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  1. Corolla T Sport PFL New Owner.

    They do sound good on these engines. I had one on an old Honda Crx Del Sol Vti, same engine really but a 1.6. Sounded awesome! Never fitted one on the impreza, heard a lot of them didn’t run well. These sure do. Cars back tonight. My Mechainc brought it back for us (that’s Service ha). She’s booked in at Toyota in 8hrs for another airbag recall. Bet it’s only just to get my details so they can pester you with phone calls. The girl at Toyota rang me yesterday to see if I’m still going in. Then said....would you like us to look at anything else while it’s in. Mmmmmmm not busy then. Will see!
  2. Anyone got 8k spare cash?

    This was £15K the other month
  3. My Corolla T Sport

    That’s a good looking wheel mate. I’d personally go 17’s for best handling. But if it’s more show car 18’s. I’ve heard it messes with the speedo though. Not sure how much to be honest buddy
  4. Corolla T Sport PFL New Owner.

    Cars in at the Garage this week. Full service, repair the rear sticking caliper, other side with new slider pins, fit secondary air pump, face lift steering wheel and K&N Typhoon. About time I got my a### in gear fitting some of these parts. Had a call already today, they used the rear caliper I got. It was working but not 100%. Lets hope that’s all they find wrong with the her!
  5. Corolla T Sport PFL New Owner.

    Got my parts the other day from the scrapper I know. Cars going in on Tuesday for a service and to fit some of the parts. With him being an ex Toyota mechanic he can fit stuff in a quarter of my time ha. Rear drivers brakes still sticking after swapping the slider pins. Piston retracing as it should so not sure on that one. Hence it going on a few weeks early for service. Fingers crossed it'll be sorted!
  6. My T-sport.

    About right in it. Dealers are all the same. Get them posted buddy
  7. My T-sport.

    Top news on the focus buddy. Really pleased for you. And getting one already modded should save you a few quid. Very good and reliable cars, my mates was a cracker! Dreamscience, cracking work and mapping. Can't go wrong! Shame regarding your T Sport as others have said as it was such a lovely and well looked car. But we all move on and you are going up in cars not down. Good luck and keep us posted mate👍🏻
  8. Corolla T Sport PFL New Owner.

    That's added to my list now to 🤓
  9. Corolla T Sport PFL New Owner.

    My mechanic said just get the seal kit. Me overacting as ever. Ha ha I'm probably only having these issues because mine just sits here all week and doesn't move.
  10. Corolla T Sport PFL New Owner.

    My dad's just bought the same oil for his juke. Cracking price and good oil to👍🏻
  11. Corolla t sport gearbox nightmare...

    3 times. Aw mate! Try the cable then, sounds like everything else is new or swapped ha. Bet your invited to they're Xmas night out at this rate. Good luck buddy
  12. Corolla T Sport PFL New Owner.

    Got my oil in Tesco for the service. Just an oil filter now. Hoping to have my K&N Typhoon fitted at the same time (hence no air filter). Got another 1 litre as it takes 4 n half I think. Wasn't sure on this oil but she's always had Castrol Magnetic and touch would loves it. Sent my mechanic this photo and he said that'll be fine. 👍🏻
  13. Corolla T Sport PFL New Owner.

    Burning Smell..... Had the above 2 weeks now. Only noticed when the car is stationary! Oil.....no. Not that kind of smell. And the level was ok and under the bonnet dry. Clutch.....no. Thought it was but again not that smell. Then pulling in Tesco gear in neutral the car didn’t roll like normal! Oh no brakes!!!! Walked round the car, rear drivers side wheel n disc HOT. Proper HOT. Caliper stuck on. Was only 1 mike away, parked it up Sunday and that’s where she’s staying. Spoke to my scrapper and rear drivers caliper ordered. + Driver side seat belt, interior rear view mirror, face lift rear lights, face lift steering wheel, another secondary air pump. Might as well get everything else while I’m there ha. Breaker said he will have it all ready for Friday/ Saturday. Top bloke👍 Also going to order new slider pin kit for both rears. Toyota want £57 each side! Brakes International Rochdale want £15 inc vat per side. Big difference. So hopefully with this kit etc it won’t happen again. Just hope I don’t need discs too. Only 1yr old and 2K on them. My mechanic said he might be able to do it weekend on my drive save driving it 25mins to his garage (weather permitting). My own Edd China 👍😉 Lets hope it stays dry
  14. Corolla t sport gearbox nightmare...

    That’s a weird one Paul. I’d have done all what you have mate. Have you thought about swapping the whole gear box for a recon putting yours in px. Might be a problem in yours every so small no matter what you’ll always have problems with it. Trouble is having it out/in isn’t cheap time n time again. Are the bushes expensive? If not might be worth ago....just a long shot buddy Hope you get it sorted quick easy and cheap enough
  15. T Sport v's Colour collection

    Hi I have a pre face lift T Sport and fitted the face lift seats with the Red Inserts in my car. I have to say you can feel the difference, hugs you a little more. I might of put some timber on that day who knows ha ha. I’d say if you can get a set cheap enough go for it. Only bolts that hold them in! Just make sure you disconnect the battery for at least 20-30mins before undoing the air bags under the seats (plug n play). Also you might have to swap the front seat belt holders with your original ones like I did if you have a pre face lift. Only one nut👍 Good luck