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  1. T-sport Delivered

    From just 7 miles my T sport was hammered! It was taken right up to 8200rpm and has pretty much stayed there ever since lol! Its now got 30k on it and pulls very hard, not one problem mechanically! I will be keeping it until about 70-80k so will report any problems.
  2. According To Autoexpress

    Ok I know, I know autoexpress is about as reliable as any public service in Britain. But the pictures they showed were of a std t sport car albeit with a different back bumper and twin exausts but only 215bhp. What happened to the 240bhp monster we were promised?
  3. T Sport Or Civic Type R

    Which is better, just the cars not how much they cost or what they look like, i mean performance, handling, etc... I feel if people had actually read the topic title properly they would all have said type R no debate!
  4. Corolla T Sport Mpg

    I do a lot of miles a week and by the sounds of it I lift far too much as I average 27mpg!!!!! Thank god I don't pay for the petrol!!!
  5. A few pictures of my black T sport with different product types First off Polished with meguiars #83, #80 by porter cable and then NXT and #16 applied by hand. Second up Vanilla moose hand glaze polished by porter cable with poorboys EXP by hand And lastly 1z wax polish via porter cable, 1z glanz wax and megs #16 spit shined by hand.
  6. Corolla T-sport Owners

    54' Black facelift Too! 20K
  7. Looks great mate and love the T sport in red, haven't seen a red one yet! Can you convince me more about the heat issue? TBH I would expect a drop in BHP after fitting that esp in the summer weather? Can you buy a closed induction kit for the T sport? TIA
  8. Engine Bay Detailing Stage 1 Safety First: Water and electrics do not mix, the use of high pressure hoses and steam cleaners may be useful for some people but if you don’t know what your doing or have concerns about using those methods then this ‘cautious’ guide is for you! Some water will be involved in this process so ensure any air filter openings, battery terminals, distributor, spark plug openings and any other electrical devices are protected with a plastic bag, wrap the bag around the item or use a wire ‘tie’ don’t use carrier bags as these have holes in them! This stage will be the most boring but shouldn’t be skipped on. The engine bay should already be waterproof to some extent but it is best to take every precaution. Stage 2 Degreasing the engine bay: Start by allowing the engine to warm slightly by turning it on, this will help to ‘melt’ any grease already on the engine. The engine should be hand hot. Use a spray engine degreaser, for the bay below I used Autoglym engine and machine cleaner. You can so the whole bay at once but I prefer to split it into sections and work one area at a time. Spray the degreaser liberally around your chosen segment and leave it to ‘sit’ for a few minutes. Using a stiff detailing brush or I used a 1.5 inch paint brush agitate the area that you have sprayed, getting into all the nooks and crannies. To prevent splashing any on your skin it is advised that you start from the lower parts of the engine and work your way up. Once you have cleaned one area it is time to hose off. I would advise an open hose with the water pressure at half pressure at the tap head. Simply rinse the part that you have cleaned without directing the water onto/into any electrical areas. Repeat this stage until the entire engine bay is clean. Stage 3 Protecting the engine bay: This is the fun and easy part; simply spray Autoglym vinyl and rubber care liberally onto all parts of the engine. Do not wipe off. Remove plastic bags and turn engine on for 5 minutes or go for a short drive. The heat from the engine will dry any excess material and leave a sparkling finish. You may however want to wipe large flat areas such as engine covers to prevent spotting.
  9. Discounted Detailing Products

    Mathew FYI! NXt contains a tiny amount of paint cleaner, yes the law of diminishing returns kicks in but two coats is recommended for 'even' coverage. Trust me I have researched my stuff and you don't get these sort of results without that! As for removing the glaze beforehand, well #80 is graded 4/10 on the abrasive scale so its best work comes from the abrasive particles, the glaze you refer to is meguiars trade secret polishing oils. A link for you B) http://meguiarsonline.com/forums/showthrea...=&threadid=3220
  10. Discounted Detailing Products

    If peeps are interested a before and after hologram removal with pc and after
  11. Discounted Detailing Products

    Thankyou! Megs#83, #80 and 2 x coats of NXT!
  12. Discounted Detailing Products

    I'm loving mine!
  13. It Stinks

    Mine does the same mate, I think its the clutch!
  14. Type R Beats T Sport....

    8.24 from someone in a RS clio 172 on cliosport and I believe someone has done a mid - high 8 in the type R
  15. Best Car Wax/polish?

    Agreed! Where in wiltshire do you live mate? ← Same as You!