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  1. 4.2 D4d Scv Valve Replacement

    Hi there, was it the scv valves that caused the problem?
  2. 2004 avensis d4d 2.0 1cd ftv coolant loss until min mark

    Hi avensisd4d786, I seem to have the same problem with my Corolla d4d with 1cd-ftv engine. I have coolant stains on the same place - top right of the radiator. Could you tell me what kind of radiator did you replace the old one with - was it an OEM or an aftermarket one. I wonder if the aftermarket will fit without any corrections needed especially considering the fans? Did you change the coolant afterwards or just add some new one? Thanks!
  3. How To Correctly Check Engine Oil?

    I know reading the oil level on a Toyota diesel engine could be tricky. This is the correct way according to the Toyota delaers, with the reminder that you should look on the side of the dipstic towards the BACK of the car, not the one pointing towards the front ( towards you).
  4. Correct Oil 2.0 D4D

    Hi there, I drive with Castrol Edge 5w30 ( I am not sure about the A grade though, will check on the bottle). I have done more than 3000km and I can say the engine works great. No problems whatsoever. I hardly reckon this is the only ( if it is at all) reason for the engine to die!
  5. Low Fuel Indicator - How Much Is Left?

    Well here are the results :) Last month I had the light twice appearing on the dashboard and I refilled to the top - the first time it it got 39 litres, and the second 39.2 litres. Both times I refilled almost immediately after the light appeared on the dashboard ( i travelled no more than 5-7km to the gas station). So apparently there's more than 15 litres of fuel reserve left on a Toyota Corolla 2002 D4D with a 55L fuel tank. P.s I must say that both times I refilled on the same petrol station and I refilled until the pistol stoped - I do not fill in past this mark.
  6. Low Fuel Indicator - How Much Is Left?

    Thank you very much, Cyker
  7. Hi there, I was wondering how much fuel is left in the tank, when the fuel indicator appears on the dashboard? The car is a 2002 Corolla 2.0 D4D with a 55 litre gas tank. Thanks.
  8. Corolla E 12 Air Conditioner Refrigerant Level

    Thank you very much for your response, Lee. I will service the AC of the car in a garage of a friend of mine, so I hope the removing of the gas will be done under regulations. The reason why I am asking about the amount of gas is because I serviced it in another garage a month ago. The guys evacuated the gas (they said it was very little left in the system), checked the system for leaks - it was ok, and then started regassing. I couldn't tell them the amount and they put in a 100 cc of some kind of PAG oil ( I don't know if it's ND-8) and 1000 ( yes THOUSAND) grams of gas. The AC started working normally and then after 10 minutes the compressor stopped. If I switched off the engine it would start again. So they assumed it was some kind of a relay related problem. They changed it with another one and from then on it DOESN"T stop anymore, but after 10 min. it doesn't blow as cold as in the begining. That's why I consider regassing the system and putting the proper amount of gas in the system. Any advices are highly appreciated. Thanks, Alex
  9. Corolla E 12 Air Conditioner Refrigerant Level

    I will be completely removing the gas. I should add some oil as well, shouldn't I - 7 ounces PAG 46?
  10. Hi, Could someone tell me how much refrigerant should be put in a Toyota corolla e 12 2002 air conditioner system? I don't have an OEM note under hood, but on this site: it says it should be 24 ounces for 2001-02 models and 18 ounces for 2003 models. I would appreciate if you tell me if it is the correct value. Thanks in advance.
  11. Toyota Corolla Egr Valve Cleaning

    Thanks for the tips, Cyker. I will try to deassemble it in the next few days. I am just a bit confused about the tiny hoses. I think that I should unplug the electric plug from the denso unit first ( any ideas whats is it for - the unit), and then there are 3 hoses on the other side coming out of the unit opposite of plug. I will try and post any outcome. Cheers.
  12. Hello, I have read the topic of how to clean a 2003 D4D EGR valve which was very useful for me to locate the valve on my engine on the first place. I have a Toyota Corolla station wagon 2002 D4D 1CD-FTV. On my car though the EGR valve looks like this: I have researched and got it that there are two types of EGR valves for the 1CD-FTV motor The first one(mine): and the other one: I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what are the differences and more importantly how to clean the first type. Thanks, Alex
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums alexsv_17 :) If you have never used a forum before and get stuck then please check out out forum video guides:

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      Thank you, Steve!