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  1. Annoying brake noise Prius Plug In Excel

    If you put it into N then it will only use the disc brakes with no regen. Obviously not the most efficient way of driving though :)
  2. 2018 Plug-in Driving Mode?

    There are loads of cars with no spare wheels these days, e.g. most BMWs. Honda Civics 11 years ago had no spare wheel. I doubt this is a significant factor TBH. I'm sure there are millions of drivers out there who don't know how or wouldn't even consider changing a flat tyre on the side of the road. Toyota have stringent safety requirements and type approval processes that they have to go through in various different markets in order to sell a mass-produced car globally. There are also various considerations for actually mass-producing such components, integrating these into their assembly processes, etc. This is stuff that costs hundreds of millions to achieve, not something six lads in a shed could do.
  3. Hybrid and heavy stop and go traffic

    When you use the brake pedal you never really know how much braking effort is regen and how much is "friction braking" - the ratio is non-linear and depends on various conditions. Unless you're monitoring brake pressure from the OBD-II port, or something. B in EV mode will always be just regen, at least.
  4. 2018 Plug-in Driving Mode?

    This sounds pretty much the same as the modes in the first generation Plug-in (except we don't have Charge mode). For "EV City" mode it's more for restricting ICE usage as much as possible - I don't think it's necessarily designed to increase range. I can't say for sure with the current model but in mine you pretty much have to floor it for the ICE to engage. I think it's intended for areas with restrictions on emissions, but I don't know if these places really exist (yet). I would do the same regarding long journeys - I use EV mode for low speed areas (50-60 km/h or 30-40 MPH), and HV for anything higher than that.
  5. Led Lights Adjustment For Europe

    Would the wiring not be slightly different for the halogen lights? And do they not have a manual adjustment dial? This is not present on cars with LED lights, and it's possible the wiring isn't there either.
  6. PIP and Toyota Toolbox - not enough space on USB

    It might be something to do with the way the USB stick is formatted, e.g. FAT32 may be required as kithmo said. There are several different filesystem formats available, and the car may only accept older types like FAT32 - but that introduces other limitations. I remember the last time I tried this app it was constant hassle trying to get it to work right, only to realise I wasn't entitled to free map updates any more anyway...
  7. Annoying brake noise Prius Plug In Excel

    Maybe it'll just take time for the brakes to bed in? I've never driven one with new discs/pads so don't know, but I do know you'll generally hear the brakes a lot more than what you would, even compared to the standard hybrids as the ICE is running a lot less.
  8. Hybrid and heavy stop and go traffic

    I've found B in the Plug-In in HV mode also increases regen as it does in EV mode when driving at low speeds, maybe <35 km/h or so. The ICE only kicks in at speeds higher than this. And in EV mode with B, you don't need Hybrid Assistant to see the increased regen - even just looking at the normal HSI bar on the dash you'll see it going into the "CHG" bar more than normal when you're off the throttle.
  9. Night driving issues

    Yes, I also found the plastic bolt on the back of the units seems to adjust the height. Turning clockwise will lower the beam.
  10. Night driving issues

    Do you have LED dipped beams? I find mine are too high, and I occasionally get flashed because of this. There's probably some manual adjustment on the light clusters themselves but I've never bothered looking at it. I also don't like that small light shining on the gear knob (which I think is what it's supposed to do). I keep meaning to look at that too, but I suspect the only option is to disconnect it. Same goes for the footwell light, which I think is a bit pointless.
  11. Stopping in an Emergency

    From the manual of my Prius: I believe the repeated pressing of the button to stop it was only introduced after the "unintended acceleration" incidents - only the 3-second press and hold was present on older models. Not sure if any of the recalls made changes to how the Power button operates. I assume doing this will shut down the car and put it in neutral, but as in the quote above you'll lose power steering and brake servo assistance - so it's probably a bad idea unless the throttle is stuck. Even if you have trouble reaching the brake pedal, keeping in D or preferably B will at least help slow the car down.
  12. Toyota Prius 2017 steering wheel diameter?

    Is there much point in such a lock on a modern car? They're probably just going to steal the keys if they want to take the car anyway.
  13. 2017 Prius Plug-in (incl UK prices)

    The Japanese spec Prius PHV is available with a CHAdeMO port as an extra, if anyone is wondering what that blank space is for.
  14. prius no ready message

    This is also what I've experienced. I've driven 60 miles after leaving the range going to 0, and there were still a few litres left in the tank. It's ridiculously overly cautious.
  15. Stopping in an Emergency

    Putting into B would at least help it slow down, but not dramatically - assuming your foot is off the accelerator. N would be worse than D as it disables regenerative braking. You'd need to get to the brake pedal really - at least it's bigger than in a manual car.