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  1. Happy Birthday Pandemonium!

  2. Yaris 2008 Change Mph To Kph

    Have you tried it? I have just tried it. Though the speedometer changes to KM/H, the odometer stays in miles. This is on my 57-plate (from January 2008) diesel SR.
  3. Mpg Indicator

    Maybe, but I certainly like the oomph of the 1.4 diesel :-) It still costs me far less to run the Yaris diesel than it did to run my 1.4 Focus, and that's comparing with petrol prices from a few months ago (I had to rev hard in the Focus. It was so sluggish!)
  4. Yaris 2008 Change Mph To Kph

    Thanks TVOR I dont have a car to try it out but im sure it works. :D I think that the odometer and trip computer will still read miles though.
  5. Mpg Indicator

    Mine's pretty accurate. I filled up with £33 of diesel at 132.9p per litres and did around 320 miles last week (can't remember exact figure.) The MPG readout was at 58.4 which pretty much tallies up.
  6. Windscreen Cracked

    Yes, I just have to pay the excess for the screen replacement. Doesn't affect my NCD either.
  7. Windscreen Cracked

    So, my car gets keyed (getting fixed tomorrow) and now I have a cracked windscreen. Nothing more sinister than a stone hit (I can feel where it hit near the top of the screen). It's a 20cm crack now. RAC Autowindscreen is coming out to replace it next Tuesday. My wallet's hurting :(
  8. Yaris Diesel - How Many Mpg?

    Yep, Sainsbury's is the worst for me so far. I'm getting 58MPG on Shell Diesel Extra at the moment.
  9. Yaris Diesel - How Many Mpg?

    I've had my SR diesel since January and I've found that I'm now getting 58MPG on mixed driving of town, motorway and single carriageway A roads. The MPG does increase as you drive as mine was below 50MPG for a while. Diesel price may be high now, but I'm still spending far less on fuel per week compared to my old petrol Focus, and that's comparing current diesel prices to the petrol prices of a few months ago!
  10. Scratch Removal

    I sent a couple of digital photos to ChipsAway and I got back an estimate of £170 :( I don't know if it's worth claiming on the insurance or not seeing as my premium will probably skyrocket as a result. I tried polishing it out - just Super Resin Polish stuff at the moment, no abrasive stuff like Scratch X. The scratch is probably too bad for stuff like that. Here are the images of the scratch:
  11. Scratch Removal

    I haven't yet as I only discovered it this morning. A friend's dad is going to take a look at it this evening. I'll look into Chips Away too though.
  12. Scratch Removal

    A few hundred pounds :o
  13. Scratch Removal

    Hi all, Any advice on removing scratches? Some git keyed my car and there's a big scratch along one of the rear doors. The scratch doesn't look deep. Can I use something like T-Cut to buff it out? It's metallic paint though (Vivid Blue). Hope it's not an expensive insurance claim :-( Phil.
  14. The Word Association Thread

  15. Problem With My News Yaris

    Yup, I definately found the gear change a bit stiff when I first started driving my diesel Yaris SR. Now with just over two months on the road and 3000+ miles it's great. Am still loving the Yaris :)