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  1. Very Poor MPG

    Hi, I bought an SR180 in the last couple of weeks as a motorway cruiser and despite having another issue with it i also noticed that the MPG is *******. the scenario you have described i can totally relate too. unfortunately i think that is just how they are. mine is getting 10mpg less than i was hoping, which is like 15-20mpg less than toyota claim! if you sit at 55mph in 6th without changing gear it goes up. if you change gear or accelerate its 29-36mpg which is ridiculous. my mate has a 2.2 civic which get 45-50mpg.
  2. I parked up my Auris in a multi storey in Glasgow this week and when I came to collect it on Friday one of these rare beasts in a similar colour is parked up beside it, the car park is always rammed so for that space to appear and be filled by that corolla is pretty unique!
  3. Auris SR180 "Quirks" or fault?

    Hi, I got the car back this afternoon and its all sorted. I'm unsure what else has been done since Saturday but i know its had some sort of cleaning. Ultimately the main fault was the EGR which was replaced last week. It feels a different car to the one i bought, starts pulling as soon as the revs reach around 2k which is what i would expect tbh. I can start to get used to the car now in terms of normal behaviour, not a constipated car that sh**ts its pot full if you keep your foot down long enough, as was last week! I will keep my eye on how long it takes to warm up etc which is interesting. my berlingo van was warm pretty quick but the vehicle was **** slow, i will take the opposite Looking forward to my drive to Scotland tomorrow now. I'm expecting 40 mpg and to be able to overtake at will... Cheers, Neil
  4. Auris SR180 "Quirks" or fault?

    Hi Rick, Thanks for the info about the power delivery, i will be spoiled it seems when i get mine back as I have briefly been accustomed to a malfunctioning 180, its my work car and I ran a berlingo van before so the auris on two cylinders had more grunt than i am used to. that premature shift light is pretty funny, i'd concluded was it was telling me to shift at 1900 rpm in attempt come anywhere near the claimed mpg figures 40mpg on my drive to scotland will do me just fine. As an update on the car they fitted a new EGR valve on Thursday and also a fuel filter as a belt and braces thing. They kept it over night until friday morning to try it cold start and the fault was still there to some degree. They are going to keep it until he's sorted it. ive faith in the tech there we had a tonne of Toyota's over the years and they have always fixed any issues and the guy is enthusiatic and very knowledgable. I have a courtesy car too so its no bother i just want my auris, to get all my own stuff in it but also to sample its actual capability. Cheers, Neil
  5. Auris SR180 "Quirks" or fault?

    ps is the lindop tuning box a worthwhile buy for this to correct those issues?
  6. Auris SR180 "Quirks" or fault?

    Thanks for the replies, bit of an update it would barely move this morning so i took it to the dealer and got a courtesy car. They are going to put it right whatever it is. I mostly do motorway driving, i bought it as a motorway car with a bit of power and something that is a bit different. Cyker/Smudge - the technician there said he suspected exactly what you have described so good call.
  7. Auris SR180 "Quirks" or fault?

    Hi, I have just bought an 2009 SR180 which suits me down to the ground as an all rounder for work commuting. I am loving the car when its upto temp and i dont look at the trip computer lol. I bought it from a toyota main dealer with warranty and they have been fantastic with me over the years. that is still the case now, i have contacted them with the below as i am not sure if this is 180 engine traits or if it has a fault. I expected lag and im getting it with bells and whistles on! I collected the car last friday and since i started using it on monday i have noticed the following: Fuel Economy I drive around 81 miles each day, 65-70 miles of this is motorway cruising at 70mph or less. The car is returning 35mpg with a huge effort from me to keep it low. I can accept this if this is normal but it seems just a little too low. If the rev’s raise over 1900rpm it just seems to start guzzling fuel. Combined consumption is alleged at 45mpg in the documentation, so presumably extra urban is quoted as a higher return wheras I am getting 35mpg extra urban driving like miss daisy's frikkin grandma. I know to take quoted figures with a pinch of salt but I was expecting 40mpg at least. Power loss when cold When I have been getting up and going to work all three days this week for the first 5-10 miles of my journey the car feels like it is in limp mode however there is no EML light on. There is just no power. i.e. when pulling out of junctions it is incredibly slow and the revs do not rise freely, there is just no power. This seems to improve with temperature but I have never experienced anything like this with my previous rav 4’s, all with 2.2 d engines including a RAV T180. Lag As a general comment the car is EXTREMELY laggy, i.e. if speeding up in gear nothing happens unless you down shift and raise the revs higher over 3000rpm, there’s no instant torque in lower rev range, figures suggest max torque is available at 2000rpm. Just wondering if any of this sounds familiar, like how it is or if this is an indicator of a common fault etc? want to know my facts before i speak to the dealer on the phone. Thanks, Neil