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  1. Brake problem

    Hi guys bit of a weird one here (not me,the brakes) As some as you know on the forum im disabled and use a lever to stop, anyway,this is what is happening. The lever i use is attached to the brake pedal and when i brake the lever goes down so much to press the brakes on. What ive noticed is,now and again the travel on the lever is more than normal and, the car carries on till i push down further. There is no air in the system as ive tried pumping them. Could it be the brake servo at fault ?? any ideas i would be thankful for...cheers.
  2. 2010 Avensis diesel 2.2 D4D problem

    Thanx for your input lads.The thing is the engine was well warmed up as i had done at least 20 miles before chatting to the neighbour. And the gauge was sitting at normal for the water temp. Thanx again and if anybody could think of some thing else i would appreciate it...Thanx
  3. 2010 Avensis diesel 2.2 D4D problem

    Hi guys i will try to explain the best i can as i dont know anything about diesel engines. In the last couple of days the engine of my 2.2 diesel has been running rough.On start up i noticed it wasnt ticking over at its usual 900 revs but ticking over at the one on the rev counter. When driving the power is there but like i said it sounds rough not smooth as it usually is. I was chatting to the neighbour next door with the engine running for about 25mins then all of a sudden it was like a choke came off. It slowed down and went back to its usual tick over.I drove it into the garage and waited for half an hour and started it again, and it was ticking over back at the one again. To me it sounds as if there is some sort of choke not coming off. I do hope you lads can help me as at the end of this week my 3 month warrenty is up and will have to pay for repairs myself. I count on my car to get me about as im disabled.Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
  4. Avensis 2.2d4d on a 10 plate.

    Hi guys im afraid i will have to pick your brains on this. While driving yesterday i heard a noise coming from the passenger side at about mirror height and ,inside the car. I can only desribe it as air being blown.Now ive checked the fan on the heater but its there when the fan is off and wind being blown over the wing mirror. Could this be coming from the turbo ?.Ive heard "ready to go" turbos and they seem to whistle . My car has only done The second thing is,has it got a fly by wire accelerator.....Thanks in advance
  5. Fuel Types

    All my cars for the past 30 odd years have been diesels.This is because ive had a caravan on the back of them and needed the torque. Now this may sound daft to a lot of folk but,ive found using a certain named fuel does make a difference in power and mpg. They say all fuels come out the same tank.Now this maybe true but,its what the companies put into their fuels that make a difference. Super market fuels dont seem to have a lot of additives in them, anyway my personal point of view is steer clear of them as they might be cheaper but they dirty up your engine.Ive been trying a few named fuels in my car just now and this is what ive found. Shell and BP, gives me the power but burns to fast, not a lot MPG. Esso and Gulf,I get the MPG and performance so i think i will stay with one or the other. Ive never ever used Jet as a mate used to run his car on this and said it was a dirty fuel. Has anyone else noticed a difference in MPG or performance when using any of the above fuels ? and what car did you used it
  6. Head gasket 2.2

    Yes it has a centre arm rest but feel it could be doing with one fitted to the seat..
  7. Head gasket 2.2

    Its a T4 think its the top of the range but not sure..
  8. Head gasket 2.2

    Thanks for that guys.Being a disabled driver i rely on my car to get me about as well as carrying things like my scooter. I like the car but,feel it could do with an arm rest some times.,,,thanx again.
  9. Head gasket 2.2

    Was reading on here that the avensis 2.2 diesel can blow a head gasket and wondering if Toyota has cured this problem.Ive not long bought an Avensis with the 2.2diesel engine in it on a ten plate.Does anybody know if this problem has been cured or how many miles does it usually go at...thanks for replies.
  10. Hello

    Big hello from Bonnie Scotland.....