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  1. Please help with EGR urgent

    Hi Sam , I used a special set of keys. Please look at the pictures so you can have a better idea how it looks. Hope it helps.
  2. Please help with EGR urgent

    Hi Sam, Thanks for the answer, I did manage to open the plastic lid, but like I said , you don't need to, as there is a mechanism with gears, thats are spotty clean, no fumes get inside. To be honest Toyota did a great job creating the valve, well thought.
  3. Please help with EGR urgent

    I Have sorted out, you do not need to take out the plastic housing . Job Done.
  4. Please help with EGR urgent

    Hi, After changing my fuel filter, I decided to clean my EGR as my fuel consumption was high comparing to some months ago. Then I notice that the air entrance to the motor , was very clogged as shown in the picture below When I got to the EGR , I was unsure if I should take off plastic part, where the connector is. As shown in the last picture My question is, should I only clean as it is ? or should I take off the electric part that is screwed to the valve, so I could have a deep cleaning? It is my first time doing it, and need the car for tomorrow so if I could have some help would appreciate. I have a Toyota Avensis Estate D4D T27 Thank You
  5. Please help on how to use the Toyota Airco Cleaner

    Thank you Konrad C for the answer, this is what they said I should do.
  6. Hi all, I am having a issues with smell in my AC , so I bought on the Toyota dealer a can of Airco Cleaner, on the directions of use it says first switch off the car and the electrics and then insert the adapter about 30cm into the air inlet of the AC and empty the can ,let it stay for 30 minutes, then it will run as water trough drain. So I was thinking to put the spray in the entrance near the windshield from outside the car, where the AC air should come in. my second guess would be the drainage tube on the passengers seat . But on the dealership the person who sold me the spray said I should insert the tube on all the vents . So I am guessing is not the same directions on the can. So what should I do? I appreciate the help . Thank you
  7. Toyota recycle light always on?

    Thanks Heidfirst
  8. Toyota recycle light always on?

    Hi Konrad, Thanks once again for your help, actually I did not change it , I had already did it 8 months ago, and only cleaned it, but will buy a new one.
  9. Toyota recycle light always on?

    I created this thread and I did not close the page, I just refresh the page to see the answers, so I don't see how is duplicating :(, or why. Well I do apologize, for that but, seems a sort of a bug
  10. Toyota recycle light always on?

    I dont know what is happening with the duplicated threads.It might be a bug
  11. Toyota recycle light always on?

    Thanks for the answer,will the lights be on, even if the air condition is off? or even I am not using the ventilation?
  12. Toyota recycle light always on?

    Hi, I noticed that my air conditioner was running low, as no cold air coming in, also I noticed that the light of the recycle air on the central panel was always on when I start the car so , I thought was a way to say that the Gas of the air conditioner was running low. I book an appointment to be done this job, but the light is still on when I start the car . Is this normal??? Thanks for the answer
  13. How to take off the Boot trim ?

    Thanks for your answer.
  14. How to take off the Boot trim ?

    Hi , I have a bump in my door boot, it already came with the car when I bought it, and I am trying to see if I can sort it out by myself. But I am not able to take off the trim, as not sure if I am doing the right thing, I have not seen any tutorial for the Avensis on how to do it. For what I could grasp there are 2 round fasteners, and seems I have to take it off and then take off the plastic trims, I tried to do that using a upholstery tool but it seemed to be to stuck so did not go to hard as not sure how are the clamps and if it Could some one help me out ? I have post some pictures Much appreciated