPod function and inbuilt hands free kit. And gave the Car a full paint correction and detail.
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    End result
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    Disconnect the battery and see what happens after 5 days. If it starts the car you have a drain, if it doesn't then your battery is duff.
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    Hope you all have a good one👍🏻
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    Thank you it’s decuma it comes up with that on the my Toyota app along with the service history. Yeh they are nice wheels just slightly curbed from the previous owner [emoji849] I do know at 55k it had a short block rebuild done under warranty. I always keep a check on the fluids as I am aware of hg issues with them.
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    One can use the recall checker below for both the Avensis and the Aygo. This covers both official DVSA recalls (mainly safety related), and any voluntary campaigns that Toyota have run - https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/vehicle-information/recall-checker-info.json#/iframe/https%3A%2F%2Fforms.toyota.co.uk%2Frecall-checker%3F_ga%3D2.166643646.1886874604.1514244902-530507447.1503521244
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    My first thought is that the noise is from the alternator. It may be from the timing belt tensioner. Another reason I went for the Hybrid - no belts anywhere!
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    Here’s the Christmas ‘baby’. 👍🏻👍🏻🤔🤔🎄🤗
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    Way-Hey, Sandie.....Christmas has come early! I'm so glad that you've finally got your new Aygo and that you love it......Also pleased that you are following the rules that piccies will be following soon! (We're a bunch of nosey rascals!!) I'm sorry but I can't help you with anything as I drive Mark 1....Paddle? Have you bought a Canoe?....Flick? Wasn't he in "Allo,Allo"?....As for Speed limiters and touch screens, well all of that sounds a bit too modern for a Luddite like me!!! I haven't got past gas lamps and outside toilets!!! Seriously though, enjoy your new baby, have a load of fun finding out about it and have a very merry Christmas and a happy and joyful new year! All the best!
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    I’m glad you love your new car. When the car is in auto mode you can temporarily change up or down a gear by using the paddle shift. The car will revert to the auto setting after a short time or you can hold the + paddle and the car will go back into auto mode. I sometimes use the paddles to get the car ready for overtaking cyclists but I rarely need to. Have a little play as the car won’t let you do anything silly. It won’t let you stall or select a gear that would cause the engine to over rev.
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    I had the insignia for 1 week.nice looking car but thats as far as it went.dealer did the gearbox repair as asked to before me buying it tho after their mechanical engineers (hahaha) Put the gearbox back in!! the thing pee'd the gearbox fluid back out over a week of ownership though to be fair the dealers said it only lost less than 0.5 of a litre (hahaha again) there was pools of it in my driveway and where I parked the car daily.the 2006 T25 d4d was miles better and always will be than any vauxhall. You and I both got a lucky escape by not selling the T25's. The vauxhall gearboxes are made of butter!
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    Ha ha, no change there then. No worries mate, have a nice Christmas Taff Bob
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    Its certainly very similar, Neil....but there are differences in the door mirrors, the front end, the doors and the rear window..so I'm not 100% convinced. Maybe they all changed as the model evolved.?...there are just so many JDM variances.
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    Hi Yeah I decided to put some MR2 Roadster seats in. They don't have the side airbags in though. Very easy to fit and a more comfortable driving position.
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    Under Block Exemption Toyota cannot insist dealers use a particular oil.
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    I run a tank with some form of cleaner occasionally every 2 months can't do any harm uncloggibg injectors etc
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    Probably Pirelli Cinturato All Season tyres. There are also Falken Euro All Season, Vredstein Quadrac 5's, and Maxxis AP2 All Season in 165/60/R15 size.
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    We're getting way off topic, but it is possible to use illegal methods to find people from their car registration, or even from information you wouldn't expect. Privacy is something people should take more seriously. For example, when I take photos of my car, I'm sure to do so in a location far from where I live. The background can contain sufficient information to locate where a photo was taken. I don't intend to scare anyone, but it is a fact. If you're aware, you can do something about it. This is the internet, after all.
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    OK, in the below screenshot there are 2 files shown. 1. a folder 6.10.0WL - this is the expanded version of the file below 2. a file called 6.10.0WL.zip - this is what I/you downloaded from Toyota So, click on the .zip file that you downloaded & either using File Explorer (as shown in the earlier link to Microsoft support that I posted) or another programme like WinRar that I also linked earlier expand that file. That should give you a folder (as in 1. in this post). Copy that folder (with the 7 items in it) to your USB memory stick.
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    You don't want to download to an USB stick iirc. You download to PC then expand that file to the USB stick. I suggest that you only install the maps that you are likely to use (probably UK only unless you take the car to the continent) - this will save you a fair amount of time installing into the car (installing all maps can take over an hour). Also, the engine has to be running (iirc the Hybrid is slightly different, has to be in Ready?) during updating as otherwise the head unit would shut down after 15-20 minutes to protect the battery & if you are flashing firmware & it is interrupted you could end up with an inoperable head unit.
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    The Gen 4 does improve on previous versions, in lots of ways. It does seem odd that on paper it has the same top speed as the Gen 3, and is 0.2 sec slower to 62 mph, yet it pulls noticeably more strongly in a given situation. The revving produced by stamping on the accelerator sounds louder than it is because the car is so refined the rest of the time. Squeezing the pedal rapidly rather than stamping on it gives more refined progress, with little loss of urgency. The so-called eCVT of the Toyota Hybrids works completely differently to CVTs like in some Yaris models, some Hondas, and Mk2 Micras. They had a system of cones and belts, which still needed either a torque converter or a type of clutch to handle being stationary with the engine running with the transmission engaged. The Toyota system, on the other hand, is a sort of glorified differential, which connects the wheels to a petrol engine and electric motor-generator. Mechanically beautifully simple, with far fewer moving parts that a normal gearbox (manual, auto or CVT). It works because the electric motors can contribute masses of torque from 0 rpm upwards, removing the need for gears in the normal sense. Reverse? The electric motor just turns the other way. Nothing slips, connects or disconnects, changes cogs, or slides along cones. When you stamp on the accelerator, the engine revs rise, and the electric motor reduces rpm to compensate, even though it may be increasing its torque input at the same time. Again, I come back to the need for K to satisfy himself (or not) in a test drive. For me, all four generations of Prius have had more than adequate power at all legal speeds. The Gen 1 Prius was limited to 99 mph (106 on the speedo) and claimed 0-62 in 12½ sec, but the almost instant power on tap meant it felt better then the figures suggested. On a long journeys, if in a hurry, I would set the cruise control for 75 mph (a true 70, so not illegal), and still expect at least 55 mpg (calculated by me, not the car's computers) subject to the weather.
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    Well I've just been out to check and I stand corrected, it seems it is not on all cars. I had wrongly assumed / accepted that all cars had a little window in bottom right of the windscreen where the VIN was visible. My VW does and 3 of my neighbours have. a Ford, a Smart & a BMW, but my wifes Yaris doesn't....how strange.
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    It would seem to be the case that the sensors are pulsed by the controller every half second or so. As a very rough guide to a proper connection to the bumper sensors, if you put your finger onto the centre portion of each of the sensors you should feel it buzz momentarily every half second(-ish) when it's operating. This is more easily felt with your finger nail. Some years ago I had some aftermarket (Cobra brand, same as the alarm company) sensors mis-triggering intermittantly. I read on a forum that someone with a similar problem had used a very short squirt of WD40, directed in the direction of the circular gap in the sensor head, that had fixed the problem for a while. I was a bit disbelieving, but I tried this, and when the car was sold 2 years later the fault had not reappeared, odd. But the same attempt at a fix made chuff-all difference to a failing OE VW sensor on a different car. On the sensor kits I've fitted, a sticker on the controller warns against disconnecting the sensors with the unit in operation, as it can damage the unit. I don't know if they all can suffer similarly. And In the cheaper kits the instruction warn that if the sensor is too tight in the hole that it can give a false reading, but this seems to settle down over time, so probably not your problem here. Given that all the sensor holes are made with the same drill bit, this advice in the instructions is a bit perverse. On another install I had to mix a Valeo (quite expensive kit) with the controller from an Amazon budget kit. It all worked perfectly. So it would seem there is some (unintentional!) electrical compatibility with certain aftermarket kits. Those two kits had the same connectors/sockets fitted, which made it all easy. HTH
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    Hi It will make you feel like billy whizz, good choice the 3 and manual , had mine nearly 8 years and 117k miles , still makes me smile especially doing a 180 turn in the road outside our house .
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    Yeah but Ford car security is a joke if my old Fiesta is anything to go by. Fun story: When I had a key made for my old Fiesta I didn't even give the guy my old key; He just plugged something into the ODB port (I'd already opened the door), and coded it into a blank and started the car - He hadn't even cut the key yet! It didn't unlock the door at least, but I was like "Is that normal?!" apparently on older Fords that take that kind of rounded hex-key, the ignition barrels get so worn you can stick any old key in and it'll turn (He pointed out it probably didn't help that I had half a ton of crap hanging off my keyring... ;>_>) I still remember that episode of Top Gear where the thief has to break into their vans and with the Transit he jammed a screwdriver into the lock, whacked it a few times with a hammer and BAM he was in!
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    When I first got my Prius I searched YouTube for driving tips which I found really helpful and have carried these over to my Auris.
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    This time I stayed with the laptop and made sure the power save didn’t kick in. The process showed no errors. So fingers crossed, it’s updating the sat nav at the moment. Will let you know later, it’s 9 degrees outside according to the dashboard lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The 16 inch Halfords W22 also fits, however it does cost a bit more at £10 http://www.halfords.com/motoring/bulbs-blades-batteries/wiper-blades/halfords-w22-wiper-blade-single
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our members. (Yes - the X-wave canvas roof is open).
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    West Yorkshire is full of them lol
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    ΝΕΧ-Ο NX-07, 4x100, 17x7, ET40.
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    Hello Christi here is link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6wiixUSIAk7azRFOE95STNtYTQ&authuser=0 its 10MB size. Its important pages of manual. original was here in same thread in first post, but its pdf and was corrupted , I couldnt download it correctly, finally i used a pdf fixing program to extract part of the pages ! most of the important settings are here in this section i pulled out from original manual. I am Raj, I am an engineer, I live in India. I use the 1N engine, refitted it to another vehicle and using it. Its a good engine. Make sure your timing belt is checked from time to time with proper tension and the pulleys on this belt (water pump, fuel pump, idler pulley) are free and never jammed (or replace that part if jamming or any doubt) and the engine will be reliable. Its an interference engine, so if you put the timing belt off correct setting, your valves and cam shaft will get damaged or cam shaft cast brackets will get cracked ! fortunately all parts available on markets here, still. Get a good radiator of copper or brass, in long run saves engine life a lot when it runs cooler, use a reliable coolant in radiator, corrosion can be a problem leading to blown out head gaskets. Good luck !
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    Here's my Corolla T-sport. 1.8, loving the car so much real good turn of speed and fantastic handling!