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  1. Ts Buying Questions?

    Hi all, I think I asked this a while back, but can't seem to find my original post. I was thinking of buying a TS last year, but made the mistake of going for a Mitsubishi Colt instead (I needed a 5 door). I've never got on with the Colt, so I'm on the hunt for a 5 door TS again. Just a couple of questions...... -any common problems? -are higher miles an issue - I've seen one with 85k miles on an 04 plate -do they use a cam belt or chain? Thank you :)
  2. Farewell

    Just thought I'd say a quick goodbye, and a thankyou for all the advise over the past couple of years. I've just part exchanged my Tsport for a Mitsubishi Colt (not the CZT unfortunately). I spent months trying to find a Yaris or Corolla Tsport with 5 doors within my budget to replace the 3 door (baby due in 9 weeks! :o ), but didn't find one, so I've had to move away from Toyota. Gutted if I'm honest, the Colt doesn't compare (although it's still a 1.5). I'm sure I'll grow to love it though.. Cheers, hopefully I'll be back in the future! :D
  3. What Wax To Use?

    Another vote for Collinite from me. :D May look expensive, but it lasts for ever - we were given 1/4 of a tin, and have done both cars in the household quite a few times now, and there is still some left. Gives an amazing finish too.
  4. I don't think that's too bad. Mine is standard, and I get anything between 37 and 42ish depending on who's been driving, how long since last service, what fuel I have in, what sort of driving I've been doing etc.
  5. Super Unleaded

    I always use super in my Yaris. Not sure if it's any quicker, but I do get more miles out of a tank & better mpg, so I think the few extra pence per litre is worth it. I usually put in Shell Vpower, but Esso super is pretty good too. Didn't think much to the BP stuff.
  6. I Still Like My Yaris!

    Ah, bummer! Are you replacing it? Alan Yep, need something bigger for my baby due in August. :) Hoping to stay Toyota though, or at least Jap. I can't think of anything as much fun to drive, and be such a good car though. :(
  7. I Still Like My Yaris!

    I still love mine too, I'm gutted that I've got to sell it. :(
  8. Yaris T-sport Cv Joints

    I was told by Toyota that you could only buy the whole driveshaft assembly, not just the CV joint. In the end I got 2 complete driveshaft assemblies 2nd hand - about £100 a couple of years ago I think?? The ones from the diesel Yaris also fit. Mine is a 2001 car, not sure if it's the same on the 2003.
  9. Remote Locking Reluctant

    I had this a few weeks back - both the main key I use and the spare stopped working for a couple of days, and then were ok again - still have no idea why...... I'd already ordered some new batteries by then, so changed them anyway.
  10. Life Beyond A Yaris T Sport

    What? Have actually had my eye on this, but it's still in a completely different league in terms of everything really (insurance, size, running costs.......).
  11. Life Beyond A Yaris T Sport

    I'd like to hear the response to this too, as I need to get something slightly bigger due to a baby on the way. Seems like there's nothing out that that matches the Yaris for performance and running costs.
  12. What's In Your Yaris?! (take On The Capital One Advert)

    I'm a girl, so I won't bore you with what's in mine..... it's like an extension of my handbag!
  13. What Mpg Does Your Computer Say?

    Around 38 on my TS, using Vpower. I don't really try to be careful though.
  14. Auto Carwash Smashed The Roof Spoiler

    Happened to me on my last car, luckily I didn't love it any where near as much as the Yaris. I just lived without the spoiler, as it was only an aftermarket one anyway.
  15. Women Taking Over?

    I'm a girl, and I want to buy one - does that count??