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  1. Engine Oil

    In the end I decided to go with Motul 8100 Eco-Nergy 5W-30 Fully Synthetic. Excellent reviews and matched the Toyota (without DPF) specifications.
  2. Engine Oil

    I am looking to do an oil change on my 2007 Auris 2.0 Litre D4D (fitted without a DPF). Checking the owners manual it recommends an oil with a specification of ACEA B1 and API CF4 or CF. Looking at the specifications of most oils currently on the market they have a low saps rating and most have an ACEA C+ rating, which I believe are for vehicles fitted with a DPF. Would it be beneficial to use one of these low saps oils, because of all of the engine carbon build up problems that plagues the Auris D4D model? If not, is this oil any good http://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-84114-fuchs-titan-supersyn-f-eco-dt-5w-30-fully-synthetic-engine-oil.aspx it's for a Ford but seems to be the right spec according to the handbook.
  3. Brake Fluid Cap Dimensions?

    Cheers Frosty, what year and model Yaris do you have?
  4. Brake Fluid Cap Dimensions?

    Is the 50mm the outside diameter of the cap? The diameter on the reservoir inlet is around 44-45mm on the Auris. I have tried Toyota and it's priced at around £25 just for the cap, if all else fails I will have to go down this route..
  5. Brake Fluid Cap Dimensions?

    Please could someone measure the diameter of their brake fluid cap (reservoir tank inlet side)? I lost mine yesterday off my Auris and I am finding difficulty in finding another, there are however plenty around for Yaris's and they look very similar on photos. Photo added to the one that was fitted to my Auris.
  6. 2007 Auris Rear Wiper

    Looks like there are two different type of rear wiper arms fitted to the early Auris's.
  7. 2007 Auris Rear Wiper

    After checking alternatives on ebay, it appears that there is a different version for Japanese built cars (JAPAN BUILT VIN Starts with J)
  8. 2007 Auris Rear Wiper

    I ordered a new rear wiper blade for my 2007 Auris. The wiper arrived and it appears different from the rear wiper that was originally fitted and appears to be impossible to fit to the wiper arm. Are there different wipers fitted to some models?
  9. Auris Car Alarm Going Off.

    The battery was a bit suspect, so I've changed it just in case. The bonnet switch, is that the little micro switch located on the bonnet catch mechanism?
  10. Auris Car Alarm Going Off.

    I have a problem with the car alarm going off randomly on my 2007 Toyota Auris. Is there a common problem on the Auris which causes this? Is there also a way to disable/disconnect the alarm to keep my neighbours happy until the problem is fixed?
  11. What Colour Silver? Auris Alloys

    What colour silver is used for the stock Auris alloys? Looking into getting them resprayed.
  12. Handbrake Cable Adjustment?

    My handbrake needs to be adjusted because of excessive travel and my MOT is due next week. What is the correct way to adjust the cable?
  13. Idle Rpm Auris 2.0 D-4D Tr?

    Just wondering what the normal idle speed should be with ambient over 10 degrees?
  14. Seems the problem is caused by excessive carbon build up in the piston chambers and cylinder head, which then results in the cylinder head getting damaged. No one seems to know what modifications were made by Toyota for the replacement engine. Perhaps the replacement engine is basically the same, but a modified EGR and inlet is fitted and possibly the upgraded SCV valve (Suction Control Valve) which again is another main problem with this engine. The latest engine control software is also upgraded, which makes the engine run smoother with less carbon build up. Perhaps this is the reason why Auris owners with replacement engines state that the engine is much quieter and smoother?
  15. Starting Problems 2.0 D4D

    I am experiencing starting issues occurring during the cold weather. So I am suspecting it may be the SCV? How does one tell what version software is running? I know that a new replacement EGR and intake was recently fitted by Toyota (prior to me purchasing the car), would the software be updated for when an EGR is replaced?